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TechTV's Digital Camera and Imaging Guide

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TechTV's Digital Camera and Imaging Guide


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 360
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2639-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2639-1

TechTV's Digital Camera and Imaging Guide is a complete resource to use before and after buying a digital camera. You'll get expert advice from Les Freed, a PC Magazine editor who writes reviews on the newest consumer digital cameras and compatible software and hardware. This guide covers choosing the right camera, hardware, software, and Web resources, and shows how to capture, edit, store, and share images easily and with no previous photography experience.

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How Many Pixels Are Enough? A Guide to Choosing a Digital Camera

Table of Contents



1. Going Digital.

Why Digital Is Different. The Competition: Film. How the Digital Imaging Process Works. Do You Need a Digital Camera? Getting Started: What You Need. Film Versus Digital. A Quick Tour of a Digital Camera. Sumi's Snapshot.

2. Which Camera to Buy?

P&S or SLR? Points of Comparison. A Quick Tour of Three P&S Cameras. A Quick Tour of Two SLR Cameras. Virtual SLRs. How to Buy a Camera. Sumi's Snapshot.

3. How Many Pixels Are Enough?

Counting Pixels. Is More Always Better? How Film Works. Where Do Pixels Come From? Sensor Size. What's Coming Next? Sumi's Snapshot.

4. Storage and Connection Options.

Storage Media. Connecting Your Camera to Your PC. External Card Readers. Sumi's Snapshot.

5. All About Lenses.

Lens Basics. Zoom Lenses. Which Focal Length to Use? Close Focusing (Macro) Lenses. Common Lens Faults. Sumi's Snapshot.

6. Essential Accessories.

Add-On Lenses. Filters. Batteries and Chargers. Off-Camera Flash Units. Camera Supports. Sumi's Snapshot.

7. Exposure Basics.

Exposure—What's the Big Deal? Determining Correct Exposure. Automatic Exposure Modes. Sumi's Snapshot.

8. Camera Features.

Framing and Focusing Features. Exposure Features and Controls. Flash Controls. Shooting Controls. Playback Features. Sumi's Snapshot.


9. Inkjet Printers.

Inkjet Dominance. How Inkjets Work. All About Ink. Software Features. Sumi's Snapshot.

10. Dye-Sublimation Printers.

What Is Dye Sublimation? How Dye-Sub Printers Work. Dye-Sub Printers Pros and Cons. A Tour of Two Printers. Sumi's Snapshot.

11. Sharing Printers with Windows.

Peer Networking in a Page or Two. Sharing Printers on a Windows Network. Using a Dedicated Print Server. Sumi's Snapshot.

12. Sharing Printers on a Macintosh Network.

Networking Your Macs. Sharing Mac Printers. Sumi's Snapshot.


13. How to Take Great Pictures.

What Makes a Good Picture Good. What Makes a Bad Picture Bad. Taking Better Pictures. Sumi's Snapshot.

14. Difficult Pictures Made Easy.

Portraits. Scenic and Travel Photos. Building Interiors. Telephoto Close-ups. Photographing Small Objects. Nighttime Photos. Technique Checklist: Nighttime Pictures. Action Photos.

15. Moving Beyond Snapshots.

Rule #1: There Are No Rules. Rule #2: Keep It Simple. Rule #3: Place the Main Subject Off-Center. Rule #4: Include the Foreground in Scenic Shots. Rule #5: Use a Frame. Rule #6: Use Lines and Patterns. Rule #7: Use the Horizon to Indicate Scale.

16. Digital Images from Film.

Analog Film in a Digital World. Why Film? Choosing a Film Scanner. Sumi's Snapshot.


17. Preparing Your Computer for Digital Imaging.

How Fast Is Fast Enough? All About CD-R Drives. Color Calibration. Sumi's Snapshot.

18. Imaging Software--What Can It Do?

Mac or PC? Editing and Manipulating Images. Sumi's Snapshot.

19. Printing Your Images.

It Looks So Easy…. Image Size and the Printed Page. Another Problem: Color Matching. Putting the Right Ink on the Right Paper. Software: Choosing the Right Tool. Sumi's Snapshot.

20. Outsourcing Your Printing.

Why Outsource? Your Local Photofinisher. Online Photofinishing. A Tour of Ofoto. Sumi's Snapshot.


21. Organizing and Protecting Your Digital Images.

Organizing Your Images. Saving Your Images on CD-ROMs. Sumi's Snapshot.

22. Sharing Your Pictures on the Web.

Sharing Your Pictures on the Web. Sumi's Snapshot.


23. Digital Imaging Resources on the Web.

Camera Reviews. Discussion Forums. Photography Basics. Camera Manufacturers/Importers.

Appendix A. A Tour of TechTV.

Audience. Web Site. International. Tech Live Quick Facts. Network Program Guide.



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