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The Truth About Best Branding Practices (Collection)

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The Truth About Best Branding Practices (Collection)

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  • Copyright 2009
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  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-265573-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-265573-6

150 powerful bite-size techniques for creating high-value brands – and keeping them strong!

Three full books of bite-size, actionable guidance on branding and marketing! Discover how to build great brands, and keep them great... ensure branding consistency everywhere from your packaging to your salesforce… promote and leverage brand loyalty… embed deep customer motivations into your brands… create cultures that can support authentic brand messages… and much more!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Brian D. Till, Donna Heckler, Michael R. Solomon, and William S. Kane

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Table of Contents

A. The Truth About Creating Brands People Love

TRUTH 1 Managing brands is not common sense

TRUTH 2 No one loves your brand as much as you love it

TRUTH 3 The brand is not owned by marketing; everyone owns it

TRUTH 4 Making more by doing less

TRUTH 5 Does your brand keep its promise?

TRUTH 6 Price is the communication of the value of your brand

TRUTH 7 Brand personality is the emotional connection with your brand

TRUTH 8 Does your sales force know the difference between a product and a brand?

TRUTH 9 Beware of the discounting minefield

TRUTH 10 Packaging protects your product; great packaging protects your brand

TRUTH 11 Brand management is association management

TRUTH 12 The retail experience is the brand experience

TRUTH 13 Corporate ego: Danger ahead

TRUTH 14 Brand metrics: Best measure of success?

TRUTH 15 Customer complaints are a treasure

TRUTH 16 Brand stewardship begins at home

TRUTH 17 Market share doesn’t matter

TRUTH 18 Avoid the most common segmentation mistake

TRUTH 19 Public relations and damage control: The defining moment

TRUTH 20 Focus equals simplicity

TRUTH 21 Marketing is courtship, not combat

TRUTH 22 Don’t sacrifice brand focus for sales

TRUTH 23 The medium is not the message; the message is the message

TRUTH 24 Brand development and the small business

TRUTH 25 Imitation is an ineffective form of flattery

TRUTH 26 Positioning lives in the mind of your target customer

TRUTH 27 The value of brand loyalty

TRUTH 28 Quality is not an effective branding message

TRUTH 29 Effective use of celebrity endorsers: The fit’s the thing

TRUTH 30 Brand-building consumer promotion

TRUTH 31 Advertising built for the long run

TRUTH 32 A service brand is a personal brand

TRUTH 33 Is your brand the best at something? If so, be satisfied

TRUTH 34 Great positionings are enduring

TRUTH 35 Effective branding begins with the name

TRUTH 36 Your brand makes your company powerful, not the other way around

TRUTH 37 Be consistent but not complacent

TRUTH 38 Is your brand different? If not, why will someone buy it?

TRUTH 39 The three M’s of taglines: Meaningful, motivating, and memorable

TRUTH 40 Customer service is the touch point of your brand

TRUTH 41 Smaller targets are easier to hit

TRUTH 42 Beware of the allure of brand extensions

TRUTH 43 Keep advertising simple, but not simplistic

TRUTH 44 It’s a long walk from the focus group room to the cash register

TRUTH 45 Repositioning can be a fool’s chase

TRUTH 46 With advertising, don’t expect too much

TRUTH 47 Don’t let testing override judgment

TRUTH 48 Effective advertising is 90% what you say, 10% how you say it

TRUTH 49 Compromise can destroy a brand

TRUTH 50 Don’t let the pizazz outshine the brand

TRUTH 51 There are no commodity products, only commodity

B. The Truth About What Customers Want

TRUTH 1 Your customers want a relationship, not a one-night stand

TRUTH 2 Design it, and they will come

TRUTH 3 Sensory marketing–smells like profits

TRUTH 4 Pardon me, is that a breast in your Coke?

TRUTH 5 One man’s goose…

TRUTH 6 Throw ‘em a bone, and they’ll no longer roam

TRUTH 7 Stay in their minds–if you can

TRUTH 8 These are the good old days

TRUTH 9 Why ask why?

TRUTH 10 He who dies with the most toys wins

TRUTH 11 Your customers are looking for greener pastures

TRUTH 12 “Because I’m worth it”

TRUTH 13 Love me, love my avatar

TRUTH 14 You really are what you wear

TRUTH 15 Real men don’t eat quiche (but they do moisturize)

TRUTH 16 Girls just want to have fun

TRUTH 17 Queer eye for the spending guy

TRUTH 18 Yesterday’s chubby is today’s voluptuous

TRUTH 19 Men want to sleep with their cars

TRUTH 20 Your PC is trying to kill you

TRUTH 21 Birds of a feather buy together

TRUTH 22 Sell wine spritzers to squash players

TRUTH 23 They think your product sucks–but that’s not a bad thing

TRUTH 24 When to sell the steak, when to sell the sizzle

TRUTH 25 People are dumber than robots (lazier, too)

TRUTH 26 Your customers have your brand on the brain

TRUTH 27 Let their mouseclicks do the walking

TRUTH 28 Nothing shouts quality like leather from Poland

TRUTH 29 Consider investing in a drive-thru mortuary

TRUTH 30 Go to the Gemba.

