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Your iPad 2 at Work (covers iPad 2 running iOS 5)

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Your iPad 2 at Work (covers iPad 2 running iOS 5)

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  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4937-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4937-6

Covers iOS 5

Your iPad™ 2 atWork

Supercharge your business effectiveness with iPad 2–in the office, on the road, everywhere!

Got an iPad 2? Put it to work! If you’re a manager, entrepreneur, or professional… a consultant, salesperson, or freelancer… this book will make you more efficient, more effective, and more successful!

It’s packed with easy, nontechnical business solutions you can use right now—each presented with quick, foolproof, full-color instructions. Securely connect your iPad 2 to your network; sync your email, contacts, calendar, Office documents, and smartphone; make the most of iPad 2’s latest productivity apps; capture up-to-the-minute news and financial data; even discover powerful specialized apps for your job and your industry.

You already know how much fun your iPad 2 is, now discover how incredibly productive it can be, too!

• Secure your iPad 2 with passwords and data encryption

• Discover today’s most powerful low-cost iPad 2 productivity apps

• Create winning sales and business presentations from your iPad 2

• Read PC and Mac files, from Microsoft Office to Adobe PDF

• Manage your next project from your iPad 2

• Transform your iPad 2 into a powerful group brainstorming tool

• Use your iPad 2 more efficiently on the road

• Manage your company’s social networking presence from your iPad 2

• Hold iPad 2—based videoconferences and virtual meetings

• Transform your iPad 2 into an ebook reader, and find the best new business and productivity books online

• Reduce your communications costs with FaceTime and Skype

• Find the best “vertical market” apps for healthcare, real estate, construction, engineering, finance, and more

• Hire programmers to build custom apps that reach new customers or improve internal business processes

• Add accessories that makes your iPad 2 even more useful

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Finding Other Useful Business Apps for your iPad 2

Online Chapter

Download "Creating and Managing a Contacts Database"

Download "Scheduling and Time Management"

Download "Setting Up a Personal Hotspot"

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 10 and Index)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Activating Your iPad

iPad 2 Wireless Setup

Preinstalled Apps on Your iPad 2

Activating Your iPad’s Data Services

Chapter 2 Customizing iPad Settings

Switching to Airplane Mode

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Configuring Notifications Settings

Setting Location Services Options

Configuring Cellular Data Options

Adjusting the Screen Brightness

Customizing the Lock Screen and Home Screen Wallpapers

    Choosing a Preinstalled Wallpaper

    Displaying a Custom Image as a Wallpaper

Transforming Your iPad 2 into a Digital Picture Frame

General Options

Keeping Your iPad 2 Private with the Passcode Lock Feature

Customizing iCloud Settings

Adjusting the Settings for Mail, Contacts, and Calendars

Set Up the Twitter App

Customizing Your Web Surfing Experience with Safari

Customize the Messages App

Personalizing Music Settings

Personalizing Video Settings

Making App-Specific Adjustments

Chapter 3 Working with Email

Setting Up Your iPad 2 to Work with Existing Email Accounts

Customizing Your Email Account Settings

    Fetching New Data

    Customizing Mail Options

Managing Your Email Accounts with the Mail App

    Working with the Inbox

    Composing Messages

    Using the Web to Access Email

Chapter 4 Surfing the Web

Using the Safari Web Browser

    Customizing Safari Settings

    Where’s the Flash?

