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Zope Web Application Construction Kit

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Zope Web Application Construction Kit

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32133-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32133-7

Zope is a powerful application server and content management system, but because it is an open-source technology there is a tremendous need for reliable, practical documentation showing developers how to leverage Zope to its fullest. Written by developers at Beehive Electronic Media Inc., one of the world's leading Zope consulting firms, Zope Web Application Construction Kit provides readers with a practical, straightforward guide -- along with all the needed software -- to setting up and developing powerful Web applications using Zope.

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Connecting Zope to External Relational Databases

Table of Contents



1. The Zope Web Application Construction Kit.

What Is Zope? Working with Zope. (Python) Zope Products. Summary.

2. Installation and Configuration.

Before Starting the Installation Process. Hardware and Software Requirements. What Is the ZServer? Installation on Windows. Installation on Linux. Creating and Changing the Emergency User Password. Accessing the Zope Management Interface for the First Time. Installing New Zope Products. Importing Objects into Zope. Importing ZClasses. Transferring Files to Zope Via FTP. Summary.

3. Connecting Zope to External Relational Databases.

Introduction. What Is the ZODB? Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Why Are Database Adapters Necessary? Which Database Adapter Do I Need? Connecting MySQL and Zope. Gadfly—Zope's Integrated Demo Relational Database. Introduction to SQL. Example: Creating an Addressbook Database. Using Z SQL Methods to Submit SQL Statements. Summary.

4. Building a Prototype.

Introduction. DTML. Our Prototype—Goals and Preconditions. An Outline of the Prototype. Creating the Template Structure. Creating an ArticleClass ZClass. Building an Administration Interface. Organizing the User Authentification.


5. The Content Management Framework (CMF).

What Can the CMF Do for You? Installation. Achievers International—ZWACK Use Case. Working with the CMF. Customizing the Portal's Design and Layout. The CMF Types. Future of CMF. Summary.

6. The MetaPublisher.

Introduction. Preparations. Using MetaPublisher. Creating a Feedback Web Page. MetaPublisher and Relational Databases. MetaPublisher and CMF. Summary.

7. Creating a Threaded Discussion Group.

Installation. Creating a Portal Forum. Customizing the Discussion Forum. Useful Methods of the Discussion Product. ZDiscussions.py. Summary.

8. Creating Polls and Surveys.

Installing the Products. The Poll Product. The Survey Product. Modifying the Poll Product. Modifying the Survey Product. Summary.


9. Automatically Building Sitemaps.

Building Sitemaps with the <dtml-in> Tag. A Simple Sitemap. Building Sitemaps with the <dtml-tree> Tag. Building Sitemaps with NFGnav. Summary.

10. Adding Search Capabilities.

The ZCatalog. The Z Search Interface. The Vocabulary. Summary.

11. Creating Dynamic Graphs in Zope.

The Python Imaging Library—PIL. Dynamic Graphs of the Poll Product. Summary.

12. Generating Dynamic PDFs.

ZpdfDocument. ReportLab's PDFGEN. Summary.



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