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Server+ Certification Exam Cram (Exam SKO-002)

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Server+ Certification Exam Cram (Exam SKO-002)

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3368-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3368-9

Server+ Exam Cram 2 is an efficient, effective and concise guide that gives you exactly what you need to know to pass the Server+ exam. Organized according to exam objectives, you will be able to quickly and easily assess your understanding of key exam topics. Some of the topics covered are:

  • General Server Hardware Knowledge
  • Configuration
  • Protective Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Determination
  • Disaster Recovery
Dozens of test-taking strategies are included, as well as timesaving tips and the popular Cram Sheet tearcard, perfect for last-minute studying. The included CD-ROM also gives you access to a MeasureUp practice test engine and a bookmarked, searchable PDF of the book, so you can study without having to take the book with you. Server+ Exam Cram is your smartest way to get certified.

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Multiprocessing Fundamentals for the Server+ Exam

Table of Contents



1. Server Basics.


    Comparing Server Systems.

      Server Cases.

    Server Types.

      General-Purpose Servers.

      Appliance Servers.

      Application Servers and Services.

      Servers Used As Gateways.

      Servers Used As Routers.

      Servers Used As Bridges.

      FTP Servers.

      SNA Servers.

      NAS Servers.

      SAN Servers.

      RAS Servers.

      File and Print Servers.

      Fax Servers.

      WINS Servers.

      DHCP Servers.

      Multi-Tiered Server Architectures.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions.

2. Server Availability.


    The Impact of Server Failures.

    Designing Reliable Server Networks.

      Scaling Up and Scaling Out.



      High Availability.

      Fault Tolerance.


    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

3. Multiprocessing.


    Multiprocessing Systems.

      Multiprocessing Features.

      Multiprocessing Advantages.

      Multiprocessing Disadvantages.

      Installing Multiple Processors.

    Server Processor Subsystems.

      Server Environments for 64-Bit Processors.

      Server Software Architectures for 64-Bit Processors.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

4. Server Memory.


    Selecting Server Memory.

      Advanced DRAM.

      Advanced SDRAM.

      EDO Memory.

      DDR SDRAM.


      Memory Interleaving.

      ECC, Non-ECC, and Extended ECC RAM.

      Buffered, Unbuffered, and Registered Memory.

      Hardware Compatibility List.

      Cache Memory.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

5. Server Bus Architectures.


      Industry Standard Architecture.

      MicroChannel Architecture.

      Extended Industry Standard Architecture.

      MicroChannel Architecture.

      VESA Local Bus.

      Peripheral Component Interconnect.

    Server Bus Management.

      Expansion Slots.

      PCI Local Buses.

    PCI Configuration.

      PCI Interrupts.

      Server PCI Slot Considerations.

      PCI Bus Mastering.

      PCI Hot-Swap Technology.

      Hot-Plug PCI Technology.


      PCI Express.

      Hierarchical PCI Bus.

      Peer PCI Bus.

      Intelligent Input/Output.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

6. SCSI Systems.


    The Small Computer System Interface (SCSI).

      SCSI Development.

      SCSI Cables and Connectors.

      SCSI Addressing.

      SCSI Terminations.


    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

7. IDE Systems.


    Integrated Drive Electronics Interfacing.

      Configuring IDE Drives.

      Advanced EIDE Specifications.

      Ultra ATA Termination Strategy.

      Serial ATA (SATA).

      SATA I Versus SATA II.

      Nearline Storage.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

8. RAID Systems.


    RAID Development.

      RAID Levels.

      Dual-Level RAID Systems.

      Hot Spare.

      Zero-Channel RAID.

      Software Versus Hardware RAID.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

9. Advanced Storage Arrays.

    Fibre Channel Hardware.

      Fibre Channel.

      Fibre Channel Storage Arrays.

      Fibre Channel Disk Drives.

      Fibre Channel Adapters.

      Fibre Channel Cables, Connectors, GBICs,and SFP GBICs.

    Fibre Channel Specifications.

      Single-Mode and Multimode Fiber.

      Fibre Channel Transmission Speeds.

      Fibre Channel Hardware Bus Lengths.

      Fibre Channel Hardware Topologies.

      Fibre Channel Bridges.

    SAN and NAS Specifications.

      Storage Area Network (SAN).

      Network Attached Storage (NAS).

    iSCSI and FCIP Features and Benefits.

      Internet SCSI.

      Fibre Channel Over IP.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

10. Pre-Installation Planning.


      Installation Planning.

      Securing the Plan’s Verification.

      Hardware and OS Compatibility.

      Power Source, Space, UPS, and Network Availability Verifications.

      Network Protocols and Domain Naming Conventions.

      Component and Cable Verifications.

      Server Racks.

      Common Server Types.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

11. Installing Hardware.


    Server Hardware Installation Practices.

      Server Boards, Processor, and Memory.

      Accessory Cards or Modules.


      Internal Cabling.

    Server Installation Activities.

      Rack Mounting.

      Network Cable Cutting and Crimping.

      UPS Installations.

      SCSI Server ID Verifications.

      External Device Installations.

      Power-On Sequence Verifications.

    Supporting Hardware Knowledge.

      Physical Infrastructure Requirements.

      Network Cabling and Connector Types.

      Cable Management.

      KVM Implementation.

      Rackmount Security.

    Network Access Protocols.


      Fast Ethernet.

      Gigabit Ethernet.

      Fiber-Optic LANs.

      The FDDI Ring Standard.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

12. Server Management Plans.



      Security Management.

      Environmental Impacts.

    Storage Virtualization Management.



      Out-of-Band ESCON.

