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Applying UML and Patterns: UML Class Diagrams

This chapter provides a reference for frequently used UML class diagram notation.
This chapter is from the book

To iterate is human, to recurse, divine.



  • Provide a reference for frequently used UML class diagram notation.


The UML includes class diagrams to illustrate classes, interfaces, and their associations. They are used for static object modeling. We’ve already introduced and used this UML diagram while domain modeling, applying class diagrams in a conceptual perspective. This chapter summarizes more of the notation, irrespective of the perspective (conceptual or software). As with the prior interaction diagram chapter, this is a reference.

Subsequent chapters focus on a more important question: What are key principles in OO design? Those chapters apply UML interaction and class diagrams to help explain and demonstrate object design. Hence, it’s useful to first skim this chapter, but there’s no need to memorize all these low-level details!

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