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Treo Essentials

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Treo Essentials

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3328-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3328-3

Make your Treo smartphone live up to its name. Treo Essentials will show you how to get the most out of your Treo 600 or 650 smartphone without making you feel anything but smart. You already know the basics and this book will take you beyond them. You'll learn how to synchronize with a PC, launch applications while making a phone call, and take and share pictures. You'll find out how to use e-mail and instant messaging, and how to secure your Treo with passwords, work over virtual private networks and use anti-virus protection software. There's so much more to your Treo 600 or 650 smartphone than meets the eye. Let Treo Essentials help you uncover its mysteries!

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Customizing and Personalizing Your Treo

Customizing and Personalizing Your Treo

Table of Contents


    How This Book Is Structured

    What You'll Need


1. Meet Your Treo.

    A Brief History of Palm Devices

      The Ever-changing Palm Company

      The Evolution of Palm Devices

      The Current Palm Landscape

    The Treo Device Family

    Getting to Know the Palm OS and Core Treo Applications

      The Calendar Application

      The Contacts Application

      The Task Manager

      The Memos Application

      The Messaging Application

      The VersaMail Application

      The HotSync Application

      The Treo Phone

      The Blazer Web Browser

      The Calculator

      The Treo Camera and Camcorder

      The RealPlayer Application

    Understanding the Treo 650 Memory System

    Up and Running with Your Treo

      Install the Palm Desktop Software

      Synchronize with Your PC

      Turn Your Treo On and Off


2. Performing the Treo Essentials.

    Navigate the Treo User Interface

      Traverse Screens and Controls

      Access Menus

      Launch Applications

      Enter Text with the Keyboard

      Making Sense of the Indicator Light

    Make a Phone Call

    Send a Text Message

    Visit a Web Page

    Take a Digital Picture

    Use the Calculator

    Search Your Treo for Text

    Reset Your Treo

      Perform a Soft Reset

      Perform a System Reset

      Perform a Hard Reset

    Preserve the Treo Battery


3. Customizing and Personalizing Your Treo.

    Make the Most of Keyguard

    Secure Your Treo with a Password

    Set Owner Information

    Tweak the Power Preferences

    Adjust the Brightness and Screen Settings

    Select Wallpaper for the Phone

    Customize the Application Buttons

    Choose, Create, and Download Ring and Alert Tones

    Take Control of Your Treo's Volume

    A Few Other Interesting Treo Customizations



4. Synchronizing with Your Desktop Computer.

    Understand the Treo-to-PC Connection

      What Is a Conduit?

      The Palm Desktop Software and Outlook

    Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook

    Use the Palm Desktop Application

      Schedule Calendar Events

      Organize Contacts

      Work with Tasks

      Manage Memos

      Import and Export Data

    Fine-Tune HotSync Manager

    Install and Remove Applications

      Install from a Windows Computer

      Install from a Macintosh Computer

      Install Directly from the Wireless Web

      Remove an Application

    View Application Information

    Categorize Applications

    Add a Memory Card

    Back Up Your Treo to a Memory Card

    Manage Files


5. Managing Treo Contacts.

    Contact Essentials

    Create a New Contact

    Customize Contact Data

    Duplicate and Delete Contacts

    Categorize, Filter, and Sort the Contact List

    Assign a Caller ID Ring Tone

    Send and Receive Contacts Wirelessly


6. Getting Productive with the Calendar, Tasks, and Memos.

    Get Acquainted with the Calendar

    Create an Event

    Purge Events

    Customize the Calendar Views

    Send an Event to Someone

    Publish Your Calendar Online

    Tweak the Calendar Preferences

    View and Create Tasks

    Send a Task to Someone

    Edit Task Preferences

    Manage Memos



7. Using Your Treo as a Mobile Phone.

    Treo Phone Essentials

      Several Ways to Dial

      Adjust the Call Volume and Control the Speakerphone

      Prevent Accidental Screen Taps

    Manage Phone Calls with Ease

    Create and Manage Favorites

    Secure Your Treo Phone

    Access the Call Log

    Call via Voice Activation

    Revisiting Ring Tones

    Tweak the Phone Preferences


8. Staying In Touch with Email.

    The Scoop on Treo Email

      Examine Email Protocols

      Email Synchronization Uncovered

    Create an Email Account in VersaMail

      Create the Account from Your Desktop Computer

      Create the Account on Your Treo

    Receive and Read Email Messages

      Compose and Send an Email Message

    Create an Email Signature

    Managing Email Folders and Messages

    Take Control of Your Email with Filters

    Tweak Advanced VersaMail Settings


9. Communicating with Text and Multimedia Messages.

    Text Messaging Basics

    Compose and Send an SMS Text Message

    Compose and Send a Multimedia Message

    Chat via SMS Text Messages

    Manage Text Messages

    Customize QuickText for Speedy Chatting

    Create a Message Signature

    Fine-Tune Messaging Preferences


10. Browsing the Wireless Web.

    The Blazer Web Browser and the Wireless Web

    Navigate and Share a Web Page

    Access the Browser History

    Create and Use Bookmarks

    Tweak the Browser Settings

    Save a Web Page for Offline Viewing


11. Communicating Wirelessly with Bluetooth.

    What Is Bluetooth?

    Enable and Disable Bluetooth

    Pair Up with a Bluetooth Headset or Car Kit

    Synchronize Without Wires

    Transfer Files and Data Wirelessly with Bluetooth

    Use Your Treo as a Wireless Modem

    Assessing Bluetooth Security Issues



12. Taking and Sharing Digital Pictures and Videos.

    Digital Picture Essentials

    Take a Digital Picture

    Shoot a Digital Video

    Edit, Organize, and Beam Pictures and Video Clips

    View Your Pictures as a Slide Show

    Create an Online Picture Blog


13. Listening to Digital Music.

    Digital Music Basics

    Transfer and Play Music on Your Treo

    Create a Playlist

    Tweak the RealPlayer Preferences

    Upgrade to a More Powerful Music Player

    Use Digital Music as Tones


14. Using Your Treo for Navigation and Fun.

    Mobile Gaming Essentials

      Play a Single-Player Game

      Play a Multiplayer Game

    Use Your Treo as a Universal Remote Control

    GPS and the Treo

      Navigate with a GPS Receiver

      Find a Geocache


15. Improving Your Lifestyle with Your Treo.

    Use Handwriting Recognition

    Take Control of a Mobile To-Do List

    Monitor Your Exercise and Count Calories

    Manage Your Medicine and Store 911 Data

    Store Personal Data Securely

    Keep Your Treo Neat and Clean



A. Upgrading to the Treo 650.

    Common Upgrade Issues

    Performing the Upgrade

B. Conserving Memory on Your Treo 650.

    Update the Software on Your Device

    Move Everything Possible to a Memory Card

    Clear the Web Browser Cache

    Clean Up Your Email



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