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TOAD Handbook, 2nd Edition

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TOAD Handbook, 2nd Edition


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1) Quest is releasing version 10 of Toad next year for its tenth birthday; so the time is right for a new book.
2) Quest sales reps, sales consultants, and our various discussion forums and blogs have been inundated with requests for an updated Toad book of some sort. The pocket references are insufficient. Toad has grown so robust that a printed manual is a must have for many people.
3) This book will provide the only current, complete and affordable reference guide for the TOAD tool. There isn’t currently a good or complete reference guide for the TOAD tool. The only current Toad books are pocket reference guides - which are also nearly out of date.
4)The authors will provide a download link for the sample databases, sample SQL code, and labs exercises/answers. Bert Scalzo has a web site with FTP capabilities and sufficient bandwidth.
5) This book will help readers improve their database development and administrative capabilities at work by leveraging TOAD for the greatest productivity gains.


  • Copyright 2010
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9"
  • Pages: 312
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-64910-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-64910-2

TOAD® Handbook, Second Edition, is the definitive, completely up-to-date guide to the newest version of TOAD, the world’s premier third-party Oracle utility. Packed with step-by-step recipes, screen snapshots, and hands-on exercises, this book brings together everything developers and DBAs need to maximize their productivity with TOAD in both administrative and development tasks.

TOAD product architect Bert Scalzo and leading TOAD trainer Dan Hotka thoroughly cover every area of TOAD’s functionality, offering practical, proven solutions that can be applied immediately to leverage TOAD’s dramatically improved feature set. Comprehensive coverage includes

  • TOAD setup and configuration
  • Browsing databases and schemas
  • Editing SQL and PL/SQL within TOAD
  • Creating new databases
  • Checking database health
  • Performing common DBA tasks
  • Reporting via standard and custom reports
  • Optimizing database performance

Throughout the text, the authors offer practical insights into each of TOAD’s most useful tools, from App Designer to Doc Generator, ER Diagrammer to Code Road Map.

This book is the only current, comprehensive, and affordable guide to the latest version of TOAD–a must-have for any TOAD user.


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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

TOAD Setup and Configuration

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 1 and Index)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

About the Authors xv

Introduction 1

Who Should Read This Book 1

Why This Book Is Unique 2

How This Book Is Organized 2

Chapter 1: TOAD Setup and Configuration 5

Windows Platform Support 6

Database Connectivity 7

Database Client Versions 10

Which Version of TOAD to Use 10

Running the TOAD Installer 12

Copying TOAD Settings 13

TOAD Adheres to Oracle Security 13

Activating TOAD’s Read-Only Mode 15

Advanced TOAD Security Options 15

Customizing TOAD to User Taste 16

Summary 17

Chapter 2: Database and Schema Browsers 19

Auto-Start a Browser 20

Database Browser 21

Schema Browser 27

Schema Browser Options 42

Summary 44

Chapter 3: SQL Editor 45

Basic Concepts of the SQL Editor 45

Predefined Shortcuts 59

User-Defined Shortcuts 62

Using Bind Variables 63

Table and Column Name Select Lists 64

TOAD Table Aliases Substitutions 66

Auto-Replacement Substitutions 67

SQL Templates 68

Code Snippets 70

Executing SQL Statements 71

Executing SQL Scripts 72

Editing Result-Set Data 73

Saving Result-Set Data 75

Printing Result-Set Data 76

Examining Explain Plans 79

Examining Basic Performance Information 82

Other Result Output Tabs 84

SQL*Plus Compatibility 84

SQL-Creating-SQL 87

Summary 88

Chapter 4: TOAD PL/SQL Editor 89

Basic Concepts of the PL/SQL Editor 89

Formatting PL/SQL Code 96

Predefined Shortcuts 98

Using Aliases, Pick Lists, Shortcuts, Snippets, and Auto-

Replacement Substitutions 101

PL/SQL Object Templates 102

Compiling PL/SQL Code 105

Executing PL/SQL Code 105

Saving PL/SQL Code to Files 107

Debugging Setup, Requirements, and Parameters 108

Basic Debugging PL/SQL Code 109

Debugging Breakpoint Options 115

Advanced Debugging PL/SQL Code 117

Profiling PL/SQL Code 120

Setting Up Source Code Control 123

Using Source Code Control 123

Summary 123

Chapter 5: Database Reporting 125

TOAD Report Manager 125

Building Reports Using Fast Reports 131

Adding Reports to the TOAD Report Manager 141

Using the HTML Schema Document Generator 144

Summary 148

Chapter 6: Tuning Tools in TOAD 149

Oracle Tuning Using TOAD 149

SQL Explain Plans/Auto Trace 150

Oracle Trace Facility 155

StatsPack Reporting 165

Automated Workload Repository Reporting 168

Summary 171

Chapter 7: Database Management 173

Database Health Check 174

Creating New Databases 176

Tablespaces and Data Files 178

Start-ups and Shut-downs 181

Oracle and NLS Parameters 183

Generating Database Scripts 186

Generating Schema Scripts 188

Comparing Database Differences 190

Rebuilding Multiple Objects 195

Top Session Finder 197

SGA Trace/Optimization 198

Session Browser 200

Summary 203

Chapter 8: Exporting Table Data 205

Saving Grid Contents 205

Flat File Export 208

Creating Inserts 209

Schema Browser Script 210

Oracle Export 211

Data Pump Export 214

Data Subset Wizard 218

Import Table Data 220

Summary 222

Chapter 9: Other Useful Tools 223

Master-Detail Browser 223

ER Diagram 227

Code Road Map 229

Query Builder 232

External Tools 238

Compare Files 240

TNS Editor 241

Script Manager 243

Summary 245

Chapter 10: TOAD App Designer 247

TOAD Command Line 247

TOAD App Designer 251

Summary 260

Index 261


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