TRUTH 31 Your customers want to be like Mike (or someone like him)

TRUTH 32 Go tribal

TRUTH 33 People like to do their own thing–so long as it’s everyone else’s thing too

TRUTH 34 Catch a buzz

TRUTH 35 Go with the flow–get shopmobbed today

TRUTH 36 Find the market maven, and the rest is gravy

TRUTH 37 Hundreds of housewives can predict your company’s future

TRUTH 38 Know who wears the pants in the family

TRUTH 39 Youth is wasted on the young

TRUTH 40 Make millions on Millennials

TRUTH 41 Grownups don’t grow up anymore

TRUTH 42 Dollar stores make good cents

TRUTH 43 The rich are different

TRUTH 44 Out with the ketchup, in with the salsa

TRUTH 45 Look for fly-fishing born-again environmentalist jazz-loving Harry Potter freaks

TRUTH 46 Ronald McDonald is related to Luke Skywalker

TRUTH 47 Sign a caveman to endorse your product

TRUTH 48 Make your brand a fortress brand–and make mine a Guinness

TRUTH 49 Turn a (pet) rock into gold

TRUTH 50 Think globally, act locally

C. The Truth About Thriving in Change

Part I The Truth About Staying or Going

TRUTH 1 Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react

TRUTH 2 If your values don’t agree, it’s probably time to flee

TRUTH 3 Service awards aren’t what they used to be

TRUTH 4 Teaching long division doesn’t work on a Blackberry

Part II The Truth About What You should Pack

TRUTH 5 It’s not what you’ve got; it’s what you need

TRUTH 6 To manage change, you must lead change

TRUTH 7 You can’t do without a “can-do” attitude

TRUTH 8 If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything

Part III The Truth About Those Early Days

TRUTH 9 Run before you walk

TRUTH 10 Keep your boss your biggest fan

TRUTH 11 There are only three ways to introduce change

TRUTH 12 Build the case: It’s a challenge and an opportunity

TRUTH 13 Teach others how to treat you

Part IV The Truth About Planning

TRUTH 14 If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t get there

TRUTH 15 To realize the future, you must create it

TRUTH 16 Convert aspiration to invitation

TRUTH 17 Having organizational values matters; living them means more

TRUTH 18 Make the change agenda everyone’s agenda

Part V The Truth About Communications

TRUTH 19 We listen with our eyes

TRUTH 20 Email is the tool of the devil

TRUTH 21 People can’t drink from a fire hose

TRUTH 22 Conversion is for missionaries and crusaders

Part VI The Truth About Matching People with Purpose

TRUTH 23 Organizational structure: Look in from the outside

TRUTH 24 Build your team around your “A” players

TRUTH 25 Candidate screening: Let the facts speak for themselves

TRUTH 26 Avoid the ten potential “placement pitfalls”

TRUTH 27 Don’t surround yourself with yourself

TRUTH 28 Why you need to get staffing right

TRUTH 29 If you must “right-size,” do it the right way

Part VII The Truth About Managing Performance

TRUTH 30 One style does not fit all

TRUTH 31 You can influence without authority

TRUTH 32 You can’t work the plan if you don’t plan the work

TRUTH 33 There’s no excuse for excuses

TRUTH 34 Know what buttons to push

Part VIII The Truth About Creating Your Cultural Framework

TRUTH 35 Calm waters make for easier sailing

TRUTH 36 Trust is a currency not easily earned, but easily spent

TRUTH 37 If you’re out of sight, you’re probably out of touch

TRUTH 38 Teams aren’t a necessary evil

TRUTH 39 Your way may not be the best way

TRUTH 40 The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

TRUTH 41 Embrace–don’t run from–the questions

TRUTH 42 Decision making: The fastest don’t always finish first

TRUTH 43 Exceptions: Can’t live with them; can’t live without them

TRUTH 44 Employee discipline: Ask the more meaningful question

Part IX The Truth About Recognition and Reward

TRUTH 45 Make every employee feel like your only employee

TRUTH 46 A little formal recognition goes a long way

Part X The Truth About Sustenance

TRUTH 47 Your best investment is in… YOU

TRUTH 48 Your title is manager; your job is teacher

TRUTH 49 Trying to be all things to all people is a slippery slope


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