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  • Comprehensive coverage—Offers extensive coverage of web development using ASP.NET, XML, XSL, CSS, XML Schemas, and more.
    • Presents students with the fundamentals of web development with ASP.NET and XML. Ex.___

  • Source code examples.
    • Provides students with examples that illustrate key concepts. Ex.___

  • Solutions, not just definitions of problems are focused on.
    • Teaches students how to resolve issues they encounter with XML and ASP.NET. Ex.___

  • Written by three of the most well known and respected leaders of the ASP and XML communities.
    • Provides students with an authoritative resource on XML and ASP. Ex.___


  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1200-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1200-3

XML and ASP.NET begins with an overview of ASP.NET and XML, and then expands on the concepts by showing the reader how to work with XML using both client and server technologies. Related topics such as ADO.NET, message queuing, SOAP and Web Services are also discussed in depth to complete the reader's perspective. The authors discuss the advantages and drawbacks of different approaches, while offering best practices and solutions to common real-world problems and explaining advanced concepts clearly and concisely.



Code Listing from the book-- XMLcode_4_19.zip


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Table of Contents


1. XML and ASP.NET: The Basics.

Why XML? Why ASP.NET? Why XML and ASP.NET? The XML Document Structure. Creating Valid Documents. The W3C. Chapter Summary. References.

2. XML Schemas in .NET.

Understanding Schemas. Creating a Schema. Using Schemas in .NET. Chapter Summary. References.

3. XML Presentation.

Netscape and Internet Explorer Support. Data Islands. Overview of CSS and XSLT. XSLT. Chapter Summary.

4. XML Tool Support in Visual Studio .NET.

Built-In XML Editor. Creating an XML Schema with XML Designer. Creating a DataSet with Relational Data in XML Schemas. Creating Schemas and DataSets from Existing Data. Tools Within the .NET SDK. Other Microsoft XML Tools. Chapter Summary.


5. MSXML Parser.

Push Versus Pull Models. New Features and Changes in MSXML 4.0. DOM and the MSXML Interfaces. Document Loading States and Validation. Validating the Documents Against Cached Schemas. Displaying the Node Details in an XML Document. Inserting, Updating, Deleting, and Cloning Nodes. Working with MSXML 4.0 on the Server-Side with ASP.NET. SAX2 and MSXML Interfaces. Chapter Summary.

6. Exploring the System.Xml Namespace.

The Abstract Base Classes. The Document Object Model Implementation. Document Navigation. Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Nodes. XSLT Transformations. The XML Web Control. Catching Parsing Exceptions. Chapter Summary.

7. ASP.NET Extensibility With XML.

A Word on the Metabase. Walk-Through of web.config's Hierarchical Structure. System.Configuration and System.Web.Configuration Namespaces. Accessing web.config Using System.Xml. Chapter Summary.

8. Database Access with ADO.NET and XML.

An Introduction to ADO.NET. Chapter Summary. References.

9. SQL Server 2000 and XML.

SQL Server 2000 XML Support. SQLXML 3.0. Chapter Summary.

10. XML Serialization.

What Is Serialization? Different Types of Serialization. How Is Serialization Used in ASP.NET? An Overview of XML Serialization. XML Serialization at Work in ASP.NET. Chapter Summary.

11. Creating and Using ASP.Net Web Services.

Describing Web Services. Locating Web Services Using the Discovery Process and the Web Services. Directories. Exposing a Web Service. Consuming Web Services. Consuming the ASP.NET Web Service from an ASP Client Using SOAP Toolkit 2.0. Consuming the ASP.NET Web Service from IE 5.x Using XMLHTTP. SOAP Extensions. Other Alternatives to Tracing. Building a Public Address Book Web Service. Building an ASP.NET Client to Consume the Address Book Web Service. Exposing .NET Remoting Objects as Web Services. Chapter Summary.

12. Sample Application: Developing an XML-Based Dynamic Web Page Builder Tool.

Walk-Through of Code. Code Listings. Chapter Summary.

13. Sample Application: Mobile Device Programming with WAP, WML, and XHTML Basic.

The History of WAP. What Exactly Is WAP? Do We Really Need Another Protocol? Mobile Device Development Issues. What Is WML? I Thought This Was an XML Book. A Simple Online Voting System. Transforming XML Using XSLT and ASP.NET. The Poll's System Code and Walk-Throughs. XSL Translations. Chapter Summary.


Appendix A. ASP.NET Objects Reference.

System.Web.UI.Page. System.Web.HttpApplication. System.Web.HttpApplicationState. System.Web.HttpRequest. System.Web.HttpResponse. System.Web.HttpServerUtility. System.Web.SessionState.HttpSessionState.

Appendix B. Side-By-Side MSXML Reference.

System.Xml.XmlNode and IXMLDOMNode. System.Xml.XmlDocument and DOMDocument. System.Xml.XmlImplementation and IXMLDOMImplementation. System.Xml.XmlDocumentFragment and IXMLDOMDocumentFragment. System.Xml.XmlNodeList and IXMLDOMNodeList. System.Xml.XmlElement and IXMLDOMElement. System.Xml.XmlNamedNodeMap and IXMLDOMNamedNodeMap. System.Xml.XmlAttribute and IXMLDOMAttribute. System.Xml.XmlCharacterData and IXMLDOMCharacterData. System.Xml.XmlText and IXMLDOMText. System.Xml.XmlComment and IXMLDOMComment. System.Xml.XmlCDataSection and IXMLDOMCDATASection. System.Xml.XmlDocumentType and IXMLDOMDocumentType. System.Xml.XmlNotation and IXMLDOMNotation. System.Xml.XmlEntity and IXMLDOMEntity. System.Xml.XmlEntityReference and IXMLDOMEntityReference. System.Xml.XmlProcessingInstruction and IXMLDOMProcessingInstruction.

Appendix C. XSLT Reference.

xsl:apply-imports. xsl:apply-templates. xsl:attribute. xsl:attribute-set. xsl:call-template. xsl:choose. xsl:comment. xsl:copy. xsl:copy-of. xsl:decimal-format. xsl:element. xsl:fallback. xsl:for-each. xsl:if. xsl:import. xsl:include. xsl:key. xsl:message. xsl:namespace-alias. xsl:number. xsl:otherwise. xsl:param. xsl:preserve-space. xsl:processing-instruction. xsl:sort. xsl:strip-space. xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform. xsl:template. xsl:text. xsl:value-of. xsl:variable. xsl:when. xsl:with-param. Resources.



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