      In-Band ESCON, Telecom, and ESCOM.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

13. Configuration.


      Preplanning the Update.

      Obtaining and Installing Updates.

      Server Boards.

      RAID Controllers.

      Hard Drives.

    RAID Configurations.

    Network Operating System Installations.

      Create and Implement a Pre-Installation Plan.

      Install the Network Operating System.

      Install Communications Protocols.

    External Peripheral Configurations.

      UPS Configuration.

      Cable Types for Peripheral Devices.

    Updating the NOS and Hardware Drivers.

      Installing Operating System Updates.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

14. Preparing the Server for Service.


      Simple Network Management Protocol.

    Server Backup Software.

      System Monitoring Agents.

      Event Logs.

      Performance Logs and Alerts.

      Linux Log Files.

    Performing Server Baselines.

      Baseline Purposes and Types.

      Establishing Conditions for Using Various Baselines.

    Documenting the Configuration.

      Documentation Contents.

    Implementing the Server Management Plan.

      Server Management Software Services.

      Improving Server Availability.

      Server Change Management Requirements.

      Security Planning.

      Managing Server Hardware Remotely.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

15. Upgrading the Basic System.


    Scheduling Downtime.

    Performing Backups.

      Repair and Recovery Operations.

      Backups, Archives, and Copies.

    Adding Processors.

    Adding Hard Drives.

      Scaling Up.

      Mounting Linux Drives.

    Increasing Memory.

      Steps to Memory Upgrading.

      Identifying Electrostatic Discharge.

    Upgrading BIOS and Firmware.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

16. Upgrading Adapters and Peripherals.


    Upgrading Server Adapter Cards.

      Verify Compatibility.

      Perform BIOS Upgrade.

      Obtain Latest Drivers.

      Implement ESD Best Practices.

      Verify the Upgrade.

      Check System Resources.

      Document the Baseline.

    Peripheral Devices.

      Upgrading Server Peripherals.

    Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

      Determining the Required Size of a UPS.

      Upgrading a UPS.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

17. Upgrading System Monitoring Agents and Service Tools.


    Server Monitoring and Management.

      Server Management Bus.

      Intelligent Management Buses.

      Intelligent Platform Management Bus.

      Intelligent Chassis Management Bus.

    Prevention of Monitoring Interruptions.

    Fault-Resilient Booting Notifications.

    Server Management Software Components.

    Network Management Protocols.

      Purposes and Functions of SNMP.

      Purposes and Functions of the DMI.

      Purposes and Functions of the IPMI.

      Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology.

    Upgrading Service Tools.

      Network Operating System Upgrades.

      Service Tool Utility Upgrades.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

18. Proactive Maintenance.


    Performing Backups.

      Backing Up Files.

      Backing Up State of the System Data and System

      Boot Files.

      Emergency Repair Disks and Automated

      System Recovery.

      Backup Methodologies.

    Creating and Using Baselines.

    Adjusting SNMP Thresholds.

      Internal Polling.

      External Polling.

    Housekeeping Duties.

      Server Cases.

      Server Mice.

      Server Monitors.

      Server Keyboards.

      Server Drives.

      Server Disks.

      Server Power Supplies and Fans.

      Dust and Trash Accumulation.

      Cable Management Duties.

    Following the Server Management Plan.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

19. Environmental Issues.


      Physical Security at the Entrance.

      Physical Security Inside the Server Room.

      Server Room Environmental Issues.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

20. Server Problem Determination.


      Information Gathering.

      Handling Problem Escalations.

      Using Server-Related Documentation.

      System Evaluations.

      Resolving Hardware/Software/Configuration Problems.

    Using Diagnostic Tools and Utilities.

      Hardware Diagnostic Tools.

      Software Diagnostic Tools.

      Performing Server OS Shutdowns.

      Server Network Troubleshooting.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

21. Troubleshooting Server Systems.


    Optimizing Server Performance.

      Gathering Performance Data.

      Documenting Suspected Bottlenecks.

      Identifying Performance Bottlenecks.

    Troubleshooting Bottlenecks.

      Physical Disk Bottlenecks.

      Memory Bottlenecks.

      Network Interface Bottlenecks.

      Processor Bottlenecks.

      Network Redirector Bottlenecks.

      Server Bottlenecks.

      Server Resource Handling.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

22. Disaster Recovery.


    Documenting the Disaster Recovery Plan.

      Updating the Plan.

      Testing the Plan.

      Implementing the Plan.

    System Redundancy Planning.

      Offsite Storage Planning.

    Backup Hardware and Media.

      Tape Drive Backup Systems.

      Robotic Applications for Data Tape Storage.

      Backup Scheduling Considerations.

      Backup Rotation Schemes.

      Windows Removable Storage.

    Exam Prep Questions.

    Exam Prep Answers.

23. Practice Exam 1.

    Exam Questions.

24. Answers to Practice Exam 1.

    Answer Key.

    Answers to Exam Questions.

25. Practice Exam 2.

26. Answers to Practice Exam 2.

    Answer Key.

    Answers to Exam Questions.

Appendix A: Need to Know More?

Appendix B: CD Contents and Installation Instructions.

    Multiple Test Modes.

      Study Mode.

      Certification Mode.

      Custom Mode.

      Adaptive Mode.

      Missed Question Mode.

      Non-Duplicate Mode.

    Question Types.

    Random Questions and Order of Answers.

    Detailed Explanations of Correct and Incorrect Answers.

    Attention to Exam Objectives.

    Installing the CD.

      Creating a Shortcut to the MeasureUp Practice Tests.

      Installing the CD-ROM for MeasureUp Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Test Engines.

    Technical Support.




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