You’re Ready to Begin Surfing

    Using Safari’s Title Bar Features

    Editing Your Bookmarks

    Accessing and Managing Your Reading List

    Safari’s Address Field

    Using the Search Field

    Using Tabs

    Using Safari’s Reader

    Understanding the Web Page Viewing Area

Syncing Bookmarks with Your Primary Computer

Accessing Social Networks on Your iPad

    Working with Facebook

    Tweeting from Your iPad 2

    Tapping into LinkedIn to Network with Business Professionals

Chapter 5 Using the Calendar App and Notification Center

Calendar App Basics

    Controlling the View

    Entering a New Appointment

    Viewing Individual Appointment Details

    Subscribing to Calendars

    Finding an Appointment

    Viewing Calendars

    Inviting People to Meetings or Events

Customizing the Calendar App

Syncing Scheduling Data with Your Primary Computer or Smartphone

    Syncing with a PC or Mac Using iTunes Sync

    Syncing Calendar Data Wirelessly Using iCloud

    Syncing Calendar Data Wirelessly with Scheduling Software on a Microsoft Exchange—Compatible Network

    Syncing Calendar Data Wirelessly with Google Calendar or Yahoo! Calendar

Keeping Informed with the Notification Center

Managing Time and More with Third-Party Apps

Choosing the Right Scheduling App

Chapter 6 Working with the Contacts App

The Contacts App Is Highly Customizable

The Contacts App Works Seamlessly with Other Apps

Getting Started Using the Contacts App

    Creating New Contact Entries

    Editing or Deleting an Entry

    Sharing Contact Entries

Syncing Contact Data with Other Contact Management Software

    Syncing with Microsoft Exchange—Compatible Applications

    Syncing with CardDAV- or LDAP-Compatible Applications

    How Does Syncing Your Contacts Info Help You?

Third-Party Contact Management Apps

Chapter 7 Finding and Installing Apps from the App Store

Apple’s App Store: One-Stop Shopping for iPad Apps

    Understanding the App Store

    Managing Your Purchased Apps

    Understanding the App Listings

    Learning About an App Before Purchase

    Visiting the App Store from iTunes on Your Computer

How App Pricing Works

    Free Apps

    Paid Apps

    Subscription-Based Apps

    In-App Purchases

Quick Tips for Finding Relevant Apps

Keeping Your Apps Up to Date

Chapter 8 Syncing to Your Computer via iTunes or iCloud

Making the iTunes Sync Connection

    Customizing the iTunes Sync Process

    Understanding the iTunes Summary Screen

    Adjusting Sync Options with the iTunes Info Screen

    Syncing Your Apps with the iTunes App Screen

    Transferring App-Specific Data or Files Between Your Computer and iPad 2

    Syncing Your Music with the iTunes Music Screen

    Syncing Your Movies with the iTunes Movies Screen

    Syncing Your TV Shows with the iTunes TV Shows Screen

    Syncing Your Library with the iTunes Books Screen

    Syncing Your Digital Images with the iTunes Photos Screen

Additional iTunes Commands and Features

Working with iCloud

Other Options for Syncing Data Wirelessly

Chapter 9 Using Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Other Must-Have Business Apps

Word Processing with the Pages App

    Formatting Text

    Inserting Graphics

    Setting Up and Printing Documents

    Working in Full-Screen Mode

    Using the Formatting Bar and Ruler

    Exporting a Document

Managing Spreadsheets with the Numbers App

Using Keynote to Create Digital SlideShow Presentations

Managing Databases with FileMaker Go, Bento, and Things

Other Apps for Managing Microsoft Office Files


    Desktop Connect

    Documents To Go Premium — Office Suite

    QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad

    Picsel Smart Office

Chapter 10 Finding Other Useful Business Apps


Invoice2go for iPad



QuickBooks Connect

Square: Credit Card Processing

Voice Recorder HD

Apps for Other Business Needs

    Accessing Computers Remotely

    Participating in Virtual Meetings

    Reading PDF Files

    Saving Time in Your Everyday Life

    Online Banking Made Easy on Your iPad

    Staying Active with Online Social Networking Services

    Tracking Your Customer Loyalty Rewards

    Finding Businesses or Services You Need

    Saving Money

Chapter 11 Using Travel-Related Apps

Discovering What Travel Apps Can Do for You

Nine Handy Travel Apps for Business Travelers

    American Airlines HD (or Any Airline App)


