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Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference: Games Sessions Bundle

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference: Games Sessions Bundle

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Lesson 2

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Getting the Most Out of Cocos2D: Performance Tips and Tricks

Game development is full of creativity and fun. Trying to figure out why your game slows to a crawl on a new iPhone is not. In this session you will learn some of the common performance killers in game development with Cocos2D and how to solve them. You will start with a quick overview of Cocos2D, some basics on the framework internals, and then dive into examples to build up your skills in cranking your game performance up to 11. In the first part of the session you will learn the top 10 tips and tricks to getting the most performance out of Cocos2D, and then dive into live examples of using Instruments to isolate performance bottlenecks in your own games. Anyone with basic iPhone and Objective-C experience can follow along; some beginner level exposure to Cocos2D would be helpful but not required.   Conference attendees said this about the session:

  • Best presentation all day.
  • Rod, you really know your stuff.  Thanks!
  • Rod’s talk was a lot of fun and firmly grounded in DEMONSTRABLE theory.

Duration: 00:50:00  File Size: 216 MB


Lesson 4

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Core Audio Cranks It Up

Core Audio, the only media framework available since day one of the public iPhone SDK, offers extremely low latency and powerful access to the device's audio processing system... assuming you can handle what's renowned as one of the hardest APIs on the platform. In iOS 5, Core Audio gets even better, with great new features that had previous been burdensome, if not impossible, to develop on your own. Once the iOS 5 NDA drops, the shiny new bits will be available to all, and this talk will be one of your first chances to learn how they work. Attendees will learn the basics of Core Audio -- the engine APIs that process sound (Audio Queue, Audio Units, and OpenAL) and the helper APIs that get samples into and out of them -- and then look where iOS 5 fills in some of the holes that have existed up to now.

Conference attendees said:

  • Extremely informative.  Very obvious that the presenter had deep knowledge of content and was able to deliver effectively.  
  • I learned a lot about Core Audio in this session and the demos were really fun.

Duration: 01:12:29  File Size: 800 MB


Lesson 5

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Custom Gestures

Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) specify how Apple-provided interface elements can be used in apps. There are lots of rule; there are a limited set of interactive elements. Why limit yourself? In this session, author and developer Shawn Welch shows you how to break out of the HIG. Join him as he shares case studies showcasing the development of unique looks and feel. Welch will provide inspiring ideas for your own applications and discuss the process that makes them possible. When you complete this session, you'll have discovered how developers have trail blazed their own custom UX, plus you'll have learned important lessons on how you can do the same in your own apps.

Conference attendees said:

  • One of the best talks of the conference.
  • Very useable code.  Learned a lot!  Lots of good app examples.
  • A good combination of overview, design, and implementation with value for both developers and designers.
  • Excellent examples and explanations.  Presenter was clear, concise, and well prepared.

Duration: 01:22:34  File Size: 1 GB


Lesson 6

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Beyond the Gold Rush

The App Store gold rush wasn’t really a gold rush — it’s the new How Things Are. It’s bigger than a gold rush. What does that mean? How do we developers and designers prepare for it?

Conference attendees said:

  • Good look at history, future challenges.
  • Lots of things to think about.
  • Closing remarks were good.  The right kind of speaker and solid thinking.

Duration: 00:30:26  File Size: 550 MB


Lesson 7

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Panel: UI Master Crit

We asked for four brave souls to present their application's user interface for a critique. They faced the ultimate review panel whose job it was to provide advice on how to improve each UI. This panel was all about the UI, not about the functionality of the app itself. You can learn how to enhance the user's experience from our august panel of experts. The panel members are Bill Van Hecke, who is the user experience lead at Omni Group; Graeme Devine, well known game designer and Jason Festa, Creative Director at Disney Mobile.

Duration: 01:10:54  File Size: 1 GB


  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-298221-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-298221-4

The Voices That Matter: iOS Developer Conference took place in Boston in November 2011. It was an opportunity for developers to hone their skills by adding best practices to their development toolbox. This Games Session bundle brings you seven conference sessions that are of particular interest to game designers and developers. You, too, can learn how the latest Apple iOS technologies affect your projects and how you can leverage the latest features in your applications. These high quality recordings will make you feel as though you were there and will insure you have the most up-to-date opinions, methods and techniques in your arsenal.

Conference attendees had this to say about the overall conference:

  • Learned something out of almost all the sessions I attended.
  • Especially appreciated the insights about things you cannot "Google."


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