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XForms: XML Powered Web Forms

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XForms: XML Powered Web Forms


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  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 272
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-15499-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-15499-6

W3C XForms (XML powered web forms) is an overhaul to HTML forms from 1993. On-line forms are critical to electronic commerce on the Internet, and the HTML forms design is now beginning to show its age. The advent of XML on the WWW, and the subsequent move to Web services as a means of connecting disparate information technologies to deliver end-to-end customer solutions has now made XML documents central to the fabric of the WWW.


CD Contents

Examples Unbundled
All the examples from the book are available as XML files and are organized by the chapter in which they appear. These make a good starting point for creating XForms content. You can navigate to examples by following links labeled XML Source within the HTML version. Using the links below, you can also browse the examples directly.

Standard Building Blocks
XForms User InterfaceControls
XForms User Interface
XForms Model Properties
XForms Functions
XForms Actions
XForms Events
XForms Web Services
XForms Accessibility


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Introduction to XForms: XML Powered Web Forms

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Table of Contents

1. XML Powered Web Forms.


A Simple Web Application.

XForms Components.

Summary Of XForms Benefits.

XForms At A Glance.

2. Standard Building Blocks.


XPath--XML Path Language.

DOM2 Events.

XML--Extensible Markup Language.

XML Schema.

XForms Implementations.

XML Standards At A Glance.

3. XForms User Interface Controls.

XForms User Interface Design.

Common Aspects Of XForms Controls.

Collecting Text Input.

Selecting From A Set Of Values.

Selecting From A Range Of Values.

Uploading Data.

Triggering Actions.

Submitting Data.

XForms Controls At A Glance.

4. Creating Complex User Interfaces.

Aggregation Using group.

Dynamic User Interaction With switch.

Repeating Structures With repeat.

Complete Example Of An XForms User Interface.

XForms User Interface At A Glance.

5. XForms Model Properties.


Attaching Constraints Via Element bind.

Property relevant For Model-based Switching.

Property required For Mandatory Fields.

Property readonly For Controlling Changes.

Property constraint For Dynamic Validation.

Constraining The Number Of Permitted Entries.

Property calculate For Dynamic Computation.

Augmenting Schemas With Type Constraints.

Declaring Privacy Level Via P3P.

XForms Model Properties At A Glance.

6. XForms Functions.


Boolean Functions.

Number Functions.

String Functions.

Date-time Functions.

Node-set Functions.

Binding Expressions--The Full Story.

XForms Functions At A Glance.

7. XForms Actions.


Declarative Event Handlers.

XForms Actions At A Glance.

8. XForms Events.


Initialization Events.

Interaction Events.

Notification Events.

XForms Events At A Glance.

9. Connecting The User To Web Services.

A Human-Centric View Of Web Services.

Connecting Users To Their Data.

Creating Personalized Information Views.

XForms Web Services At A Glance.

10. Multimodal Access.

Multimodal Interaction For Ubiquitous Access.

Multimodal Access.

Multimodal User Interface Principles.

Creating Multimodal Interfaces Using Xforms.

Multimodal Interaction At A Glance.

11. XForms And Accessibility.

XForms Enables Universal Access.

Design Principles For Accessible Interfaces.

Leveraging XForms Accessibility Features.

Index. 0321154991T06052003


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