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Photoshop CC: Video QuickStart

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Photoshop CC: Video QuickStart

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Videos can be viewed on: Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec. Requires the free QuickTime Player software.


Lesson 1

Working with Camera Raw in Photoshop CC

To get started with image editing, open your image in Camera Raw and do some basic adjustments; using the various sliders and the Histogram, adjust the exposure, apply noise reduction, saturation, and basic effects. Run time 9 min 38 sec.

Duration: 00:09:38  File Size: 62 MB


Lesson 2

Layers in Photoshop CC

Use the Photoshop Layers panel to combine images into a simple card project; techniques shown include how to use the Shape, Move, and Free Transform tools, and how to create a Clipping group to link layers.

Run time 11 min 47 sec.

Duration: 00:11:47  File Size: 39 MB


Lesson 3

Retouching and Restoring Images

Restore and retouch photos using the various healing tools that Photoshop offers, including the Spot Healing Brush, the Healing Brush, and the Clone Stamp.

Run time 10 min 32 sec.

Duration: 00:10:32  File Size: 66 MB


Lesson 4

Working with Masks in Photoshop CC

To apply edits to certain parts of your image, use the Layer Mask feature in the Layers panel; learn how to use the Brush tool on Adjustment layers to either hide or reveal your edits. 

Run time 9 min 49 sec.

Duration: 00:09:49  File Size: 51 MB


Lesson 5

Making Edits and Adjustments Using Photoshop CC Tools

Editing images is Photoshop’s claim to fame, and it offers a multitude of tools in both Camera Raw and in Photoshop CC. Learn to use the Curves tool, and make basic adjustments with the Hue/Saturation/Lightness tool.

Run time 8 min 07 sec.

Duration: 00:08:07  File Size: 34 MB


Lesson 6

Printing and Saving Images to the Web

Learn to output your image either online or as a print with optimal results. For Web use, choose various file types, quality levels, and pixel dimensions to minimize file size. If you’re printing your image, use the controls in the Print dialog box to set printer-specific options and to have Photoshop manage your colors.
Run time 7 min 26 sec

Duration: 00:07:26  File Size: 34 MB


Lesson 7

Resizing Images in Photoshop CC

To learn how to effectively resize images, it helps to understand basic concepts such as pixels, compression, file formats, and resolution. Then you can work with the Image Size dialog box to set your image size where it needs to be.

Run time 8 min 15 sec.

Duration: 00:08:15  File Size: 45 MB


Lesson 8

Flexibility with Photoshop CC Smart Objects

Smart Objects protect image information by adding a layer of security that prevents you from working directly on the image layer. You can easily convert regular image layers into Smart Objects, or you can use the Place command to automatically add an image as a Smart Object.

Run time 9 min 53 sec.

Duration: 00:09:53  File Size: 37 MB


Lesson 9

Working with Type in Photoshop CC

Work with the Type tool to add text, and adjust the size and font, and position. You can also use Layer Styles to add effects such as drop shadows, images, and strokes around the letters.

Run time 9 min 35 sec.

Duration: 00:09:35  File Size: 34 MB


Lesson 10

Looking at the Photoshop CC Workspace

Tour the Photoshop CC interface, and become familiar with the toolbars, panels, and keyboard shortcuts; learn how to customize workspaces for the way you work.

Run time 12 min 46 sec.

Duration: 00:12:46  File Size: 48 MB


Lesson 11

Power of Selections in Photoshop CC, The

One important Photoshop technique is selecting specific areas or objects in images. Learn to use the Quick Selection tool, Quick Mask mode, and the Refine Edge tool.

Run time 12 min 45 sec.

Duration: 00:12:45  File Size: 65 MB


Lesson 12

Using the Shake Reduction Feature in Photoshop CC

The Shake Reduction feature is new in Photoshop CC, and can help you salvage images that suffer from motion-related blur or lack of focus. Using the Sharpen, Smart Sharpen filters you can make subtle edits that make a real difference in your image.

Run time 5 min 02 sec.

Duration: 00:08:25  File Size: 41 MB


Lesson 13

How to Use Photoshop CC Smart Filters

It’s great to be able to add effects like various blurs, as long as you don’t go overboard and you preserve original pixel information by using Smart Filters; this lets you easily reverse effects, and you can use a Layer Mask to brush effects onto specific portions of your image.

Run time 8 min 25 sec.

Duration: 00:08:25  File Size: 82 MB


  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-351117-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-351117-8

Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for anyone, at any level of skill or experience, who works with digital images or video. Photoshop CC offers so many tools for adjusting, altering, manipulating, and re-imagining photos, that the most challenging part of using Photoshop can be figuring out where to start. If you’re new to Photoshop, the short, engaging lessons in this video will help you learn the program’s key features and tools, and illustrate the steps to go through with your photos, from making basic adjustments to your files in Adobe Camera Raw, to creating simple and attractive projects that highlight your images. Along the way, the video covers Photoshop fundamentals such as layers, filters, retouching tools, and type, offering clear demonstrations and tips on how to use each feature.

About the trainer: Jason D. Moore is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Photoshop with over a decade of experience as a graphic designer, photographer, and trainer. Jason is also a web designer at Cornell University and host of the Graphic Talk Radio podcast. For more information about your trainer visit www.jasondmoore.com.


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