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My Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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My Samsung Galaxy Nexus

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-299582-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-299582-5

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Samsung Galaxy Nexus or other smartphone running Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) working just the way you want.

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Samsung Galaxy Nexus photos that show you exactly what to do
Help when you run into problems or limitations with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Learn how to
• Quickly set up Google services, voicemail, Gmail, Wi-Fi, and high-speed data connections
• Use hidden time-saving shortcuts you won’t find anywhere else
• Import, create, sync, organize, and manage all your contacts
• Easily manage email, appointments, events, and reminders from all your accounts and services
• Find web content fast with the powerful Galaxy Nexus web browser
• Use Google Phone to save money, manage voicemail, and even automatically transcribe your messages
• Instantly connect with friends on Facebook, Google+, and other social media services
• Access and listen to all your music, wherever you go
• Shoot and share stunningly sharp photos and HD video
• Make the most of your Galaxy Nexus (or Android 4 smartphone) at work
• Discover, download, and install today’s hottest new Android apps--including many great free apps
• Keep your Galaxy Nexus (or Android 4 smartphone) up-to-date, reliable, and secure
• Avoid expensive, unnecessary roaming charges

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Prologue:  Getting to Know Your Galaxy Nexus     3
The Galaxy Nexus External Features     3
   Front     4
   Back     6
   Left Side     7
   Right Side     8
First-Time Setup     9
Fundamentals of Android 4     12
   The Unlock Screen     13
   The Home Screen(s)     14
   The System Bar     18
   Using Your Touchscreen     19
   Using Your Keyboard     20
   Editing Text     25
   Menus     26
   Switching Between Apps     27
Installing Synchronization Software     28
   Installing Android File Transfer (Apple Mac OSX)     28
   Installing Google Music Manager (Apple Mac)     29
   Installing Google Music Manager (Windows)     31
   Configuring Music Manager (Windows and Apple Mac)     32

Chapter 1  People (Contacts)     37
Adding Accounts     38
   Adding a Work Email Account     39
Navigating People     43
   Checking a Contact’s Status     45
   Editing a Contact     46
   Adding a Contact Photo     47
Adding and Managing Contacts     50
   Adding Contacts from an Email     50
   Adding a Contact Manually     51
   Adding a Contact from a VCard     52
   Adding a Contact Using Near Field Communications     53
   People Settings     54
   Creating Contact Groups     55
   Editing Contact Groups     56
   Choosing Contacts To Display     57
   Joining and Separating Contacts     58
Adding a Contact to Your Home Screen     61

Chapter 2  Using the Phone and Google Voice     65
Getting to Know the Phone Application     65
   Call Log     68
   Contacts     68
Phone Settings     69
   Fixed Dialing Numbers (GSM only)     71
   Quick Responses     72
   Call Forwarding     73
   Internet Calling (SIP)     74
Receiving a Call     76
   Handling Missed Calls     76
Placing a Call     77
   Dialing from a Contact Entry     77
   Dialing Using Your Voice (Voice Dialer)     78
   Dialing Using Your Voice (Google Voice Search)     79
   Options While on a Call     80
   Conference Calling     81
   Dial from a Web Page or Other App     83
Sound Settings     83
Google Voice     84
   Setting Up Google Voice     85
   Upgrading Google Voice     88
   Playing Back and Managing Google Voicemails     90
   Google Voice Settings     91

Chapter 3  Audio, Video, and Books     95
The Music Application     95
   Updating the Music Application     96
   Finding Music     98
   Purchasing Music     99
   Adding Your Existing Music to Google Music     101
   Using the Music Application     103
   Controlling Playback     105
Managing Playlists     109
   Creating a New Playlist on Your Galaxy Nexus     109
   Adding a Song to an Existing Playlist     110
   Rearranging Songs in a Playlist     111
   Delete or Rename a Playlist     111
   Listening to Music with No Wireless Coverage     112
   Changing Google Music Settings     113
Playing and Sharing Videos     116
   Sharing Videos     117
   Deleting Videos     118
   Gallery App Settings     119
Recording Videos with the Camera Application    119
   Recording Video     120
   Changing Video Settings     121
   Video Effects     123
YouTube     124
   YouTube Main Screen     124
   Browsing for a Video     125
   Playing a Video     126
   Record a Video and Upload It     127
   Upload a Video     128
   Changing YouTube Settings     129

