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Programming, system administration, and software development user group support

Do you lead a regular user group or meet-up? We are happy to provide community groups with learning resources and special discounts for your next event. Leaders can use complimentary copies—for either print or digital products, including video training—to help boost meeting attendance through giveaways, assignments to committed reviewers, additions to group libraries, or a creative idea of your own.

To qualify, groups must have

  • Active membership of 10 or more people
  • A valid and active website for shared information
  • Regular online or face-to-face meetings

How it works

Requesting event support is easy—just email the following information (all six fields required) to community@informit.com 20 business days prior to the meeting.

  1. Group name
  2. Leader name
  3. Group site URL
  4. Contact email address
  5. Delivery address for in-person meeting support
  6. Theme and date of next meeting

We will verify your information and then provide eBook or video training digital product vouchers or print books (upon request for in-person meetings) that best match the theme of the meeting, along with an exclusive discount code for members. Please send a separate request for each meeting where you would like support.



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Contact us

Questions? Email community@informit.com. Please include your full name, user group name, and URL in the message.