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Plan Your Wedding In No Time

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Plan Your Wedding In No Time


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 264
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3222-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3222-4

Take the stress out of planning your big day!

If the initial excitement has passed and you are now feeling overwhelmed by the details involved in orchestrating your wedding, Plan Your Wedding In No Time will help to calm your fears. Written for busy brides, this book is the ultimate to-do list that will make planning a simple step-by-step process. Leah Ingram, wedding and etiquette expert, leads you through the wedding planning process quickly and easily, project by project, until the big day arrives. She not only explains what needs to be done, but also outlines the time and resources it will take to get those tasks accomplished.

Complete with shopping lists and to-do checklists, Leah offers practical advice on nearly every aspect of planning your wedding, including:

  • The dress, the ceremony, the photographer, the reception, and everything in between
  • Special circumstances such as dealing with divorced parents or planning a destination wedding
  • Issues you face after the wedding, like preserving keepsakes, returning gifts, writing thank you notes, and changing your name

Go from engaged to happily-ever-after with Plan Your Wedding In No Time!



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Appendix B: Planning Charts and Aids - 76 KB -- AppendixB.pdf

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Planning for "I Do" Expediently

Planning for "I Do" Expediently

Table of Contents

Who Should Read This Book.

How This Book Is Organized.

    The Book’s Parts.

    Special Elements Used in the Book.


1. First Things First.

    The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Engagement Announcements.

      Telling the Full Story.

      Adding the Details.

      Or, Go Shorter and Simpler.

      A Traditional Announcement.

      Finding Announcement Ideas Fast.

    Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Pronto.

      Fast Ways to Find a Photographer.

      Planning a Great Engagement Photo.

    Creating a Guest List.

      Setting Up the List.

      Gathering Names and Contact Information.

      The Master List.

      Gathering Names and Contact Information.

      Creating Your Notification Checklist.

      Getting the Word Out on Your Engagement.

      Calling and Emailing.

      Putting an Announcement in the Newspaper.

      Mailing Out Formal Engagement Announcements.

    Deciding on an Engagement Party.

    Getting Your Gift Registry Organized on the Double.

      Deciding What You Really Want and Need.

      Organizing Your Registry List.


2. Money Matters and Essential First Steps.

    Coming to Terms with What Weddings Cost.

    A Fast (and Realistic) Look at Finances.

      Be Frank About Funds.

      Agreeing About Who Pays for What.

      Solutions with Divorced Parents.

      Fitting Your Event to Your Finances.

    Using Loans to Help Pay for the Wedding.

      Checking Your Financial Report Card.

      Using Your Home Equity.

      Pros and Cons of Using Equity to Pay for a Wedding.

    Saving Money and Cutting Costs.

      Ten Swift Ways to Save for Your Wedding.

      Choosing a Time, Day, and Month That Can Save You Money.

      Deciding Whether a Wedding Consultant Can Save You Time and Money.

    Getting a Broad Overview of the Planning Process.

      Considering Locations and Vendors.

      Starting to Shop for a Gown.

      Thinking About Printed Materials.



3. Planning for “I Do” Expediently.

    Streamlined Solutions for Figuring Out the Perfect Ceremony Site.

      Deciding on a Religious or Secular Ceremony and Site.

      Inventive Ideas for Finding a Site.

      Considering a Destination Wedding.

    Choosing Your Officiant—Fast!.

    Planning the Ceremony.

      Sample Ceremony.

      Blending Religious and Cultural Elements in Your Ceremony.

    A Well-Organized Approach to Wedding Rings.


4. Planning for Attendants and Family Participants.

    Choosing Your Attendants.

      Deciding How Many Attendants You’ll Have.

      What Attendants Actually Do.

      A Quick Quiz on Choosing Attendants.

      Other Ways to Involve Special People in Your Wedding.

      Children in the Wedding.

    Choosing Your Wedding Colors.

    Dressing Your Attendants in a Flash.

      Outfit Options.

      Researching Bridesmaid Attire.

      Where to Shop.

      Choosing Footwear and Accessories.

      Keeping Track of Your Attendant Shopping.

    Getting Your Parents Involved.

      Talking with Your Parents About Plans.

      Dealing with Divorced Parents.


5. The Words, Music, and Flowers That Bring Your Ceremony to Life.

    Invitations in a Jiffy.

      The Elements of an Invitation.

      Choosing the Colors, Paper Stock, and Ink.

      Choosing a Font.

      Wording Your Invitations.

      Do-It-Yourself Invitations Versus Using a Stationer.

      Custom Versus Semi-Custom Invitations.

      Steps to Ordering Invitations.

      Practical Ways to Get Postage Stamps.