Chapter 4  Connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and VPNs     133
Connecting to Bluetooth Devices     133
   Pairing with a New Bluetooth Device     134
   Changing Bluetooth Settings     136
   Changing Bluetooth Device Options     137
Wi-Fi     138
   Connecting to Wi-Fi     138
   Wi-Fi Network Options     141
   Advanced Wi-Fi Options     142
Cellular Networks (GSM Version)     143
   Changing Mobile Settings     144
Cellular Networks (CDMA Version)     146
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)     147
   Adding a VPN     148
   Connecting to a VPN     150
Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot     152
   Starting Your Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot     152
Bluetooth Tethering     154
Near Field Communications (NFC)     155
   Enabling NFC     156
   Using NFC     157

Chapter 5  Emailing     159
Gmail     159
   Adding a Google Account     160
   Navigating the Gmail App     162
   Composing Gmail Email     163
   Reading Gmail Email     165
   Gmail Settings     167
   Managing Gmail Labels     171
Email Application     172
   Adding a New POP3 or IMAP Account     173
Working with the Email App     176
   Navigating the Email Application     176
   Composing Email     177
   Reading Email     179
   Email App Settings     180

Chapter 6  Browsing the Web     187
Navigating with Browser     187
   Web Page Options     189
   Browser Tricks     190
Managing Bookmarks, Saved Pages, and History     191
   Bookmarks     192
   Browsing History     195
   Saved Pages     196
Managing Multiple Tabs     196
Customizing Browser Settings     198

Chapter 7  Text and Multimedia Messaging     207
Messaging Application     207
   Managing Settings     208
   Composing Messages     211
   Attaching Files to Messages     213
   Receiving Messages     215
   Managing Messages on Your SIM Card     216

Chapter 8  Working with Date, Time, and Calendar     219
Setting the Date and Time     219
Clock Application     221
   Navigating the Clock Application     221
   Managing Alarms     223
   Adding or Editing an Alarm     223
   Clock Settings     224
Using the Calendar Application     225
   The Calendar Main Screen     226
   Choosing Which Calendars to View     227
   Calendar Settings     228
   Adding a New Event     230
   Responding to a Gmail Event Invitation     233
   Responding to a Corporate Event Invitation     235

Chapter 9  Taking, Storing, and Viewing Pictures     237
Using the Camera     237
   Camera Settings     239
   Taking Regular Pictures     241
   Taking Panoramic Pictures     242
Viewing and Managing Your Photos     244
   Navigating the Gallery     244
   Deleting Photo Albums     245
   Open a Photo Album     245
   Reviewing and Sharing Pictures     246
   Editing Pictures     247
   Gallery Settings     249
Managing Photos with Your Computer     250
   Manual Picture Management     251
   Automatic Picture Management on a Mac     254
Synchronizing Pictures Using Your Google Cloud     255

Chapter 10  Working with Android Applications     257
Configuring Google Checkout     258
Navigating Google Play     259
   Downloading Free Applications     260
   Buying Applications     262
   Managing Applications     263
   Google Play Settings     266
Keeping Applications Up to Date     268

Chapter 11  Customizing Your Galaxy Nexus     271
Changing Your Wallpaper     271
   Wallpaper from Gallery Pictures     272
   Live Wallpaper     273
   Wallpaper     274
Changing Your Keyboard     274
Adding Widgets to Your Home Screens     276
   Adding a Widget     276
   Remove, Move, or Resize a Widget     278
   Language     279
   Accessibility Settings     280
   Sound Settings     281
   Display Settings     282

Chapter 12  Maintaining Galaxy Nexus and Solving Problems     285
Updating Android     285
Optimizing Battery Life     287
   Looking After the Battery     287
   Determining What Is Using the Battery     288
Applications and Memory     290
Reigning In Your Data Usage     291
   Background Data Limits     293
Caring for Galaxy Nexus Exterior     293
Getting Help with Your Galaxy Nexus     294

Index     295


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