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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Access 2002 in 21 Days

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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Access 2002 in 21 Days

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32103-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32103-0

This book is a hands-on tutorial for Access users who want to learn Access by working through solid examples. It will show the reader how to use Access and how to develop solid databases from start to finish. The focus of the book will be Access databases on the desktop but will have two chapters on implementing Access in a networked or client/server environment.

Key topics include understanding relational databases and the Access 2002 architecture; designing, building, and maintaining full-feature, robust database applications; implementing Data Access Pages; working with Visual Basic for Applications and the Visual Basic Editor; and publishing Access content to the WWW or a company's intranet.



The missing database file for Day 2 - 104 kb -- day02.zip

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Automatic Access: Using Wizards

Table of Contents



Day 1. Database Concepts.

Today You Will Learn. Access in Theory and Practice. Data Isn't Information. The Relational Model and Access. Database Structure in Theory. Database Structure in Practice. Informal Rules to Live By. The Mission of Access. Hardware Requirements. Access Databases Maintenance. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 2. Learning the Basics to Develop an Access Database Application.

Today You Will Learn. The Access User Interface. Object Views. Options-Customizing Access Globally. The Objects of Access. Planning Your Database Application. Getting Help-The Office Assistant. Toolbars. Summary. Q&A. Workshop

Day 3. Automatic Access.

Today You Will Learn. Why Automatic Access? Database Wizard or Template. Table Wizard. The Query Wizard. Automatic Forms. Automatic Reports. Pages. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 4. The Data Foundation-The Table.

Today You Will Learn. Understanding the Importance of Table Design. Examining Tables. Creating Tables. Analyzing the Wizard's Table. Linking Fields-the Heart of the Relationship. Understanding the Benefits of a Relationship. Using Table and Field Properties. Understanding Key Fields and Indexes. Sorting and Filtering in Tables. Finding Data. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 5. Simple Forms.

Today You Will Learn. Why This Chapter Now. Bound and Unbound Forms and Fields. Control and Record Source Properties. Name Property-Standard Naming Conventions. Creating a First Form. Form Design View. Form Headers and Footers. Other Form Format Properties. Tab Order. Finding, Filtering, and Sorting in Forms. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 6. Introducing Queries.

Today You Will Learn. The Query in Access. A First Query. The Simple Query Wizard. Filtering and Sorting in Queries. Query Criteria. Multi-table Queries. Multi-table Queries Without Existing Links. Intermediate Criteria. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 7. Basic Reports.

Today You Will Learn. Reports in Access. The AutoReport Wizard. Report Wizard. The Report Design View. Grouping in Reports. Mailing Labels. Page Layout Settings. Sums, Subtotals, and Running Sums. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Week 1. In Review.


Day 8. A Macro Primer.

Today You Will Learn. Macros and Access. Elements of a Macro. Macros and Events. Macro Names. Conditional Macros. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 9. Refining Your Tables.

Today You Will Learn. Tables and Data Integrity. Data Validation Using Table Expressions. Data Lookup in Tables. Input Masks. Using OLE Objects and Hyperlinks in Tables. Saving Tables as HTML. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 10. Improving Your Forms.

Today You Will Learn. Using Color to Enhance Forms. Applying 3D Effects and Controlling Object Tab Order. Formats and System Tools. Adding Artwork. Creating Multi-Source Forms. Control Wizards. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 11. Manipulating Queries.

Today You Will Learn. The Query Design Grid. A Quick Look at the SQL View. General Math in Queries. Date and Time Math in Queries. Sorting Values That Are Not Alphabetically Sequential. Joins. Using Ranges in Queries. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 12. Getting Your Reports Right.

Today You Will Learn. Creating Professional Reports. Filtering Data for Reports. Sorting and Grouping. Understanding Crosstab Reports. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 13. Learning Structured Query Language or SQL.

Today You Will Learn. What Is SQL? Using the SELECT Statement. Adding the WHERE Clause. Adding to SELECT. Eliminating Duplicate Returns. Getting Practical with SQL. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 14. Special Query Uses.

Today You Will Learn. Action Queries. Crosstab Queries. SQL-Specific Queries. Using External Criteria in Queries. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Week 2. In Review


Day 15. Introduction to VBA Concepts.

Today You Will Learn. What Is VBA and Why Should You Learn It? The BASIC Programming Language. Introducing Event-Driven Programming. Introducing Objects. Introducing Object Collections. Introducing VBA Modules. Introducing the Access VBE (Visual Basic Editor). Using Online Help. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 16. VBA Language Elements-Part I.

Understanding Modules. Understanding VBA Procedures. Understanding Variables. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 17. VBA Programming-Part 2.

Today You Will Learn. Understanding Variables. Decision Structures. Looping Structures. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 18. Objects and Collections.

Today You Will Learn. Object-Oriented Programming. Creating Your Own Objects. Creating Collections. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 19. Extending Access Using VBA.

Today You Will Learn. ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). Introduction to Office Command Bars. Developer Considerations. Suggested Resources for Access and VBA Information. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 20. Maintaining and Securing Access Databases.

Today You Will Learn. The Importance of Database Maintenance. Repairing a Corrupted Database. Compacting a Bloated Database. Converting the Database to a Different Format. Security Options in Access. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Day 21. Access on the Web.

Today You Will Learn. Publishing Static Web Pages. Publishing Dynamic Web Pages. Exporting Data in XML Format. Using Data Access Pages. Summary. Q&A. Workshop.

Week 3. In Review.


Appendix A. Answers to Quizzes.

Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4. Day 5. Day 6. Day 7. Day 8. Day 9. Day 10. Day 11. Day 12. Day 13. Day 14. Day 15. Day 16. Day 17. Day 18. Day 19. Day 20. Day 21.



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