    FlightTrack Pro

    Kayak HD

    The World Clock

    Trip Advisor


    Weather Channel Max for iPad

    Zagat To Go

Chapter 12 iPad Apps for Productivity, Organization, and Brainstorming

Organizing Your Life with List Manager Apps

    Using the Reminders App

    Managing Multiple To-Do Lists Simultaneously

    Other Helpful List Management Apps

Using the iPad in Vertical Markets

    Transforming How Doctors Practice Medicine

    Changing the Practice of Law

    The iPad Is Making Its Way into Many Industries

Chapter 13 Conducting Videoconferences and Virtual Meetings

Using FaceTime for Videoconferencing

    Creating a FaceTime Favorites List

    Using FaceTime’s Automatic Recents List

    Choosing Preferred FaceTime Contacts

    Participating in a FaceTime Call

Text Messaging with iMessage

Participating in Virtual Meetings from Anywhere

    GoToMeeting Offers Virtual Meeting Capabilities for iPad Users

    Another Virtual Meeting Option: The WebEx Platform

Making and Receiving Phone Calls from Your iPad with Skype

Chapter 14 Finding and Using News and Information Apps

Television News Apps

    Network News on the Go: ABC News, CBS News, and NBC Nightly NewsApps

    International News Agencies: Associated Press and Reuters

    CNN for iPad and FOX News for iPad

Streaming Radio News Apps

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio App

    NPR for iPad

Newspaper and Magazine News Apps

    Working with the Newsstand in iOS 5

    The New York Times for iPad App

    The Daily: iPad-Exclusive Daily Digital News

    USA Today for iPad App

    The Wall Street Journal Digital Edition

    Official Drudge Report App

    Creating a News Folder on Your iPad

Chapter 15 Downloading Versus Streaming Online Content

Downloading Content from iTunes

    Acquiring iTunes Content from Your Computer

    Cost of Acquiring Content from iTunes

Streaming Video on Your iPad

    ABC Player




    Hulu Plus

    HBO Go

Streaming Audio on Your iPad

    Pandora Radio


    TuneIn Radio Pro

Chapter 16 Relaxing with Games

A Variety of Gaming Experiences

Twelve Awesome iPad 2 Games

    Angry Birds HD

    Contract Killer

    FlightControl HD

    Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports for iPad

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad

    NY Times Crosswords

    Pac-Man for iPad

    Scrabble for iPad

    Social Sudoku


    Tetris for iPad

    Texas Poker Pro

Game Center: Meeting and Competing with Fellow Gamers

Chapter 17 Using iBooks

Selecting and Downloading eBooks

    Accessing the iBookstore

    Understanding iBookstore’s eBook Listings

    Reviewing eBook Descriptions

Customizing iBooks Settings

Reading PDF Files

Reading eBooks Formatted for Other eBook Readers

Chapter 18 Protecting Your iPad 2 and Its Data

Protecting Your iPad from Physical Damage

    Touchscreen Films

    Screen Covers and Cases

    Full-Body Cases

    Slipcovers, Sleeves, and Pouches

Securing Your Data

Protecting Your iPad from Theft or Loss

Insuring Your iPad

Chapter 19 Must-Have Accessories

External Keyboards for Your Tablet

Battery Options

    Battery Packs

    Battery Chargers

Desktop Stands for Easier iPad Access

iPad Camera Connection Kit

Headphones and External Speakers

Connection Options: HD, VGA, Home Theater

    Connecting to an HD Monitor or a TV

    Connecting to a VGA Monitor

    Connecting to a Sound System or Home Theater System

Accessories for Traveling Abroad

    Using International Power Adapters

    Replacing Your iPad’s Micro SIM Card for Wireless Web Access

Wireless Printing

    What If Your Printer Isn’t ePrint- or AirPrint-Compatible?

    Creating Prints from Your Photos

The Future Looks Bright for the iPad

Appendix A Does Your Company Need a Custom App?

First Considerations

Having a Custom App Created

    Potential Low-Cost Custom App Solution

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