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Trend Commandments: Trading for Exceptional Returns

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Trend Commandments: Trading for Exceptional Returns


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Presents the essential wisdom of trend following investing in short, entertaining, easy to understand elements everyone can understand.

  • Delivers invaluable moneymaking insights from true winners, backed by real performance results.
  • Discusses trend following strategies in the context of today's radically new and unstable financial environment.
  • Helps you rethink everything you know about making money. The markets are a game, and most people are playing the wrong way—to their huge economic disadvantage.


  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-269524-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-269524-4

Do you ever think the stories you hear about great trading, and the gains produced, sound like luck? Do you ever wonder if there is a real method and philosophy behind the success stories? The concepts condensed into Trend Commandments were gleaned from Michael Covel's 15 years of pulling back the curtain on great trend following traders. It is a one of a kind money making experience that forever lays to rest the notion that successful trading is akin to winning the lottery. Winning has a formula, as does losing. Michael Covel nails both head on. Getting rich is a fight; make no mistake about it, but at least now with Trend Commandments you have a primer that allows you to crack the code of the winners.

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Trading for Exceptional Returns: Expectations

Trading for Exceptional Returns: Ignition

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     1

Ignition     3

Expectations     9

Jargon     11

Show Me the Money     15

Blowing Bubbles     25

Speculari     29

Fundamentals Are Religion     33

Everything Flows     39

Systematic Trend Following     41

Change     45

No Prediction     47

Price Action     51

Place Your Bet     55

Trading Systems     59

Trade Everything     65

Drawdown     69

Entry     73

This Way to the Egress     75

Losers Average Losers     79

Home Run     81

Robust     85

Push the Button     87

Wash, Rinse, Repeat      91

Zero-Sum     95

Crash and Burn     97

Inefficient Markets      101

Benchmark     105

Haters     109

The Root of All Evil     113

Panicky Sheep     117

IQ vs. EQ     123

Commitment     127

Decide Now     131

Science     135

Statistical Thinking     137

Aha!      143

Hero Worship     147

Buy and Hope     151

Convert     155

Oracle of Omaha     157

A Seinfeld Moment     161

Snow Job     165

Twit Me a River     169

Goldline     173

Intoxication     175

Parliament of Whores     181

Crowded House     185

Black Box     187

Lucky Monkey     189

Honest     193

Under the Radar     199

Ethos     201

Games People Play     205

Blood Hound     207

Epilogue     211

Extras     213

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise     215

Origins     221

Cheat Sheet     235

Quick Commandments     239

Bibliography     242

Endnotes     246

About Trend Following & Michael Covel     265

Index     267


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