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Streaming Media Server Design

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Streaming Media Server Design


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  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-067038-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-067038-0

Streaming media servers: state-of-the-art design and applications

Video, audio, and other streaming media (SM) represent the most demanding data types in a wide range of emerging applications, from corporate training networks to video-on-demand (VOD) and interactive TV. SM's large file sizes and real-time display requirements have required extensive innovation in storage, networking, compression, and server design. This book systematically reviews the fundamental issues and techniques underlying the design, architecture, and implementation of high-performance, large-scale SM servers. Coverage includes:

  • State-of-the-art techniques and applications, with theoretical underpinnings and mathematical origins
  • Extensive hands-on SM server design exercises
  • Data representation and placement in multimedia storage systems
  • Retrieving and displaying data at pre-specified rates: Avoiding "hiccups"
  • Optimizing server performance for diverse applications
  • Single-disk and multi-disk SM server design
  • Drive clustering and heterogeneous disks: supporting high storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Low latency system design for digital authoring
  • Super Streaming: rationale and techniques
  • Hierarchical storage, distributed SM servers, and other key techniques
  • Companion Web site provides lecture notes, software updates, errata, and Web resource links

Whether you're a system or application designer, developer, SM or VOD specialist, performance analyst, or researcher, this book delivers start-to-finish guidance for building servers to support your most demanding applications.


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Multiple Disk Platforms for Streaming Media Servers

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Table of Contents


1. Fundamentals of Streaming Media Systems.

Introduction to Streaming Media Display. Streaming Media System Architecture. Data Compression. Delivery of Streaming Media over Internet. Outline of the Book.

2. Single Disk Platform SM Servers.

Modern Disk Drives. Overview of SM Techniques. Disk Scheduling for SM Display. Constrained Data Placement. SM Display with Multi-zone Disks.

3. Multiple Disk Platform SM Servers.

Overview. Cycle-based, Round-robin. Deadline-driven, Random. Optimization Techniques. Online Reconfiguration. Supporting Multi-zone Disks.

4. Deadline-Driven Scheduling & Unconstrained Data Placement.

Hiccup Probability. A Taxonomy of Deadline-driven Approaches. Evaluation. Conclusions.

5. Heterogeneous Disk Platform SM Servers.

Partitioning Techniques. Non-Partitioning Techniques. Techniques with Multi-zone Disk Drives. Conclusions.

6. Fault Tolerance Issues in SM Servers.

Target Architecture. Overview of High Availability Techniques. High Availability for Heterogeneous Storage Systems. Basic Reliability Modelling. Simulation Results. Conclusions.

7. Hierarchical Storage Design For SM Servers.

Overview of Tape Storage. Pipelining Technique. Data Placement Techniques. Conclusion.

8. Distributed SM Servers.

Solutions for Distributed Streaming Applications. RedHi: A Typical Distributed Streaming Media Server. Conclusion and Future Work.

9. Super-Streaming.

Two-Level Architecture (Client-Server Model). m-Level Architecture. Conclusion and Future Work.

10. YIMA Case Study.

Introduction. System Architecture. Variable Bitrate Smoothing. Data Reorganization. Scalability Experiments. Conclusions.

A: Personal Edition Single Disk SM Server Software.

Introduction. YIMA PE Components. Server Installation and Operation. Client Installation and Operation. Media Preparation.

B: Glossary.

C: Exercises.




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