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Special Edition Using Crystal Enterprise 8.5

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Special Edition Using Crystal Enterprise 8.5


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  • Copyright 2020
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 656
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2616-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2616-2

The only reference available on Crystal Enterprise written by employees of Crystal Decisions, creator of Crystal Enterprise.

Special Edition Using Crystal Enterprise 8.5 provides a comprehensive reference for the enterprise information delivery solution, Crystal Enterprise. This book will help readers understand where and how Crystal Enterprise can be applied to solve business problems. Written as a guide through planning, deploying, administering, and managing an enterprise reporting system based on Crystal Enterprise. Using practical examples of how Crystal Enterprise can be deployed in complex network environments to solve some of the toughest reporting and information delivery challenges. This book focuses on the entire solution that Crystal Enterprise and its supporting suite of report design tools (Crystal Reports and Crystal Analysis Professional) can deliver.

This book picks up where standard Crystal Reports books leave off - it focuses on the actual delivery of interactive report content created with Crystal Reports.


Source Code

The source code for the examples developed in the book -- 688 KB -- Setup.exe

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapters

Crystal Enterprise Architecture

Exploring the System Architecture

Table of Contents



1. Introducing Crystal Enterprise.

Crystal Enterprise 8.5 Overview. Crystal Enterprise Is "Business Intelligence". Key Features of Crystal Enterprise. Customizing Crystal Enterprise. Determining How Users Will Get Their Information. Crystal Enterprise: An Information Infrastructure. Building an Information Infrastructure with Crystal Enterprise. The Real Value of Crystal Enterprise: Content. Adding Ad-Hoc Query Capability to Crystal Enterprise.

2. Discovering the Crystal Enterprise Utilities.

Web-Based Utilities. Windows-Based Crystal Enterprise Utilities.

3. Exploring the System Architecture.

Crystal Enterprise Architecture Overview. Introduction to the Crystal Enterprise Framework. Overview of the Crystal Enterprise Servers. The Crystal Enterprise Architecture in Action. Taking Advantage of the Crystal Enterprise Distributed Architecture. Extending Crystal Enterprise.


4. Installing Crystal Enterprise 8.5.

Preparing a Windows NT/2000 Server for Installing Crystal Enterprise. Understanding Crystal Enterprise System Requirements. Types of Crystal Enterprise Installations. Standalone/Single Server Installation. Default Standalone Crystal Enterprise Installations. Using the Crystal Configuration Manager. Custom Crystal Enterprise 8.5 Installation. Expanding an Existing Crystal Enterprise Installation. Overall System Maintenance and Monitoring for Scaling. Adding and Deleting Crystal Enterprise Servers. Installing Crystal Enterprise Components in a Multiple-Firewall Configuration. Configuring the Web Connector. Confirming a Successful Crystal Enterprise Installation. Upgrading from Previous Versions of Crystal Enterprise. Upgrade Impacts to the APS Database. Upgrading from Seagate Info to Crystal Enterprise. Troubleshooting.

5. Using the Crystal Enterprise Launchpad.

Where to Start. Crystal Enterprise Web Applications for End Users. The Administrative Interface to Crystal Enterprise.

6. Customizing ePortfolio for Rapid Information Delivery.

Understanding ePortfolio's Interaction with Crystal Enterprise. Customizing ePortfolio for an Intranet Deployment—The Maple Leaf Equipment Scenario. Customizing ePortfolio Functionality Through CSP Pages. Troubleshooting.


7. Publishing Content with Crystal Enterprise.

Considerations Before Publishing Content. Understanding Unmanaged and Managed Report Content Before Publishing to Crystal Enterprise. Troubleshooting.

8. Creating Content with Crystal Reports.

Installation and Configuration of Crystal Reports. Creating Reports. Using Common Formulas in Crystal Reports. Using Advanced Features of Crystal Reports. Troubleshooting.

9. Creating Content with Crystal Analysis Professional.

Overview of Crystal Analysis Professional. The Value of Multidimensional OLAP Data. Benefits of Using Crystal Analysis Professional. Installing Crystal Analysis Professional. Accessing OLAP Data with Crystal Analysis Professional. Favorite Cubes. Building Effective Analytic Reports. Advanced Reporting. Publishing Content to Crystal Enterprise. Troubleshooting. Endnotes.


10. Administering and Configuring Crystal Enterprise.

The Crystal Management Console. Managing Accounts. Managing Content. Managing Servers. Managing the System. The Crystal Configuration Manager. Starting Crystal Enterprise Servers from a Command Line. Other System Tasks: Backing Up the APS System Database.

11. Planning Considerations when Deploying Crystal Enterprise.

Approaching the Project. Understanding Organizational Reporting Requirements. Troubleshooting.

12. Deploying Crystal Enterprise in a Complex Network Environment.

Understanding Network Protocols. Understanding Firewall Types. The Crystal Enterprise Architecture. Interaction Between the Web Component Server and the Web Connector. Crystal Enterprise Load Balancing and Scalability—Web Farm Considerations. Additional Firewall and Port Considerations for Crystal Enterprise. Deploying Crystal Enterprise with an IP Packet Filtering Firewall. Using Crystal Enterprise with Network Address Translation. Crystal Enterprise and Proxy Servers.


13. Extending Crystal Enterprise.

Understanding Crystal Server Pages. Using the Crystal Enterprise Object Model. The Crystal Enterprise Administrative API. Basic Crystal Enterprise Functionality. Crystal Enterprise Administrative Functionality. Troubleshooting.

14. Integrating Crystal Enterprise with Your Corporate Intranet.

The Coverall Manufacturing Company Project. Planning the Crystal Enterprise Integration. Linking a Corporate Intranet Page to Crystal Enterprise. Delegating Administrative Functions. Initial Crystal Enterprise System Configuration. Exploring the Finished Coverall Manufacturing Intranet Site. Troubleshooting.

15. Integrating Crystal Enterprise with Third-Party Portals.

Understanding Portals. Crystal Enterprise and Portal Applications. Creating a Seamless User Experience. Leveraging Prebuilt Crystal Enterprise Portal Components.


Appendix A. Running Crystal Enterprise on Sun Solaris.

Crystal Enterprise on Solaris Versus Crystal Enterprise on Windows. Installing Crystal Enterprise on Sun Solaris. Publishing a Report to Crystal Enterprise on Solaris. Troubleshooting.

Appendix B. Using the Report Application Server.

Overview of RAS Components. Installing the Report Application Server. The RAS Server. Overview of RAS Applications. The Report Application Server SDK.



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