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Videos can be viewed on: Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec. Requires the free QuickTime Player software.


Lesson 1

Lesson 1: Getting Started With Windows Phone 8.1, Downloadable Version

Explore your phone's hardware, set up your phone, keep it updated, and reset it if you ever need to

Duration: 00:09:54  File Size: 93 MB


Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Windows Phone 8.1 Basics, Downloadable Version

Master the Start and Lock screens, Touch gestures, hardware buttons, and the newly-improved Word Flow soft keyboard

Duration: 00:09:54  File Size: 51 MB


Lesson 3

Lesson 3: The Windows Phone Interface, Downloadable Version

Work with Live Tiles and the Action Center; configure the Lock Screen; set up Quiet Hours, and customize your keyboard.

Duration: 00:11:09  File Size: 64 MB


Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Basic Device Settings, Downloadable Version

Manage themes… set up Wi-Fi networking, Bluetooth, and passwords… control time and date… adjust your display's brightness… change regional settings… use Windows Phone accessibility features… set up the Kids Corner so your children can play games, apps, and music without disturbing the rest of your phone

Duration: 00:13:54  File Size: 72 MB


Lesson 5

Lesson 5: E-Mail, Downloadable Version

Connect to email through a Microsoft account, Exchange Server, or a third-party mail system… send and receive email using Windows Phone's built-in tools

Duration: 00:08:13  File Size: 46 MB


Lesson 6

Lesson 6: Managing Your Contacts, Downloadable Version

Add contacts, view contact profiles, delete contacts, pin contacts to the Start screen, and merge duplicate contacts

Duration: 00:09:55  File Size: 49 MB


Lesson 7

Lesson 7: Managing Your Calendar, Downloadable Version

Create and view appointments, set reminders, and use alternative Calendar Views

Duration: 00:09:11  File Size: 45 MB


Lesson 8

Lesson 8: The Task List , Downloadable Version

Create, postpone, and delete tasks, and mark tasks as completed.

Duration: 00:07:38  File Size: 31 MB


Lesson 9

Lesson 9: Music and Videos, Downloadable Version

Add and play music and videos on your phone; learn how to create playlists

Duration: 00:11:13  File Size: 68 MB


Lesson 10

Lesson 10: Pictures, Downloadable Version

Add pictures to your phone… capture great images with the built-in camera… organize your pictures, view albums, and sync your photos via OneDrive

Duration: 00:14:09  File Size: 75 MB


Lesson 11

Lesson 11: Internet Explorer, Downloadable Version

Make the most of Windows Phone's built-in Internet Explorer web browser

Duration: 00:10:16  File Size: 52 MB


Lesson 12

Lesson 12: The App Store, Downloadable Version

Explore the App Store and walk through finding, retrieving, and installing great apps

Duration: 00:10:33  File Size: 98 MB


Lesson 13

Lesson 13: The Telephone Interface, Downloadable Version

Make calls to contacts or other people… use the speakerphone and dial pad… set up and use voice mail… work with call waiting… change your ring tones… explore your Call History

Duration: 00:12:15  File Size: 58 MB


Lesson 14

Lesson 14: Text Messaging, Downloadable Version

Send and receive text messages, and text multimedia content

Duration: 00:05:45  File Size: 34 MB


Lesson 15

Lesson 15: Mapping, Downloadable Version

Get quick, accurate directions… find shops, restaurants, gas stations, and more with Local Scout… get a bird's eye view of practically anywhere with Aerial View… get up-to-the-moment traffic information… even explore indoor maps!

Duration: 00:08:58  File Size: 71 MB


Lesson 16

Lesson 16: Cortana Configuration, Downloadable Version

Set up Cortana to work the way you want… teach Cortana your interests… set up Quiet Hours and an Inner Circle… integrate Cortana with OneNote notetaking

Duration: 00:08:18  File Size: 39 MB


Lesson 17

Lesson 17: Using Cortana, Downloadable Version

Master Cortana's voice interface… learn basic Cortana conversation skills… set alarms… use location and contact awareness… get Yelp and Bing information… even identify music

Duration: 00:10:37  File Size: 51 MB


Lesson 18

Lesson 18: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Integ, Downloadable Version

Use Windows Phone's built-in social networking features with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Duration: 00:05:22  File Size: 28 MB


