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  • Copyright 2001
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32114-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32114-6

This book will offer broad coverage to instruct both the large ISP and the small business network administrator on how to install and configure a full featured Internet email system with a minimum amount of expense. This is possible using the Linux Operating System which supplies all of the necessary server software, the Postfix email software package, and Public Domain client email software on the client PC's. This book also includes educational information that can be used by network administrators in using Postfix to connect an office email server to an ISP. The Postfix email software package is in widely used on the Internet without any books documenting how to install, configure, and operate the email server. This book will provide all the information needed to run Postfix effectively and efficiently.

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Server Requirements for Postfix

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a summary.)



1. E-Mail Services.

Early Mainframe E-Mail Systems. Unix E-Mail Systems. LAN-Based E-Mail Systems. E-Mail Protocols.

2. Postfix Services.

The Role of Postfix on a Unix Mail Server. The Postfix Block Diagram. The Postfix Mail Delivery Process. Inside the Postfix Message Queue System. Postfix and sendmail. Postfix: Future Features and Releases.

3. Server Requirements for Postfix.

The Unix Operating System. The Linux Operating System. The GNU Project.

4. DNS and Postfix.

History of Computer Names. Domain Names. Using DNS Client Programs.

5. SMTP and Postfix.

SMTP Description.Extended SMTP.LMTP.Message Formats.MIME and Binary Data.


6. Installing Postfix.

Installing Postfix from an RPM. Downloading and Compiling the Postfix Source Code. The Postfix Utility Programs.

7. The master.cf Configuration File.

The Postfix master Program. Configuring Process Behavior in Postfix.

8. The main.cf Configuration File.

The Postfix Configuration File Format. Configuration Parameters. Displaying and Modifying Configuration Parameters.

9. Postfix Lookup Tables.

Postfix Lookup Table Support. Indexed Binary Database Files. Regular Expression Lookup Tables. Using External Databases. The Postfix Lookup Tables.

10. Using Postfix.

Editing the master.cf File. Determining Local Mail Delivery. Editing the main.cf File. Creating the aliases Table Testing Postfix. Starting Postfix from a Boot Script. User Controlled Files.

11. Using Postfix as an ISP Mail Server.

Features of an ISP E-Mail Server. Configuring Virtual Domains. Configuring Selective Relaying.

12. Using Postfix as an Office Mail Server.

Internal Office Mail Servers. External Office Mail Servers. Special Mail Situations.

13. Postfix Server Administration.

The Unix syslogd Program. Postfix Logging Formats. Postfix UCE Parameters.

14. Migrating from Sendmail to Postfix.

What Is Sendmail? sendmail Files and Directories. Configuring Postfix to Use Sendmail Files.

15. Using the Maildir Mailbox Format.

Standard Unix Mailboxes. The Maildir Format. Configuring Postfix to Use Maildir Mailboxes. Using a Maildir-Aware MUA Program.

16. Using MDA Programs with Postfix.

What Is a Local Mail Delivery Agent? Using an External MDA Program with Postfix. The procmail MDA Program.


17. Using MySQL with Postfix.

What Is MySQL? Installing MySQL. Configuring MySQL for Postfix. Using MySQL. Configuring Postfix for MySQL.

18. Using OpenLDAP with Postfix.

What Is LDAP? Installing the OpenLDAP Package. Configuring OpenLDAP for Postfix. Configuring Postfix for LDAP.

19. Using Majordomo with Postfix.

Features of a Full Service Mailing List. Installing Majordomo. Configuring a Majordomo Mailing List. Using Majordomo. Mailing List Owner Commands.

20. Using POP3 and IMAP with Postfix.

E-Mail MUA Protocols. University of Washington IMAP. The qpopper Program.

21. Using SqWebMail with Postfix.

Web-Based Mail Clients. Installing SqWebMail. Configuring Postfix for SqWebMail. Using SqWebMail.

22. Performance Tuning Postfix.

Tuning Postfix Parameters. Tuning the Unix System. Testing Postfix Performance.

23. Common Postfix Problems.

Handling Undelivered Mail. Using the postconf Program. Troubleshooting Using the Mail Log. Troubleshooting Using a Debugger.



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