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Special Edition Using Macromedia Director 8.5

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Special Edition Using Macromedia Director 8.5

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2667-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2667-4

Special Edition Using Director 8.5 is a comprehensive guide to creating and publishing Director movies. In this book you'll find complete coverage of Director 8.5, from advanced issues such as Lingo scripting and multi-user applications to how to employ the hot new feature of the 3D API. This edition includes more coverage of multi-user applications, using 3D media, efficient sprite editing with the context-sensitive Property Inspector, increased control of cast members (sorting by name, date, type, size) through the Cast Manager, vector drawing tools that add illustration capability, and special imaging effects and Transition Behaviors to add pizzazz and drama to applications. As an added bonus, Special Edition Using Director 8.5 has nine appendixes that include keyboard shortcuts, a Lingo reference, and a behavior library quick reference.

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Director 8.5 Lingo Reference

Table of Contents


Do You Need to Update Your Book? Who Should Read This Book? What This Book Doesn't Have. This Book Is About Director 8 and 8.5. How to Use This Book. Conventions Used in This Book. Before You Begin.


1. Animation with Director.

An Introduction to Director. The Cast. The Stage. The Score. Other Controls. Animating with the Cast, Stage, and Score. Exporting Animations. Troubleshooting Animation. Did You Know?

2. Presentations with Director.

Designing Screens. Linear Presentations. Nonlinear Presentations. Advanced Presentations. Showing Your Presentation. Troubleshooting Director. Did You Know?


3. Bitmap Members.

Types of Bitmaps. Importing Bitmaps. Using the Paint Window. Bitmap Member Properties. Onion Skinning. PhotoShop Filters. Troubleshooting Bitmap Images. Did You Know?

4. Text and Field Members.

Using Text Members. Using Field Members. Knowing When to Use Text and Fields. Using Font Members. Using 3D Text. Troubleshooting Text and Field Members. Did You Know?

5. Sound Members.

Sound File Formats. Frequency and Bit Depth. Internal Sound Members. External Sounds. Shockwave Audio. Using Sound in Director. Waiting for Sounds and Cue Points. Troubleshooting Sounds. Did You Know?

6. Digital Video.

Using Digital Video Formats. Importing Digital Video. Understanding Digital Video Settings. Working with Digital Video. Making Custom Video Controls. Troubleshooting Digital Video. Did You Know?

7. Vector Members.

Using Shape Members. Using Vector Members. Using Flash Members. Troubleshooting Vector Members. Did You Know?

8. Other Member Types.

Creating Pushbuttons. Creating Check Boxes. Creating Radio Buttons. Using Palette Members. Adding Cursors. Using Animated GIFs. Using QuickTime VR. Adding New Cast Member Types with Xtras. Troubleshooting Other Member Types. Did You Know?


9. The Director Environment.

Ways to Work in Director. Setting Preferences. Publish Settings. Using the Director Library Palette. Using Xtras. Getting Help. Troubleshooting the Director Environment. Did You Know?

10. Properties of Sprites and Frames.

Controlling Frame Tempo. Using Frame Palettes. Adding Frame Transitions. Setting Sprite Inks. Using the Sprite Blend. Setting Sprite Colors. Adjusting the Sprite Shape. Other Sprite Properties. Troubleshooting Properties of Sprites and Frames. Did You Know?

11. Advanced Techniques.

Using the Behaviors Library. Building Your Own Behaviors. Using Film Loops and Linked Movies. Color Cycling. Shockwave Streaming. Troubleshooting Advanced Techniques. Did You Know?


12. Learning Lingo.

What Is Lingo? First Steps with the Message Window. Understanding Script Types. Using Messages and Handlers. Using Variables. Writing Lingo Code. Troubleshooting Lingo. Did You Know?

13. Essential Lingo Syntax.

Using Number Variables. Using String Variables. Comparing Variables. Using Handlers. Using If...Then Statements. Using Repeat Loops. Using Lingo Navigation Commands. Controlling Sprite Properties. Controlling Member Properties. Using List Variables. Using Frame Scripts. Troubleshooting Lingo Syntax. Did You Know?


14. Creating Behaviors.

Controlling a Single Sprite. Creating Simple Behaviors. Creating a Simple Button Behavior. Using Complete Behaviors. Building a Complete Button Behavior. Creating Animation Behaviors. Communicating Between Behaviors. Troubleshooting Creating Behaviors. Did You Know?

15. Graphic Interface Elements.

Creating Display Rollovers. Using Check Boxes. Using Radio Buttons. Dragging Sprites. Creating Sliders. Creating Progress Bars. Creating Graphical Pop-Up Menus. Troubleshooting Graphic Interface Elements. Did You Know?