Lesson 19

Lesson 19: Finding a Lost Phone, Downloadable Version

Configure Find My Phone settings, and then find your phone if you ever lose it

Duration: 00:04:35  File Size: 96 MB


Lesson 20

Lesson 20: Getting Ready for Microsoft Office, Downloadable Version

Learn how Windows Phone 8.1 integrates with and supports Office 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive… establish your most productive Microsoft Office settings

Duration: 00:08:59  File Size: 52 MB


Lesson 21

Lesson 21: OneNote, Downloadable Version

Take notes with Microsoft OneNote on your Windows smartphone

Duration: 00:08:15  File Size: 45 MB


Lesson 22

Lesson 22: Microsoft Word, Downloadable Version

Edit documents with Microsoft Word on your Windows smartphone

Duration: 00:08:36  File Size: 47 MB


Lesson 23

Lesson 23: Microsoft Excel, Downloadable Version

Build and edit spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel on your Windows smartphone

Duration: 00:14:15  File Size: 76 MB


Lesson 24

Lesson 24: PowerPoint, Downloadable Version

Create and deliver presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint on your Windows smartphone

Duration: 00:09:35  File Size: 45 MB


  • Copyright 2015
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5413-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5413-4

3+ Hours of Video Instruction


The definitive, plain-English video tutorial for Windows Phone 8.1: all you need to know, from messaging to Office, Xbox Live gaming to the new Cortana personal virtual assistant!


Windows Phone 8.1 is a huge upgrade—more productive, more powerful, more fun! This easy, plain-English video tutorial gets you 100% up to speed with it, so you can make the most of your new Windows smartphone! Brien Posey guides you through everything that makes Windows Phone 8.1 so great, including its amazing Cortana virtual personal assistant. You'll learn the best ways to use Windows Phone hardware, the Start Screen, Live Tiles, and Action Center… set up Wi-Fi and email… manage contacts, calendars, and tasks… play media and take photos… use OneDrive storage… download new apps… make calls and send text messages… work with Internet Explorer and Office apps… connect via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter… even find a lost phone!

About the Instructor

Brien Posey is a freelance technical writer who has received Microsoft’s prestigious MVP award 12 times for his work with diverse Microsoft technologies. He has written or contributed to roughly three dozen books, and speaks extensively at Microsoft TechMentor and other IT conferences. He served as CIO for a national chain of hospitals and healthcare companies, and as Network Administrator for the Department of Defense at Fort Knox. The author of My Windows® Phone 8 and My Windows® Phone 7, he has worked with Windows mobile devices since the mid-1990s.

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

What You Will Learn

  • How to get started with any new Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone
  • Quick, efficient ways to connect via phone, text, email, and social networking
  • How to make the most of the incredible Cortana virtual personal assistant
  • How to manage your tasks, calendar, contacts, and life on your Windows Phone
  • How to take advantage of Windows Phone's amazing media and gaming capabilities
  • How to get productive with Windows Phone using Microsoft Office and other apps

Who Should Take This Course

  • Everyone getting or considering a Windows Phone 8.1 device

Course Requirements

  • No Windows Phone or other smartphone experience necessary!

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Getting Started With Windows Phone 8

