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My Windows 8 Computer for Seniors

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My Windows 8 Computer for Seniors

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-343159-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-343159-9

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do

Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most

Large, full-color, close-up photos show you exactly what to do

Common-sense help whenever you run into problems

Tips and notes to help you do even more

Over the years, you’ve learned a lot. Now, learn Windows 8!

We’ve identified the Windows 8 skills you need to stay connected with people you care about; keep your computer reliable, productive, and safe; express your creativity; find new passions; and live a better life!

Our crystal-clear instructions respect your smarts but never assume you’re an expert. Big, colorful photos on nearly every page make this book incredibly easy to read and use!

  • Set up your computer with no fuss or aggravation
  • Get productive fast, even if you don’t have computer experience
  • Use the new  “touch” features of Windows 8 if you have a touchscreen device
  • Safeguard your privacy and protect yourself from online scams
  • Display up-to-the-minute news, weather, and stock prices
  • Browse and search the Web, wherever you go
  • Find reliable health information online
  • Make Skype video calls to friends and family
  • Use Facebook to find old friends and see what they’re up to
  • Store your pictures and share them with loved ones
  • Read eBooks on your PC–even enlarge text for greater comfort
  • Watch TV or movies with Netflix, Hulu Plus, or YouTube
  • Enjoy your music, and discover great music you’ve never heard
  • Fix your own computer problems without help