16. Controlling Text.

Using Strings and Chunks. Using Text Members and Fields. Creating Text Lists. Creating Text Pop-Up Menus. Using Keyboard Input. Using Rich Text Format. Using HTML and Tables. Using HTML and Hypertext. Using Text Files and the FileIO Xtra. Using 3D Text. Troubleshooting Text and Strings. Did You Know?

17. Controlling Sound.

Using Lingo's Sound Commands. Using Cue Points. Playing External Sounds. Using Shockwave Audio. Troubleshooting Sound. Did You Know?

18. Controlling Bitmaps.

Distorting Sprites. Adding 3D Effects. Manipulating Bitmap Members. Troubleshooting Bitmaps. Did You Know?

19. Controlling Video.

Using Video Commands. Building Video Controls. Using Other Video Techniques. Troubleshooting Video. Did You Know?

20. Controlling Vector Graphics.

Using Flash Member Lingo. Using Vector Shape Lingo. Building Vectors with Lingo. Using Vectors for Collision Detection. Troubleshooting Vector Lingo. Did You Know?


21. Controlling the Director Environment.

Using Menus. Using Cursors. Using Timeouts. Learning About the Computer. Telling Time. Memory Management. Launching Other Applications. Quitting and Shutting Down. Troubleshooting Environment Lingo. Did You Know?

22. Shockwave and Internet Access.

Controlling the Web Browser with Lingo. Getting Text over the Internet. Sending Text. Working with Browsers. Using Shockwave Preference Files (Cookies). Controlling Streaming Media. Troubleshooting Shockwave Lingo. Did You Know?

23. Object-Oriented Programming.

What Is an Object? Reasons to Use Objects. Creating an Object in Lingo. Creating Object Properties. Using OOP. Using Ancestors. Troubleshooting OOP. Did You Know?

24. Movies in a Window and Alternatives.

Using MIAWs. Creating Dialog Boxes. Creating Oddly Shaped MIAWs. Creating Self-Contained MIAWs. Other Uses for MIAWs. Using Linked Movies. Using MUI Xtra Dialog Boxes. Troubleshooting MIAWs and Alternatives. Did You Know?

25. Xtras.

What Are Xtras? Xtras That Come with Director. Third-Party Xtras. Using Xtra Lingo. Using Xtras in Shockwave. Other Xtras. Troubleshooting Xtras. Did You Know?

26. Developing for Developers.

Score Recording. Creating MIAW Xtras. Using Behavior Libraries. Troubleshooting Developing for Developers. Did You Know?


27. Educational Applications.

Creating a Matching Game. Making a Drawing Activity. Creating Overlays. Creating a Geography Quiz. Creating Standardized Tests. Troubleshooting Educational Applications. Did You Know?

28. Business Applications.

Creating Database Applications. Creating Graphs and Pie Charts. Creating Questionnaires. Creating Computer-Based Training Programs. Troubleshooting Business Applications. Did You Know?

29. Graphics Applications.

Creating Slideshows. Panning Large Images. Making Scrollbars for Large Images. Zooming In on Large Images. Utilizing Ink and Color Manipulation. Troubleshooting Graphics Applications. Did You Know?

30. Sound Applications

Creating a Piano Keyboard. Creating a Player Piano. Simulating 3D Sound. Creating Volume Controls. Troubleshooting Sound Applications. Did You Know?

31. Shockwave Applets.

Creating Navigation Pages. Creating Navigation Bars. Creating Shockwave Ads. Processing and Displaying Information. Troubleshooting Shockwave Applets. Did You Know?

32. Games.

Creating a Matching Game. Creating a Sliding Puzzle Game. Creating a Falling Objects Game. Emulating a Shooting Gallery. Creating Sprite Invaders. Creating Trivia Games. Creating a Blackjack Game. Troubleshooting Games. Did You Know?


33. Debugging.

Writing Good Code. Using Lingo Debugging Tools. Using the Watcher. Testing Your Code. Did You Know?

34. Performance Issues.

Designing for a Target Machine. Recognizing Issues Affecting Performance. Improving Performance. Optimizing Projector Performance. Optimizing Lingo Performance. Did You Know?

35. Cross-Platform Issues.

Developing for the Mac and Windows. Developing for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Cross-Platform Checklist. Did You Know?

36. Delivering the Goods.

Making Projectors. Making Shockwave Movies. Building CD-ROMs. Making Installers. Building Screen Savers. Troubleshooting Delivering the Goods. Did You Know?


37. Creating Multiuser Applications.

Setting Up the Multiuser Server. Using the Multiuser Behaviors. Learning Basic Multiuser Lingo. Creating Your Own Multiuser Application. Using Peer-To-Peer Connections. Using the Multiuser Database. Using UDP. Using Server-Side Lingo. Troubleshooting Multiuser Applications. Did You Know?

