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Windows 98 Unleashed

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Windows 98 Unleashed


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  • Copyright 1998
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-31235-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-31235-9

Windows 98 Unleashed provides you with comprehensive coverage of the newest Windows features. This complete reference will guide you to discover Internet Explorer 4.0 and the Active Desktop; set up Outlook Express for Internet mail and CompuServe mail; master installation, configuration, and customization of Windows 98 including dual-booting; unlock the multimedia potential of Windows 98; create a perfect workspace to maximize your productivity; tap into the powerful Registry; understand Microsoft networking, including TCP/IP connections; and troubleshoot your system using the book's special Troubleshooting sections.

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Table of Contents


1. Preparing for the Windows 98 Installation.

Windows 98 System Requirements. Preparing Your System: A Checklist. Some Notes About Dual- (and Multi-) Booting. Summary.

2. From Disc to Disk: Installing Windows 98.

Getting Setup Started. After Setup Is Under Way. Supplying the Setup Wizard with Information. Finishing the Installation. Adding and Removing Windows 98 Components. Removing Your Old Windows Files. Uninstalling Windows 98. Summary.

3. Start Me Up: Controlling Windows 98 Startup.

The Boot Process, from Powerup to Startup. Custom Startups with the Windows 98. Startup Menu. Custom Startups with MSDOS.SYS. Creating Your Own Startup Logo. Command-Line Switches for Starting Windows 98. Troubleshooting Windows 98 Startup. Understanding the Windows 98 Shutdown Process. Summary.

4. What's New and Noteworthy in Windows 98.

The Web Comes to the Desktop. Windows 98 Knows the Internet. Support for New Hardware Gadgets. New Windows 98 System Tools. New Multimedia Bells and Whistles. Communications and Networking. Other New Shell and Customization Features. Making the Move from Windows 3.x. Summary.


5. Web Integration and the Active Desktop.

Why Integrate the Web? Working with Web Integration. Customizing the Active Desktop. Summary.

6. Customizing the Taskbar, Start Menu, and Display.

Tweaking the Taskbar. Customizing the Start Menu. Display Settings: A Desktop to Call Your Own. TweakUI: The Interface Power Toy. Summary.

7. Setting Accessibility Options, User Profiles, and More.

Accessible Windows: Working with the Accessibility Settings. Personalized Windows: Working with User Profiles. Worldwide Windows: Customizing the Regional Settings. Summary.

8. Customizing the Mouse, Keyboard, and Other Input.

Devices. Manipulating Mouse Properties. Customizing the Keyboard. Calibrating a Game Controller. Summary.

9. Performance Tuning: Optimizing Memory and Disk Access.

Windows 98 and Memory: A Primer. Performance Tuning: General Considerations. Optimizing Memory. Optimizing Disk Access. Overcoming File Fragmentation. with Disk Defragmenter. Summary.

10. Getting the Most Out of Device Manager and.

Hardware Profiles. Working with the Device Manager. Setting Up Hardware Profiles. Summary.

11. Device Advice: Dealing with Devices in Windows 98.

Adding New Hardware. Working with CD-ROM Drives. DVD: Welcome to the Next Level. Getting Great Graphics. Windows 98 and Your Monitor. Working with PC Card (PCMCIA) Devices. Setting Up an Infrared Device. Power Management in Windows 98: OnNow and ACPI. Drivers for Other Devices. Troubleshooting Hardware Headaches. Summary.

12. Getting to Know the Windows 98 Registry.

A Synopsis of the Registry. Understanding the Registry Files. Starting the Registry Editor. Examining the Structure of the Registry. Working with Registry Entries. Troubleshooting the Registry. Summary.

13. A Few Good Hacks: Some Useful Registry Tweaks.

Working with File Types and Applications. Modifying Windows 98's Desktop Icons. Using the Registry to Fiddle with Files. Customizing the Windows 98 Interface. Customizing Some Setup Settings. Summary.


14. File and Folder Tricks and Techniques.

First, a Few File and Folder Fundamentals. Exploiting Explorer: Shortcut Keys, Customizations, and More. Can I Get There from Here? Working with Shortcuts. Working with File Types. Finding File Needles in Hard Disk Haystacks. Trash Talk: Understanding the Recycle Bin. Summary.

15. Disk Driving: The Windows 98 Disk Utilities.

Formatting a Floppy Disk. Copying a Floppy Disk. Viewing Disk Properties. Compressing Disks with DriveSpace. Partitioning a Disk. Summary.

16. Working with a Net: The Windows 98 Backup Utility.

Starting Backup. Some Thoughts on Real-World Backups. Defining a Backup Job. Working with Backup Media. Setting Backup Preferences. Restoring Backed-Up Data. Summary.

17. Wielding the Windows 98 System Tools.

Creating an Emergency Boot Disk. Preventing and Repairing Hard Disk Errors with ScanDisk. Protecting System Files with Registry Scan. Using System File Checker. Avoiding Device Driver Failures with Automatic Skip Driver. Using the Microsoft System Information Utility. Protecting Long Filenames. Scheduling Maintenance Tasks with Task Scheduler. Guarding Against Viruses. Putting It All Together with the Maintenance Wizard. Getting Your System Back on Its Feet with System Recovery. Summary.


18. The Ins and Outs of Installing and Uninstalling Programs.

Practicing Safe Setups. Working with the Add/Remove Programs Wizard. Installing Applications. Uninstalling Applications. Summary.

19. Sharing Data in Windows 98: The Clipboard and OLE.

Understanding OLE. Working with OLE. Linking an Object. Embedding an Object. Editing a Linked or Embedded Object. Summary.

