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Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II (paperback)

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Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II (paperback)


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  • Copyright 2001
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 544
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-702576-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-702576-3

Don't become a statistic–take control of your software projects and plan for success!

Success in all types of organization depends increasingly on the development of customized software solutions, yet more than half of software projects now in the works will exceed both their schedules and their budgets by more than 50%.

While some types of overruns remain unpredictable, most can be avoided by sound modeling. COCOMO II provides you with a thorough rework of the classic COCOMO model to address modern software processes and construction techniques along with representative examples of applying the models to key software decision situations. It was calibrated and validated using innovative statistical techniques to fit both expert judgment and 161 carefully collected project data points. The book also introduces emerging COCOMO II extensions for cost and schedule estimation of COTS integration and rapid development. You'll also:

  • Learn firsthand from knowledgeable authors–over 100 person-years of software cost estimation experience
  • Make better software decisions by exploring their cost implications
  • Use the cost and schedule estimates to better plan and control your projects and manage your risks
  • Keep up to date with the authors' Web site

Software engineers, managers, and students will all find Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II an invaluable guide to developing and managing successful software projects on time and under budget.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to COCOMO II.

COCOMO II User Objectives. COCOMO II Model Objectives. COCOMO II Development and Evolution Strategies. Future Software Practices Marketplace Model. Resulting Family of COCOMO II Models.

2. Model Definition.

Introduction. Sizing. Effort Estimation. Schedule Estimation. Software Maintenance. Using COCOMO II for Software Decisions. COCOMO II Model Summary and Versions.

3. Application Examples.

Introduction. Transaction Processing System (TPS) Overview. Airborne Radar System (ARS) Overview.

4. Calibration.

Bayesian Calibration and COCOMO II Modeling Methodology. Topics Addressed. COCOMO II Data Collection Approach. Model Building. COCOMO II Calibration. Tailoring COCOMO II to a particular organization. Summary of COCOMO II Data. Conclusions.

5. Emerging Extensions.

Applications Composition: The Application Point Model. COPSEMO: Phase Schedule and Effort Estimation. CORADMO: Rapid Application Development Estimation. COCOTS: COTS Integration Estimation. COQUALMO: Quality Estimation. COPROMO: Productivity Estimation. Expert COCOMO: Risk Assessment.

6. Future Trends.

Trends in Software Productivity and Estimating Accuracy. Effects of Increasing Domain Understanding. Effects of Innovation and Change. Coping with Change: COCOMO II. Coping with Change: COCOMO II and Your Organization.

Appendix A: COCOMO II: Assumptions and Phase/Activity Distributions.

Introduction. Waterfall and MBASE/RUP Phase Definitions. Phase Distribution of Effort and Schedule. Waterfall and MBASE/RUP Activity Definitions. Distribution of Effort Across Activities. Definitions and Assumptions.

Appendix B: COCOMO II: Estimating for Incremental Development.

Introduction. Incremental Development Model. Inputs and Outputs. Estimation Steps. Incremental Development Considerations.

Appendix C: COCOMO Suite: Data Collection Forms and Guidelines.

Introduction. Procedure for Projects. Guidelines for Data Collection. Data Conditioning.

Appendix D: USC-CSE Affiliate Programs.

Introduction. Primary Benefits. Additional Benefits. Levels of Affiliation. Current Affiliates.

Appendix E: USC COCOMO II. Software Reference Manual.

OCOMO? Navigating COCOMO. Begin Using COCOMO. Obtaining COCOMO. New. Load Project. Save Project. Save As Project. Load Model. Save Model. Save As Model. Make Report. Export. Save Screens. Print Screen. Print Preview. Print Setup. Exit. Add Module. Clear All Module. Snapshot. Undo. Cut. Copy. Paste. Post Architecture Model. Early Design Model. Scale Factors. Equation. Person Month. Function Point. File Load. File Save. File Save As. Project. Compute. WaterFall Model–Project Phase Distribution. Waterfall Model–Module Phase Distribution. MBASE Model–Project Phase Distribution. MBASE Model–Module Phase Distribution. Project Maintenance. Module Maintenance.

Acronyms & Glossary.


Author Index.

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