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Windows 2000 Active Directory Design and Deployment

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Windows 2000 Active Directory Design and Deployment

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  • Copyright 2000
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 1-57870-242-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-57870-242-8

This book focuses on the design of a Windows 2000 environment, and how to develop an effective design and migration plan. You are lead through the process of developing a design plan by reviewing each pertinent issue, and provides expert advice on how to evaluate each issue as it applies to the your particular environment. Practical examples illustrate all these issues. The book begins with detailed coverage of how to evaluate the current network environment - what issues need to be considered, and how to evaluate those issues. Next, the process of developing a migration plan is explored. The book then examines how to develop a Windows 2000 environment, sharing the insight gained by actual deployments from RDP members. Next, the book discusses how to evaluate both the migration and development plans, making sure that all potential pitfalls have been avoided. It closes with a discussion of the future of Active Directory.



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Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a “What's Next?” section.)

1. Developing a Business Justification for Migrating to Windows 2000.

Reasons to Migrate to Windows 2000. Reasons to Delay Migration.

2. Defining and Evaluating the Current Environment.

Survey the Current Environment. Conclusion.

3. The Action (Project) Plan and Cost Justification of the Project.

The Design Team. Purpose, Objectives, and Scope. Cost Justification: Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership. Recommendations on Areas of Significant Cost Reduction.

4. Namespace Design of the Windows 2000 Active Directory.

Fundamentals of the Windows 2000 Namespace. DNS. Designing the Domain Namespace. Single- Versus Multiple-Domain Structure. Strategic Use of OUs in Namespace Design. The Remote Office. Case Study: Developing the RECC Corporation's Namespace.

5. Group Policy Design, Planning, and Implementation.

Application of Group Policy. Advanced Group Policy Principles. Group Policy Deployment. Windows NT 4.0 and Group Policy Migration Issues. Best Practices in Group Policy Design.

6. Server Roles.

Flexible Single Master Operations. Placement of FSMO Role Holders. Global Catalog Server Placement. Case Study: The Global Catalog and FSMO Placement Plan for the RECC.com. Infrastructure. Summary.

7. Active Directory Replication and Site Design.

Understanding and Designing the Replication Topology. Site Design. File Replication Service: The “Other Replication Service”. The Replication and Site Design Document. Case Study: Site Design for RECC. References.

8. Active Directory Capacity Planning.

Understanding the Windows 2000 Architecture. Active Directory Database Sizing. Active Directory Network Traffic. Server Sizing. Windows 2000 Sizing Tools and Methodologies. References.

9. Security Design and Planning.

Access Control and Authentication. Public Keys and Encryption. Security Configuration Tools and Methods. Case Study: Designing the Security Configuration for the RECC Corp.. Enterprise.

10. Developing the Migration Plan.

Completion and Review of Windows 2000 Active Directory Design Plans. Selecting the Migration Method. Desktop Migration. Case Study: RECC Corp..

11. Implementation of the Migration Plan.

Implementation of the Upgrade Plan. Implementation of the Restructure Plan. Migration Tools.

12. The Transition Period and Post-Migration Tasks.

Network Preparation. The Transition Period. The Pilot. Post-Migration Operations.

13. Integrating Windows 2000 Active Directory with Novell NetWare.

Novell NetWare: An Overview and History. Directory Services. Tools. Interoperating Between NDS and Active Directory.

14. Interoperability with Other Third-Party Network Operating Systems.

Interoperability with UNIX. Interoperability with Macintosh. Summary.

15. Windows 2000: Current Status and Futures.

Final Analysis. Windows 2000 Futures. Epilogue.

Appendix. Case Study: Reliable Equipment & Computer Components, Inc.

Company Description. Namespace Design. Action Plan. Developing the Group Policy Plan for the RECC Corporation. FSMO Role and Global Catalog Placement Plan. Replication Site Topology Plan. Security Configuration and Certificate Authority Plan. Summary.



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