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From the author of Acknowledgments


This article has benefited from some of the most valuable reviews I've ever received. Without faking modesty, I can say that at least some of the reviewers were more able than me to write this article in the first place, both from a technical and a literary perspective. If you didn't enjoy reading the article, at least you can take solace in thinking that its pre-review draft was much, much worse.

Of course, I sincerely hope you did enjoy what you just read, and I worked hard to maximize the chances of that happening. The following people worked just as hard toward the same goal, and I owe them big, big thanks: Adam Badura, Walter Bright, Ali Çehreli, Emil Dotchevski, Tony Van Eerd, Neil Groves, Craig Henderson, Daniel Hulme, Scott McMurray, Scott Meyers, Bartosz Milewski, Rob Stewart, and Andrew Sutton.

Normally I wouldn't want to single out any one reviewer because I'd feel I should do the same for most others. But this time I do need to mention Rob Stewart. Rob provided helpful feedback on almost every single paragraph of the initial draft. Then he provided high-level comments pertaining to the entire construction of the article. If that draft were a building, Rob's feedback would have covered every one of its bricks, then architectural concerns, and finally present and future urban integration considerations.

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