20. Using Fonts in Windows 98.

Fontamentals, Part I: The Architecture of Characters. Fontamentals, Part II: Screen Fonts Versus Printer Fonts. Fontamentals, Part III: The Font-Rendering Mechanism. Working with Fonts. Adding New Fonts to Windows 98. Deleting Old Fonts. Font Tips. Using Character Map for Extra Symbols and Characters. Font Limitations. Troubleshooting Fonts. Summary.

21. Prescriptions for Perfect Printing.

Installing a Printer with the Add Printer Wizard. Removing a Printer. Printing Documents in Windows 98. Managing Print Jobs. Working with Printer Properties. Tips for Saving Paper. Troubleshooting Windows 98 Printing. Summary.

22. Portable Windows: The Briefcase and Direct Cable.

Connection. Synchronizing Laptop and Desktop with Briefcase. From Laptop to Desktop and Back: Direct Cable Connection. Direct Cable Connection and Infrared Ports. Direct Cable Connection and the Briefcase. Summary.

23. DOS Isn't Dead: Unleashing the DOS Shell.

Getting to DOS. Working at the DOS Prompt. Customizing the DOS Window. Understanding PIFs. Running a Program in MS-DOS Mode. Creating a Program-Specific. Startup Configuration. Optimizing Memory for DOS Applications. Troubleshooting DOS Difficulties. Summary.


24. DirectX and Windows 98 Video.

Windows 98 and Multimedia. DirectX 5.0: The Future of Windows Multimedia. Understanding Digital Video. Unleashing Video in Windows 98. Tips for Top Video Performance. Windows 98 and the Broadcast Architecture. Viewing Web-Based Video with NetShow. Troubleshooting Video Woes. Summary.

25. Windows 98 Audio Features.

A Review of Audio File Formats. Audio Codecs. Audio Hardware: What to Look for in a Sound Card. Installing the PC Speaker Driver. Sounding Off: Playing Sounds in Windows 98. Turning It Up (or Down): The Volume Control. Giving Windows 98 a Voice: Assigning Sounds to Events. Recording and Editing Sounds with the Sound Recorder. Reinstalling an Audio Codec. Summary.


26. Getting Started with Modem Communications.

Modem-to-Modem Communications. Configuring Serial Ports. Installing and Configuring a Modem. Summary.

27. Putting Your Modem to Work.

Getting Your Modem to Dial Voice Calls for You. Using HyperTerminal for Modem-to-Modem Connections. Creating a New HyperTerminal Connectoid. Connecting to a Remote System. Summary.

28. Setting Up Windows 98 for Networking.

An Introduction to Windows 98 Networking. What's New in Windows 98 Networking. Network Installation and Configuration. Summary.

29. Working with Network Resources.

Accessing Network Resources. Windows 98 as a Server: Sharing Your Resources. Summary.

30. Remote Computing with Dial-Up Networking.

Dial-Up Networking Fundamentals. Setting Up Windows 98 for Dial-Up Networking. Connecting to the Remote Network. Working with Dial-Up Networking Settings. Using PPTP to Establish a Virtual Private Network. Connection. Configuring Microsoft Mail for Remote Sessions. Using the Dial-Up Scripting Tool. Using the Dial-Up Server. Summary.


31. Implementing TCP/IP for Internet and Intranet Connections.

Understanding TCP/IP. Installing and Configuring TCP/IP. Connection-Specific TCP/IP Settings. Wielding the TCP/IP Utilities. Summary.

32. Windows 98 and the Internet.

Setting Up Windows 98 to Connect to the Internet. Connecting to Your Service Provider. TCP/IP and Internet Security. The Net Is Your Oyster. Using FTP for Internet File Transfers. Using Telnet for Remote Internet Sessions. Summary.

33. Exploring the Web with Internet Explorer.

Starting Internet Explorer. A Tour of the Internet Explorer Screen. Navigating with Internet Explorer. The Favorites Folder: Sites to Remember. Dealing with Files. Setting Up Subscriptions. Channel Surfing: Internet Explorer's Active Channels. Customizing Internet Explorer. Summary.

34. Outlook Express and Internet Email.

A Brief Email Primer. Getting Started with Outlook Express. Understanding the Message Folders. Working with the Windows Address Book. Composing and Sending a New Message. Reading Incoming Mail. Working with Your Messages. Finding Text, Messages, and People. Customizing Outlook Express. Summary.

35. Outlook Express and Usenet News.

Some Usenet Basics. Working with Newsgroups in Outlook Express. Downloading Messages. Notes on Working with Newsgroup Messages. Writing a Rejoinder: Following Up a Message. Posting a New Message. Filtering Newsgroup Messages. Setting News Options. Summary.

36. Remote Collaboration with Microsoft NetMeeting.

Configuring NetMeeting. A Tour of the NetMeeting Window. Placing NetMeeting Calls. Exchanging Files in NetMeeting. Using the Chat Feature. Using the Whiteboard. Sharing Programs. Setting NetMeeting Properties. Summary.

37. Web Page Publishing with Windows 98.

Understanding HTML Tags. The Basic Structure of Web Pages. Getting Started with FrontPage Express. Adding a Title. Entering Text and Paragraphs. Adding Formatting and Headings. Setting Up Lists. Working with Hyperlinks Inserting Images, Sounds, and Video. Setting Up Tables. A Few More FrontPage Express Techniques. Publishing Pages Using the Web Publishing Wizard. Summary.



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