Sample Content

Table of Contents

P    Prologue: Basic Operations 3

    Using Windows 8 with a Mouse or Touchpad  3

        Mouse and Touchpad Operations   4

    Using Windows 8 with a Keyboard   6

        Keyboard Operations   6

    Using Windows 8 on a Touchscreen PC   8

        Touchscreen Operations   ..8

1    Understanding Computer Basics 11

    Examining Key Components   11

        Hard Disk Drive   12

        Memory   13

        Processor   13

        Display   14

        Keyboard   15

        Pointing Device   16

        Connectors   17

    Exploring Different Types of PCs   19

        Desktop PCs .  19

        Notebook PCs   21

    Which Type of PC Should You Buy?   .22

    Setting Up Your New Computer System  23

        Set Up a Notebook PC   23

        Set Up a Traditional Desktop PC   24

        Set Up an All-in-One Desktop PC   .26

2    Using Windows 8—If You’ve Never Used a Computer Before 29

    Powering Up and Powering Down   29

        Turn On and Configure Your New PC—for the First Time   30

        Turn On Your System—Normally   39

        Turn Off Your Computer   41

    Finding Your Way Around Windows 8   .42

        Use the Start Screen   43

        Use the Start Screen   .44

        Display the Charms Bar   .45

        Use the Charms Bar  46

        Display the Desktop   .47

3    Using Windows 8—If You’ve Used Windows Before 49

    Logging in with the New Lock Screen   50

        Log Into Windows 8   51

    Launching Apps from the New Start Screen   52

        Display the Start Screen   .53

        Scroll Through the Start Screen   54

        Open a Tile   55

        Find Additional Apps and Utilities   56

    Using New and Traditional Apps   57

        Open the Desktop   57

        Open a Traditional Desktop App   58

    Exploring Improved System Tools  59

    Configuring Options from the Charms Bar   61

        Configure Windows 8 from the Charms Bar   .61

    Relearning Essential Operations   62

4    Setting Up User Accounts 67

    Understanding Windows 8 User Accounts   67

        Microsoft Accounts   68

        Local Accounts   69

    Setting Up a New Account on Your PC   69

        Set Up a New User with a Microsoft Account   70

        Set Up a New User with a Local Account   73

    Switching Users   76

        Change Users   77

        Log Out of Windows   78

        Log In with Multiple Users   78

5    Personalizing Windows 8 81

    Personalizing the Start Screen   81

        Change the Background Color and Pattern   82

        Make a Tile Larger or Smaller   83

        Rearrange Tiles   84

        Remove a Tile   84

        Add a New Tile   85

        Turn On or Off a Live Tile   86

    Personalizing the Lock Screen   87

        Change the Lock Screen Background   87

        Add Apps to the Lock Screen   89

        Change Your Account Picture   91

    Configuring Other Windows Settings   92

        Configure Settings from the PC Settings Screen .  92

        Configure Settings from the Traditional Control Panel   .100

6    Using New Windows 8 Apps 103

    Finding Apps in Windows 8  103

        Search for Apps Installed on Your PC   104

        Display All Your Apps  105

        Pin an App to the Start Screen   105

    Working with New Windows 8 Apps  106

        Configure App Options   .106

        Switch Between Apps   .107

        Snap Two Apps on the Same Screen   .108

        Close an Open App   109

    Using Popular Windows 8 Apps   .110

        News   110

        Weather   ..111

        Sports   ..112

        Finance   113

        Travel   .113

        Maps   ..115

        Calendar   .117

    Finding New Apps in the Windows Store   118

        Browse the Windows Store   119

        Download and Install a New App   .120

7    Using Traditional Apps on the Desktop 125

    Personalizing the Windows Desktop   125

        Display the Desktop   ..126

        Change the Desktop Background   ..127

        Change the Color Scheme   .129

        Choose a Screen Saver   ...131

    Launching Your Favorite Programs  ....133

        Create a Shortcut on the Desktop   ...133

        Pin a Program to the Taskbar .  ....134

        Open a Program.  ..135

    Working with Traditional Software Programs   ..136

        Manage Windows   ..136

        Scroll Through a Window   .138

        Use Pull-Down Menus   .139

        Use Toolbars and Ribbons   .....140

8    Browsing and Searching the Web 143

    Connecting to the Internet—and Your Home Network ..  .143

        Connect to Your Home Network   144

        Connect to a HomeGroup   ..146

        Access Other Computers in Your HomeGroup   149

        Access Non-HomeGroup Computers on Your Network   .150

    Connecting to the Internet at a Wi-Fi Hotspot   .151

        Connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot   .151

    Using Your Web Browser   .153

        Launch Internet Explorer   .154

        Browse the Web   ....155

        Open Multiple Pages in Tabs   ..156

        Save Your Favorite Web Pages   ..157

        Return to a Saved Page   ...158

    Searching the Internet   ......159

        Search Google   ..160

        Search Bing   .....161

9    Protecting Yourself from Online Threats 165

    Protecting Against Identity Theft   ..166

        Avoiding Phishing Scams   .....167

        Keeping Your Private Information Private   169

        Hiding Personal Information on Facebook   .170

        Keeping Your Facebook Posts Private   ....171

    Protecting Against Online Fraud   .....172

        Identifying Online Scams   ....173

        Avoiding Online Fraud   ..........174

    Protecting Against Computer Viruses and Other Malware ..  ..175

        Protecting Against Malware   .176

    Protecting Against Attacks and Intrusions   ...179

        Employing a Firewall   .....179

10    Senior Living Online 183

    Reading Local and Community News Online   ....183

        Find Local News   ....183

        Find Local Weather   ......185

    Exploring Travel Opportunities Online   ..186

        Research a Destination   .....186

        Make Reservations   ..188

    Discovering Recipes Online.  .189

        Find Tasty Recipes   .189

    Finding Healthcare Information Online   190

        Research Medical Conditions   191

        Find a Doctor   192

        Order Prescription Drugs   193

    Obtaining Legal Advice Online   194