38. Using 3D Media.

3D Basics. Importing Models. The Shockwave 3D Window. Displaying a 3D Model on the Stage. Using 3D Behaviors. Troubleshooting Using 3D Media. Did You Know?

39. 3D Lingo.

Moving 3D Models. Moving the Camera. Playing With Lights. Shaders and Textures. Creating Primitives. Particle Systems. Modifiers. Mesh Deform. Collision Detection. World to Movie Communication. Grouping. Controlling Animation. Havok Physics Engine. Special Effects. Creating Complex Scenes. Troubleshooting 3D Lingo. Did You Know?


Appendix A. What's on the CD-ROM.

Using the CD-ROM Graphical Interface. Author Files. Director Xtras. Third-Party Software. Graphic Accessories.

Appendix B. Director Glossary.
Appendix C. Online Resources.

Top Resources. General Director Resources. Non-English Director Resources. Director-Related Mailing Lists. 3D-Related Resources.

Appendix D. Tables and Charts.

ASCII Character Chart. Member Types. Transitions. Inks. Common Colors. Shockwave Audio States. Flash Member States. Movie in a Window (MIAW) Types. Lingo Cursor Numbers.

Appendix E. Lingo by Subject.
Appendix F. Behavior Library Quick Reference.

3D, Actions. 3D, Triggers. Animation, Automatic. Animation, Interactive. Animation, Sprite Transitions. Controls. Internet, Forms. Internet, Multiuser. Internet, Streaming. Media, Flash. Media, QuickTime. Media, RealMedia. Media, Sound. Navigation. Paintbox. Text.

Appendix G. Keyboard Shortcuts.

Macintosh Shortcuts. Windows Shortcuts.

Appendix H. Guide to Xtras.

Xtra Index. AcroViewer. AdjustColors. AlphaMania. Attr Xtra. Attrib Xtra. Audio Xtra. AutoRun (PC), AutoStart (Mac). Beatnik. Behavior Xtra. BinaryIO Xtra. BitChecker. bkMixer. Blinker Xtra. BlurImage. Border Xtra and BorderPatch. BrowserController. Buddy API. Buddy Saver. Buddy Zip. CapsLock Xtra. CastControl. CastEffects. CatBlur. CatCube. CatFade. CatFlip. CatZoom. CD Pro Xtra. CDLink. ChartsInMotion Xtra. ConvertData. DAOTable. Datagrip. DateMaster. DateTime Xtra. Dave's 3D Engine. DDE Xtra. Dialogs Xtra. DirectComm Xtra. DirectConnection Xtra. DirectControl. DirectEmail Xtra. DirectFTP Xtra. DirectMedia Xtra. DirectOS. DirectSound Xtra. DirectTransition Xtra. DirectTransition3D Xtra. DirectTTS Xtra. DirectXport Xtra. DisplayRes Xtra. DM Transition Packs. DM Waves Effect. DM Star Field Effect. DM Fade. DropStart. EasyBase. ECD Xtra. Enhanced CD Development Kit. f3Export Xtra. f3SoundFX Xtra. f3VideoCapture Xtra. FileFlex. File IO. FileXtra. Fireworks Import Xtra. Focus3D Xtra. Free Rotate. FreePPP Control. Gamma Xtra. Grabber. HTML Xtra. Iconizer. Index Xtra. Inspect. Installed Fonts Xtra. LiveCD Xtra. MasterApp. ModMania. mPrint Designer Xtra. Ncrypt Xtra. OnStage. OSUtil. PhotoCaster. PickFolder Xtra. Popup Xtra. Precision Xtra. Print-O-Matic. ProgressCopy. Promix Xtra. QTIAW Xtra. QuickDraw 3D. RavImageExport Xtra. RavJoystick Xtra. RavWare GLU32 Xtra. RavWare MUIMaker. RavWare OpenGL Xtra. RavWare PPViewer Xtra. RavWinShaper Xtra. RearWindow. Relaunch. Resolution Xtra. ScrnXtra. SetMouse Xtra. ShapeShifter 3D. ShockTalk. SID6581. Speller, SpellerPro, SpellerRT. Streaming Media Xtra. StyleUtil. System Tools Xtra. TableMaker Xtra. TaskXtra. TrackThemColors Xtra. VCap Xtra. Versions XObject. Video Mask. VideoSprite Xtra. VolumeController Xtra. VSnap Xtra. WinGroup Xtra. XtrAgent. Yak Xtra. zLaunch. zOpen. zScript.

Appendix I. Lingo Reference.



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