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In this chapter, you learn about design patterns and why they are important. Jeremy Likness shares a brief history of patterns, what their authors intended, and how this led to the creation of the MVVM pattern. Sections cover each element of the MVVM triad, followed by some of the key features and benefits that MVVM provides.

This chapter will walk you through setting up a machine for authoring your very first Windows Phone Silverlight application.

Learn how to manually create Silverlight Web Parts that can host a Silverlight application in SharePoint, how to use the Silverlight Web Part extension to help you jump start your Silverlight Web Part projects, and how to connect web parts so you can show master-detail relationships, dashboards, and mash-ups.

In this last installment of the series covering best practices for Silverlight in the enterprise, Microsoft MVP for Silverlight Jeremy Likness discusses testing. Read this article to learn about various approaches to testing Silverlight applications from โ€œwhite boxโ€ unit tests to coded UI tests.

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