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Scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3

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Scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3411-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3411-2

Impress your scrapbooking club members with the beautiful new pages that you created using Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. Scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 will show you how to bring the power of the computer to your photographs and teach you how to retouch and restore them. Create virtual scrapbooks that you can view online or on CD-ROM. You'll save time and money by learning how to use your computer to organize your photos and preserve your important memories. Take your scrapbooks into the digital age with the help of Scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.

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Online Sample Chapters

Digital Tools: Hardware

Scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3: Hardware Tools

Table of Contents



1. Starting a Scrapbook.

    What's It About?


      Style Is More Than Fashion.

      Color Schemes.

      What to Include on a Page.

    What's Your Format?

    What's the Difference Between a Scrapbook and a Journal?

    Books and Book Covers.

      Binding Your Own Book.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

2. Traditional Scrapbooking Tools.


    Taking Stock.

    Booking It.

    Sticky Stuff.

    Don't Run with Scissors.

    Finding the "Write" Tools.

    Stamping Grounds.



    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

3. Digital Tools: Hardware.

    The Computer.

    Resolution? I Resolve to Explain.

    Digital Cameras.

      Why Go Digital?

      When You Go Camera Shopping, Consider...


    No Camera? No Scanner?


    CD or DVD Writer.

    But I Don't Have a Computer!

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

4. Digital Tools: Software.

    Choosing Your Program.

    Why Adobe Photoshop Elements?

    Elementary Elements.

    Opening Elements.

    Working on the Elements Desktop.

    What Are on the Menus?

    Looking at the Toolbox.

      Utility Tools.

      Selection Tools.

      Miscellaneous Tools.

      Painting Tools.

      Toning Tools.


    Starting a New Image.

    Browsing for a File.

    Saving Your Work.

      Choosing a File Format.

      Choosing Other Save Options.

    Adjusting Resolution.

    Saving for the Web.

    Undoing and Redoing.

    Using the Undo History Palette.

    Getting Pictures from a Scanner or Camera.

      Transferring an Image.

      Getting Photos from a Scanner.

    Other Ways to Make Pages.

    Programs for Sharing Pages Electronically.

      Portable Document Format (.pdf).

      Web Pages.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.


5. Page Layout and Design.

    Working in Layers.

    Working with Templates and Grids.

    Composing a Page.

      The Importance of White Space.

      Eye Leading.

      The Rule of Thirds.

      Coherent Pages.

    Design Elements.

      Adding Textures in the Computer.

      Textural Objects: Ribbons, Fiber, and Fabrics.

      Clip Art for Scrapbookers.

      Online Sources.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

6. Creating and Using Backgrounds.

    Using Premade Backgrounds.

    Backgrounds from the Scanner.

    Papers: What's Available.

    Other Materials You Can Print On.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

7. Working with Old Photos.

    Getting a Good Scan.

    Basic Photo Corrections.

      Adjusting Levels and Contrast.

      Dodging and Burning.

      Cleaning Up Dust Spots with the Clone Stamp Tool.

      Other Touches.

    Moving Paint-Blurring, Sharpening, and Smudging.


      Focus Tools.

      Removing Dust and Scratches.

    Rescuing a Badly Damaged Photo.

    Vignetting a Picture.

    Photo Tinting.

    Correcting Off-Color Photos.

      Correcting Color Cast.

      Using Fill Flash.

      Selective Color Adjustments.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

8. Working with Digital Photos.

    Shooting for Scrapbook Pages.

    A Better Crop of Pictures.

    About Face! Flipping Images.


    Blurring Backgrounds.


    Applying Color Correction.

    Correcting Perspective.

    Removing Unwanted Items or People.

    Little Touches Mean a Lot.

      Fixing Red Eye.

      Eliminating Skin Problems.

      Going on a Digital Diet.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

9. Turning a Photo into Art.

    Applying Filters and Effects.

      Faking Watercolor Painting.

      Simulating Oil Painting.

      Creating Line Art.


    Drawing on Photos.

    Making Composites and Collages.

    Making Panoramic Photos.

      Considerations When You Shoot a Panorama.


    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

10. Adding Type.

    The Language of Typography.

    Putting the Words on the Page.

    A Bubble for Your Thoughts?

    Choosing Fonts.

    Adding Drop Shadows.

    Using Masked Type.

    Embossing and Other Special Effects.

      Creating Metallic Effects.

      Warping Text.


    Online Sources for Clips and Quotes.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.

11. Creating Web/CD-Based Scrapbooks.

    Understanding the World Wide Web.

      HTML-You Can't Pronounce It but You Can Learn to Love It.

      Are You Being Served?

      The Right Address.

    How to Get on the Web.

      Free Websites.

      Websites for (Almost) Free.

      Be Master of Your Own Domain.

    Assembling Web Pages.

      For the Do-It-Yourselfer.

      Can This Page Be Saved?

    How HTML Works.

    Enhancing Your Site with Sound and Video.

    File Formats and Sizes.

      Copyright Issues.

      Creating Sound and Video Files.

      Putting Your Audio and Video Creations on a Web Page.

    Creating CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs.

    Summary-What You Need to Remember.


A. Other Uses for Your Pictures.

    Iron-On Photos.

    Printing on Fabric.

    Printing on Frosting.

    Bibelot Boxes and Other Tchotchkes.

    Stationery, Calendars, and Cards.

    The End, or the Beginning?

B. Glossary of Computer Graphics and Scrapbooking Terms.

C. While You're Wandering the Web.



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