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Strategic Innovation: The Definitive Guide to Outlier Strategies

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Strategic Innovation: The Definitive Guide to Outlier Strategies

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-398016-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-398016-5



  • Become an “outlier organization”: recognize huge opportunities in novelty, and act fast and first
  • Listen for the tremors already building beneath your markets
  • Learn from winning “outlier” business models, organizational forms, markets, products, and services

Today, the companies that rise rapidly to dominance are the outliers. They’re radically novel where it matters: whether in business models, products, services, or some other key driver of value. Strategic Innovation reveals how to think like these vanguard organizations–and become one of them.

You’ll discover how to borrow the lenses and insights of companies operating right at the edge of conventional industry dynamics and boundaries…where opportunities are underdefined, predictions unstable, and the greatest opportunities exist.

Using linked case studies and a proven three-step methodology, the authors guide you through uncovering Strategic Novelty (SN) with explosive potential…executing quickly… and learning and tweaking relentlessly to amplify your impact.

If you keep doing what everyone else is doing, you may succeed–but not greatly, and not for long. If you want to create, transform, and dominate your market, you need to think and act like an outlier. Learn how. Now. Before someone does it to you.

Right now, all around you, there’s an explosion of new business models, new product/service categories, and new organizational forms. It’s a veritable Cambrian Explosion of business life, led by outlier organizations you’ve never even heard of. Many will remain practically invisible to the incumbents in their markets…until they suddenly explode into dominance.

What do they share? A fundamental commitment to Strategic Novelty (SN). Now, in Strategic Innovation, leading innovation strategists Liisa Välikangas and Michael Gibbert show you how to leverage SN to become your industry’s winning disruptor.

You’ll master SN through case studies from leading outlier organizations in areas ranging from 3D printing to crowd financing and resource-constrained innovation. Each case is original, previously unpublished, and based at least in part on the authors’ direct experiences.

Through these cases, you’ll explore how each company’s story is playing out: sometimes in failure, but often in massive success. You’ll discover why incumbents rarely notice outliers in time, and how to keep it from happening to you. Perhaps most valuable of all, the authors help you extrapolate the likely impact of any novelty, so you can tell the difference between promising opportunities and those destined to fail.

The proven methodology for profiting from Strategic Novelty (SN)

Three steps + powerful tools to:

Identify the WOW

What excites you? Unsettles you? What does that mean? What does it say about you?

Execute the SO WHAT?

Choose and apply the strategic ideas most likely to enrich your organization

Amplify the OOMPH

Experiment, learn, and lead to maximize the impact of novelty

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Introduction    1

Chapter 2  Outliers from a Theoretical and Methodological Perspective    17

Chapter 3  Workbook: The Strategic Novelty Tools and How to Use Them for Innovating and Amplifying Strategy    30

Chapter 4  Fondia: “We Law Your Business”    47

Chapter 5  A Quirky Way to Product Innovation    56

Chapter 6  Grow VC Group    65

Chapter 7  Scoopshot: Pulling the Scoop on the Trendy Photo Crowdsourcing Platform    69

Chapter 8  Made in the Future: Shapeways’ Manufacturing Model    76

Chapter 9  “One Size Does Not Need to Fit All”—Nor1 eStandby Upgrade Solution    89

Chapter 10  Sculpteo: A Factory in the Cloud for the 3D Printing Revolution    103

Chapter 11  BUG: Friendly Wasps for Pest Control in Farming    112

Chapter 12  BioCurious: The Curious Case of the Community Biotech Laboratory    124

Chapter 13  TaskRabbit: Hop Online and Pull a Rabbit out of Your Service Network    131

Chapter 14  Gengo: Winning in Translation Through Crowdsourcing    140

Chapter 15  Microtask: Extreme Approach to Digital Work, Two-Second Tasks at a Time    148

Chapter 16  Kaggle: Getting Quant Brains to Play Data Games    158

Chapter 17  MakieLab: Custom-Made, Born-Digital Toys    170

Chapter 18  ZenRobotics: Riveting Robots to Reduce and Recycle    181

Chapter 19  Spire: Launching Crowdfunding Beyond Earth    189

Chapter 20  Organovo: Leaving 3D Bioprints for Others to Follow    198

Chapter 21  Power to the People: Participant-Driven Health Research at Genomera    205

Chapter 22  Robin Hood: The Merry Adventures of an Asset Management Cooperative    217

Chapter 23  Bang & Olufsen: Modulating Strategic Renewal Through Innovation and Organizational Design    223

Chapter 24  Outlook for the Strategist    238

Reference Summary on Outliers    244

Authors and Contributors    253

References    264

Index    268


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