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Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows Vista, 2nd Edition

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows Vista, 2nd Edition

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  • Copyright 2008
  • Edition: 2nd
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3781-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3781-6

SPECIAL EDITION Microsoft® Windows Vista® Second Edition

The only Windows Vista book you need

We crafted this book to grow with you, providing the reference material you need as you move toward Vista proficiency and use more advanced features. If you buy only one book on Vista, Special Edition Using Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Second Edition, is the book you need.

     •    Tired of the constant barrage of spam, spyware, viruses and other ‘Net nasties? We show you how to rebuke the onslaught of hacker attacks, protect your identity, and keep your sanity, all at the same time.

     •    Is the new Vista interface making your trigger-finger itch? Ours too…that is, until we turned Windows inside out, shook out all the loose parts, and figured out just what makes this beast tick. Learn from our pain and suffering.

     •    If you finally broke down and purchased a Windows Media Center computer, or if you think you have one and didn’t even know it, you are holding just the book for you. We show you how to get up to speed with your new computer, transforming it from the little PC that could into the media juggernaut, entertainment center, gaming center, and way-better-than-TiVo replacement you never knew it could be.

     •    Ready to upgrade? We provide from-the-trenches advice on upgrading to Windows Vista. Maybe you to still want to run Windows XP but would like to try Vista for a while to see if you like it. We cover how to dual-boot your computer safely with both operating systems.

Category: Microsoft® Windows Operating System

Covers: Microsoft® Windows Vista®, all versions Windows Vista Service Pack 1

User Level: Beginner–Intermediate

Robert Cowart has written more than 40 books that have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. He made his name writing for Sybex and Osborne–most notably in the best-selling Mastering Windows series. As an author and media developer for Que, Bob has written numerous Windows titles, including multiple editions of Que’s flagship Windows book, Special Edition Using Microsoft® Windows®.

Brian Knittel is a software developer, consultant, and writer. He’s authored or coauthored many of Que’s best-selling Windows books, including Que’s leading Windows book, Special Edition Using Microsoft® Windows®. Brian also is the author of Windows XP Under the Hood and coauthored Upgrading and Repairing Windows® with Scott Mueller.

On the CD-ROM

More than 80 minutes of how-to video, showing you how to get up to speed with Windows Vista! Bob and Brian show you how the new Vista Welcome Center works, how to personalize and tweak the desktop, how to use the new Windows Explorers, how to manage user accounts and more! Using screen cam videos and voice over, you’ll be able to watch the Windows masters at work, taking the guesswork out of getting up to speed with Vista. It’s like having Bob and Brian sitting next to you while you’re learning how to use Vista!

Sample Content

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Windows Media Player Basics in Windows Vista

Sample Pages

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Table of Contents

1              Introducing Windows Vista

2              Installing and Upgrading Windows

3              The First Hour

4              Using the Windows Desktop

5              Managing Files and Searching

6              Printing

7              Sidebar

8              Windows Media Player

9              Windows Imaging Tools

10            Scanning and Faxing

11            Creating Slideshows and Videos

12            Windows Recorder and Other Tools

13            Windows Media Center

14            Getting Connected

15            Using Internet Explorer 7

16            Windows Mail

17            Troubleshooting your Internet Connection

18            Hosting Web Pages with Internet Information Services

19            Overview of Windows Networking

20            Creating a Windows Network

21            Mix and Match with Old Windows and Macs

22            Connecting your Network to the Internet

23            Using a Windows Network

24            Troubleshooting Your Network

25            Windows Management and Maintenance

26            Tweaking and Customizing Windows

27            Managing Hard Disks

28            Troubleshooting and Repairing Problems

29            Keeping Windows and Other Software Up To Date

30            Installing and Replacing Hardware

31            Editing the Registry

32            Command Line and Automation Tools

33            Protecting Windows From Viruses and Spyware

34            Protecting your Data from Loss and Theft

35            Protecting Your Network from Hackers and the Government

36            Protecting Yourself from Fraud and Spam

37            Wireless Networking

38            Hitting the Road

39            Meetings, Conferencing & Collaboration

40            Remote Desktop

41            Tablet PC Features

A             Windows Vista Enterprise Edition

B              Windows Programs and Services


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