    Writing Your Vows and Your Program.

      Vows in a Cinch.

      Planning Your Program.

    Choosing Ceremony Music.

      Pre-Service Music.

      Processional/Recessional Music.

      Ceremony Music.

      Ceremony Musicians.

    Ceremony Flowers in a Jiff.

      Finding a Fabulous Florist.

      Bouquets and Boutonnieres.

      Decorating with Flowers.

      In-Season Blooms.

      Month-by-Month Chart.

      Year-Round Blooms.

    Hiring a Photographer and Videographer.

      Traditional Photographer.

      Candid Photographer.

      Photojournalistic Photographer.

      Wedding Videographer.

      Getting the Pictures You Want.

    Wedding-Day Transportation on the Double.


6. Your Reception Done Right.

    Choosing the Perfect Place for Your Reception.

      Location, Location, Location: Considering Your Options.

      Special Considerations.

      Rental Fees.

    Hiring a Caterer Quickly and Painlessly.

      Off-Premises Versus On-Premises Caterers.

      Restaurants Are a Good Place to Start.

      Searching Online.

      References Are a Must.

      Taste Testing.

    Planning a Menu and Choosing a Baker in No Time.

      Making Menu Decisions.

      What You Need to Know About Wedding Cake Bakers.

    Speedy Seating Arrangements.


7. Entertainment and Extras for Your Reception.

    Expedient Ideas on Entertainment.

      Matching the Entertainment to the Event.

      Choosing Between a Deejay and a Band.

      Booking Entertainment on the Double.

      Putting Together Your Suggested Song List.

    Gifts and Favors.

      Great Gift Table Ideas.

      Finding Favors Your Guests Won’t Throw Out.

    Extras for Your Reception.

      Using Single-Use Cameras.

      Making Place Cards for Your Guests.

    Insuring Your Wedding.


8. Taking Care of the Bride.

    Finding and Choosing Your Wedding Gown.

      Choosing a Dress That Matches the Formality of Your Wedding.

      Organizing Your Dress Shopping.

      Preparing for Your Shopping Expeditions.

      Trying on Wedding Dresses.

      Choosing a Wedding Gown That Works with Your Body.

      Choosing the Color of Your Gown.

      Steps and Timeline for Choosing a Custom-Ordered Gown.

    Choosing Hair and Makeup Styles and Stylists.

      Finding a Hairstyle That Complements Your Face.

      Making Decisions About Makeup.

      Test-Driving Hair and Makeup Styles.

    Taking Care of Last-Minute Necessities (and Niceties).

      Taking Care of His and Her Health.

      Making a Date to Pamper Yourself.

    Wedding-Day Checklist.


9. Planning a Happy Honeymoon.

    Choosing a Honeymoon Location.

      A Quick Quiz to Determine Your Honeymoon Compatibility.

      Honeymoon Options for Cold-Weather Weddings.

      Honeymoon Options for Warm-Weather Weddings .

      All-Inclusive Versus A La Carte Honeymoons.

    Working with a Travel Agent.

      Finding a Travel Agent.

      Choosing the Right Travel Agent.

    Preparing for a Safe and Secure Trip.

      Passport Primer.

      Thinking About Travel Insurance.



10. Organizing Your Gifts.

    Keeping Track of Who Gave You What.

    Writing and Sending Your Thank-You Notes on Time.

      The Six-Week Rule.

      How to Write a Heartfelt Thank-You Note Fast.

      Creative Ways to Thank Your Guests.

    Making Use of Your New Things.

      Taking Inventory of Gifts.

      Returning Unwanted or Duplicate Gifts.


11. Photographic Memories.

    Viewing Your Photo Proofs and Video Rough Cut.

      Estimating the Photographer’s Turnaround Timeline.

      Estimating the Videographer’s Turnaround Timeline.

    Making Your Album in a Minimum Amount of Time.

      Organizing Your Album.

      Ordering Your Album.

    Getting the Most out of Your Wedding Photographs.

      Framing Photos.

      Traditional Wedding Photos in Nontraditional Places.


12. Keeping Keepsakes.

    Cleaning and Storing Your Wedding Gown.

      Finding the Right Cleaner.

      Questions to Ask Your Gown Cleaner.

    Creating Keepsakes.

      Preserving Your Flowers.

      DIY Keepsakes.



A: References and Resources.


    Government Organizations and Trade Associations.

    Businesses and Professionals for Hire.

    Useful Websites.

      Credit Report Resources.

      Interfaith Wedding Resources.


B: Planning Charts and Aids.

    Guest List Database.

    Registry Planning Chart.

    Gown-Shopping Organizer.

    Sample Vendor Contract.

    Planning Chart.



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