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Can Agile Survive Without Continuous Delivery?

So if continuous delivery depends on Agile, does Agile depend on continuous delivery as well? In the short term, obviously not; clearly, Agile has survived for many years, and continuous delivery entered the frame more recently. As mentioned earlier, Agile practice alone can increase the likelihood that you'll deliver benefit to your users. In an environment where the user stories that enter the backlog for development are likely to provide the most value, Agile by itself can be quite valuable.

However, some interesting things are starting to happen. Ten years into the Agile movement, we're well past the early adoption phase. It could be argued that we're nearing the stage where laggards are starting to get interested in Agile. Indeed, we've come a long way since the days of software gurus coming together at Snowbird to formalize this new, people-centered software delivery philosophy. As we enter the phase where late adopters and laggards start using Agile, intuition about Agile being the right thing simply isn't sufficient. This is especially true in laggard companies, where the ability to get a true customer to help define the work decreases-in many or most of these companies, IT departments already are isolated from users!

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