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Play Winning Poker In No Time

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  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3340-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3340-5

Poker is hotter than ever and it's a good bet these days that if you're flipping through the TV channels, you'll see a poker game being played, by amateurs, professional and even celebrities. If you're looking to try your hand at America's favorite card game then Play Winning Poker In No Time is the perfect beginner's guide to teach you all the fundamentals to confidently "ante up"  in a casual game with friends, at a live action casino table or even online at any one of the popular Internet poker sites. With Play Winning Poker In No Time, you'll learn about:

  • Texas Hold 'em Starting Hand Tactics
  • Basic Seven Card Stud Strategy
  • Common Poker Rules
  • Internet Poker & Online Poker Sites
  • Poker Tournaments Including the World Series of Poker
  • Casino Poker Room Etiquette
  • When to Bluff vs. When to Bet
  • Spotting Poker "Tells"
  • Poker Math Including How To Calculate Odds & Probabilities
  • Betting Strategies to Maximize Pots

The easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations won't bog you down in complex "what if" scenarios or confusing jargon. You'll simply obtain the basic knowledge needed to successfully play poker and win money. A unique, tear-out "cheat sheet" card is chock full of valuable poker information including a visual guide to  poker hand rankings or "what beats what," a  color-coded starting hand chart showing which 2-card Hold 'em starting hands to play, and an odds chart showing the percent chance of improving your Hold 'em hand as new cards are dealt.   With Play Winning Poker In No Time, you will master the basics, win the game and take home the cash.

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Learn How to Play Texas Hold 'em

Playing Texas Hold 'em

Table of Contents



1. Introduction to Poker: The Basics of the Game.

    Understanding the Basic Rules of Poker

    Ranking Poker Hands

    Understand Betting Structures

    Betting Your Hand

    Basic Poker Games

      Draw Poker Games

      Stud Poker Games

      Flop Poker Games

2. The Psychology of Poker.

    Betting and Bluffing Basics

      Choosing When to Bluff

      Going on Tilt

      Assuming a Table Image and Determining Your Playing and Betting Style

      Reading Poker Tells

    Making Calculated Bets

      Mastering Poker Math

      Using Poker Outs and Probabilities to Help Predict Your Chances of Making a Hand


3. Playing Texas Hold 'em.

    Learning the Basics of Limit, Pot-Limit, and No-Limit Hold 'em

      Understanding Dealer Position

      Posting Blind Bets

      Playing the Starting Hand Round

      Playing the Flop

      Playing Fourth Street, or the Turn

      Playing the River

    Assessing Your Table Position and Starting Hand

      Evaluating Your Table Position

      Evaluating Your Starting Hand

    Making Smart Choices Through Each Round of Play

      Deciding When to Play Suited, Connected, or Medium Pocket Pairs.

      Evaluating Your Hand After the Flop.

      Calculating Outs and Odds After the Flop.

      Re-evaluating Your Hand on the Turn.

      Choosing Your Strategies As You Play Through to the River.

4. Seven Card Stud.

    Understanding the Basics of Seven Card Stud

      Learning the Language of Seven Card Stud

      Understanding the Betting Structure of Fixed-Limit and Spread-Limit Seven Card Stud

      Understanding Antes and the Bring-In

    Starting Hand Standards and Strategies

      Tracking Live and Folded Cards

      Learning the Types of Starting Hands

      Playing a Three-Card Drawing Hand

      Analyzing Other Players' Starting Hands

      Beginner Strategies for Betting Your Starting Hand

    Playing Fourth Street: The Make-or-Break Round

      Analyzing Hands on Fourth Street

      Betting the Hand

    Playing Fifth Street: Honing Your Betting Strategy

      Using Your Analytical Skills

    Playing Sixth Street: Fattening the Pot with One Card Left to Play

    Calculating the Odds Against Improving Your Hand with One Card to Come

    Playing Seventh Street or the River

      Assessing and Betting Your Hand

      Watching for Common Tells in Seven Card Stud

5. Learning Additional Poker Games.

    Five Card Draw

      Five Card Draw with a Joker or with Deuces Wild

      Five Card Draw, Jacks or Better

    Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple

    Playing Razz

    Playing High-Low Stud

      Limiting Your Starting Standards

      Tips for Winning at High-Low Stud

    Omaha-The Hardest Game in Town

      Learning the Basic Structure of Omaha

      Developing Your Omaha Strategy


6. Playing Poker Online.

    Playing Online Versus Playing Live

      Considering the Advantages of Online Play

      Taking a Look at Online Poker's Disadvantages

      Managing Your Money Online

    Picking an Online Poker Room

      Is This Room Right for You?

      Checking out Bonus Codes or Other Incentives

      Popular Online Poker Sites

    Playing Your First Game

      Setting up an Account

      Selecting a Game

      Analyzing Game Statistics in the Lobby

      Buying in to the Poker Table

      Using the Action Buttons

      Using Additional Online Features

    Protecting Yourself from Collusion and Cheating Online

    Spotting Online Tells

7. Forming a Monthly Poker Playing Group.

    Home Games-Serious or Social?

    Setting Up a Semi-Serious Home Game

      Inviting Enough Players to Make a Game

      Announcing the Games and Limits

      Setting Money Management Rules

      Antes, Check-Raising, and the Bring-In

      Declaring Low Hands for Split Pot Games

      Handling Misdeals

      Using Wild Cards and Burn Cards

    Common Home Games

      Five Card Stud

      Follow the Queen




      Anaconda or Pass the Trash

      Three Card Guts

      No Peekie or Showdown

    Hosting a Mini No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Tournament

      Set Up

      Playing the Mini

      Betting in No-Limit Hold 'em

      Declaring a Winner

8. Playing Poker in a Casino.

    Becoming Familiar with the Casino Poker Room

      Poker Room Organization

      Poker Room Staff

      Finding a Seat

      Initial Buy In

      Poker Jackpots

    Types of Players

    Casino Poker Etiquette

      Chip Etiquette

      Betting Etiquette

9. Playing Tournament Poker.

    The Lure of Tournament Poker

    Understanding How Tournaments Differ from Ring or Cash Games

    Tournament Basics

      Buy-in and Registration Fees

      Tournament Seating

      Limit, No-Limit, and Pot-Limit Games

    Tournament Formats


      Multitable Elimination or Freeze-out Format

      Sit and Go Tournaments

      Shoot-Out and Bounty Tournaments

    General Tournament Strategy

      Early Tournament Strategy

      Middle Stage No-Limit Tournament Strategy

      Late Stage No-Limit Tournament Strategy

      Monitoring Chip Position and Protecting Your Chips

    Climbing the Payout Ladder


A. References and Resources.

B. Glossary of Poker Terms.



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