        Find Legal Advice and Services   195

    Managing Your Finances Online   .196

        Do Your Banking and Pay Your Bills   196

        Track Your Investments   .197

    Shopping Online   198

        Find a Bargain   199

        Purchase an Item   200

        Shop Safely  201

11    Emailing Friends and Family 205

    Using the Windows 8 Mail App   .205

        Set Up Your Email Account   206

        View Incoming Messages   .208

        Reply to a Message   209

        Send a New Message   209

    Using Web-Based Email   .211

        Send and Receive Messages with Yahoo! Mail .  212

        Send and Receive Messages with Gmail   215

        Send and Receive Messages with Outlook   216

    Managing Your Contacts with the People App  218

        View Your Contacts   218

        Add a New Contact   .220

12    Video Calling with Skype 223

    Installing and Setting Up Skype   223

        Download the Skype App   224

        Launch Skype for the First Time   225

        Configure Your Skype Account . .227

    Calling Friends and Family   228

        Add a Contact  .228

        Make a Video Call  ..230

        Make a Voice Call   232

13    Connecting with Facebook and Other Social Media 235

    Sharing with Friends and Family on Facebook   .236

        Sign Up for Facebook   .236

        Discover New—and Old—Friends on Facebook   237

        Post a Status Update   .241

        Find Out What Your Friends Are Up To   .243

        Explore Your Friends’ Timelines   .244

    Pinning Items of Interest to Pinterest   245

        Create New Pinboards   246

        Find and Repin Interesting Items   247

        Pin an Item from a Web Page   .248

        Find People to Follow   .249

    Managing Your Social Media with the People App   250

        Connect to Your Social Network Accounts   .251

        View Your Friends’ Social Activity   ..253

        Post to Facebook   ..255

14    Storing and Sharing Pictures with Loved Ones 257

    Using Your Digital Camera with Your Windows 8 PC   257

        Transfer Photos from a Memory Card   258

        Transfer Photos from an iPhone   261

    Viewing and Editing Photos   .264

        View Your Photos   .264

        Touch Up Your Photos   .267

    Sharing Your Pictures Online   ...269

        Attach a Photo in Windows Mail   269

        View an Attached Photo   ...272

        Upload Photos to a New Facebook Photo Album   ..273

        Upload Pictures to an Existing Facebook Photo Album   ..277

        View Photos on Facebook   ..278

        Upload Photos to Flickr   .280

        Share Your Flickr Photos   ..282

15    Reading Books on Your PC 285

    Reading eBooks with Amazon’s Kindle App.  ....285

        Download the Kindle App ...  .286

        Purchase eBooks from Amazon .  ...288

        Read an eBook   ..290

        Change How a Book Is Displayed Onscreen   ...292

    Reading eBooks with Barnes & Noble’s NOOK App   .293

        Download the NOOK App   .294

        Purchase eBooks from Barnes & Noble   ..295

        Read an eBook   ..298

        Change How a Book Is Displayed Onscreen   .299

16    Watching Movies and TV Shows on Your PC 303

    Watching Movies on Netflix   .304

        Download the Netflix App   ...304

        Sign Up or Sign In..  305

        Watch a Movie   ..306

    Watching TV Shows on Hulu Plus   ...310

        Download the Hulu Plus App   ..310

        Sign Up or Sign In  312

        Watch TV Programming   ......313

    Sharing Videos on YouTube   .317

        View a Video   .......317

        Upload Your Own Video   ....319

    Purchasing Videos with the Xbox Video App   .320

        Purchase a Video   ....321

        View a Video   ...324

17    Enjoying Music on Your PC 329

    Playing Music from Your iTunes Library   .330

        Download and Install iTunes   ..330

        Play Digital Music ..  ...331

        Create a New Playlist  ...333

        Play a Playlist   ........334

    Playing Music from CDs   ....335

        Play a CD   ......335

        Rip a CD to Your PC   ....336

        Burning Your Own CDs   ....338

        Downloading Music from the iTunes Store .  .340

        Purchase Music   ....340

18    Using Files and Folders 345

    Using File Explorer   ....345

        Open File Explorer   .......346

        Navigate Folders and Libraries   .347

        Use the Navigation Pane   .348

        Change the Folder View   349

        Sort Files and Folders   ...351

    Working with Folders   ...352

        Create a New Folder   ...352

        Rename a Folder   ..353

    Managing Files   ...354

        Copy a File   ......355

        Move a File   ..356

        Delete a File   ........357

        Restore a Deleted File   .....358

        Empty the Recycle Bin   ..359

19    Making Windows Easier to Use by Seniors 361

    Employing Ease of Access Functions   .362

        Enlarge the Screen   ...362

        Make Text and Icons Bigger   ...364

        Improve Onscreen Contrast ..  .......365

        Make the Cursor Easier to See   ......365

        Read Text Aloud with Narrator   ......366

        Operate Your PC via Voice Command   .......367

        Use the On-Screen Keyboard   .369

    Using Alternative Input Devices   ......370

        Replace the Touchpad   ....370

        Attach a Different Keyboard ..  ..371

    Connecting a Larger Screen   ......372

        Connect a New Monitor   ......373

20    Dealing with Common Problems 375

    Performing Necessary Maintenance   .....375

        Delete Unnecessary Files   376

        Delete Unused Programs   .378

        Defragment Your Hard Disk   .....379

        Check Your Hard Drive for Errors   ...380

    Backing Up Important Files   .....382

        Activate File History   ....382

        Restore Backup Files  .......383

    Fixing Simple Problems   .......384

        You Can’t Connect to the Internet  ....384

        You Can’t Go to a Specific Web Page .  .385

        You Can’t Print   ...386

        Your Computer Is Slow .  ..387

        A Specific Program Freezes   ..389

        Your Entire Computer Freezes   ...390

    Recovering from Serious Problems .  ...391

        Restore Your Computer to a Previous State ..  .......392

        Refresh System Files   394

        Reset Your System   ...396

TOC, 9780789748850, 5/13/2013


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