1.1 The Phone’s External Features

1.2 Setting up Your Phone

1.3 Updating the Phone

1.4 Resetting Your Phone

Lesson 2: Learning Your way Around the Device

2.1 The Start Screen

2.2 The Lock Screen

2.3 Touch Gestures

2.4 The Soft Keyboard

2.5 Wordflow

Lesson 3: Getting to Know the Windows Phone Interface

3.1 Working with Live Tiles

3.2 The Action Center

3.3 Configuring the Lock Screen

3.4 Battery Saver

3.5 Keyboard Customization

Lesson 4: Configuring Commonly Used Device Settings

4.1 Themes

4.2 Wi-Fi Networking

4.3 Passwords

4.4 Date and Time Configuration

4.5 Display Brightness

4.6 Regional Settings

4.7 Accessibility

4.8 Kid’s Corner

4.9 Bluetooth

Lesson 5: Setting Up Your E-Mail Accounts

5.1 Connecting a Microsoft Account

5.2 Connecting to Exchange Server E-mail

5.3 Connecting to a Third Party Mail System

5.4 Sending and Receiving E-mail

Lesson 6: Managing Your Contacts

6.1 Adding a contact

6.2 Viewing a contact’s profile

6.3 Deleting a contact

6.4 Pinning a contact to the Start screen

6.5 Merging Duplicate Contacts

Lesson 7: Managing Your Calendar

7.1 Creating Appointments

7.2 Viewing Your Appointments

7.3 Reminders

7.4 Alternative Calendar Views

Lesson 8: Working with the Task List

8.1 Creating a Task

8.2 Completing a Task

8.3 Postponing a Task

8.4 Deleting a Task

Lesson 9: Having Fun with Music and Videos

9.1 Adding music to your phone

9.2 Adding videos to your phone

9.3 Manually Adding Media

9.4 Playing your movies and music

9.5 Creating playlists

Lesson 10: The Telephone Interface

10.1 Making a call

10.2 Calling your Contacts

10.3 Using speaker phone

10.4 Accessing the Dial Pad

10.5 Checking your Voice Mail

10.6 Using Call Waiting

10.7 Choosing a Ring Tone

10.8 Viewing your Call History

Lesson 11: Text Messaging

11.1 Sending a text message

11.2 Receiving a text message

11.3 Texting multimedia content

11.4 Managing Text Messages

Lesson 12: Organizing Your Photos

12.1 Adding pictures to your phone

12.2 Using your phone’s Camera

12.3 Organizing your photos

12.4 Viewing your albums

12.5 View photos on OneDrive

Lesson 13: Internet Explorer

13.1 Setting up Internet Explorer

13.2 Configuring IE settings

13.3 Adding a Favorite

13.4 Pinning a page to the Start Screen

13.5 Sharing Web content

13.6 Clearing your History

Lesson 14: Downloading Apps from the App Store

14.1 An Introduction to the App Store

14.2 Installing an App

14.3 Uninstalling an App

Lesson 15: Navigating with your Windows Phone

15.1 Getting directions

15.2 Using Local Scout

15.3 Using Aerial View

15.4 Getting Traffic info

15.5 Using Indoor maps

Lesson 16: Setting up Cortana

16.1 The Initial Configuration

16.2 Interests

16.3 Setting Quiet Hours

16.4 Managing your Inner Circle

Lesson 17: Using Cortana

17.1 Using Cortana

17.2 Talking to Cortana

17.3 Setting Alarms

17.4 Making location requests

17.5 Making contact requests

17.6 Making social requests

Lesson 18: Connecting Your Phone to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

18.1 Connecting to Twitter

18.2 Connecting to LinkedIn

18.3 Viewing social networking feeds

Lesson 19: Finding a Lost Phone

19.1 Configuring the Find My Phone Settings

19.2 Finding Your Phone

Lesson 20: Getting Ready for Microsoft Office

20.1 Accessing data on your phone

20.2 Access e-mail documents

20.3 Access OneDrive data

20.4 Access Office 365 documents

20.5 Access recent documents

20.6 Sharing a document

Lesson 21: Working with OneNote

Lesson 21.1 Working with Notebooks

Lesson 21.2 Managing Notes

Lesson 21.3 Formatting Text

Lesson 21.4 Adding Content to Notes

Lesson 22: Using Microsoft Word

Lesson 21.1 Creating a new Document

Lesson 22.2 Formatting text

Lesson 22.3 Working with Comments

Lesson 22.4 Using Spell Check

Lesson 22.5 Saving Your Work

Lesson 23: Working with Excel Spreadsheets

Lesson 23.1 Creating a New Spreadsheet

Lesson 23.2 Formatting Cells

Lesson 23.3 Freezing Cells

Lesson 23.4 Sorting Cells

Lesson 23.5 Filtering Cells

Lesson 23.6 Using AutoFit

Lesson 23.7 Using AutoSum

Lesson 23.8 Accessing Worksheets

Lesson 23.9 Adding a Formula

Lesson 23.10 Saving Your Work

Lesson 24: Viewing and Editing PowerPoint Presentations

Lesson 24.1 Viewing a Presentation

Lesson 24.2 Accessing a Slide

Lesson 24.3 Adding Notes

Lesson 24.4 Editing a Slide

Lesson 24.5 Moving a Slide

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