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  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4981-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4981-9

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to photos that show you exactly what to do on Pinterest

Help when you run into problems or limitations

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from Pinterest

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping Pinterest working just the way you want. Learn how to:

• Sign up for Pinterest and find friends to follow

• Create new pinboards

• Find interesting items to pin

• Organize your Pinterest boards

• Search Pinterest for interesting items

• Repin other people’s pins

• Comment on other pins

• Pin and play videos

• Install the Pinterest bookmarklet in your web browser

• Practice proper Pinterest etiquette

• Use Pinterest on your iPhone

• Create collaborative pinboards

• Use Pinterest to promote your business

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Pinning to Pinterest

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 6 and Index)

Table of Contents

P Getting to Know Pinterest: What It Is and What It Does     2

What Is Pinterest?      4

How Pinterest Got Started     5

Who’s Using Pinterest?     6

What Do People Pin?     6

Should You Be Interested in Pinterest?     7

1 Signing Up for a Pinterest Account     10

Soliciting an Invitation     12

Requesting an Invitation     12

Sending an Invitation     13

Creating a Pinterest Account     14

Signing Up with a Facebook Account     14

Signing Up with a Twitter Account     16

Telling Pinterest More About Yourself     16

2 Navigating Pinterest     18

Logging Into and Out of Pinterest     20

Logging Into Pinterest     20

Logging Out of Pinterest     21

Getting to Know the Pinterest Interface     21

Understanding the Menu Bar     22

Using the Menu Bar     23

Getting Help     24

Viewing Pinterest’s Help System     24

Reading the Pinterest Blog     25

3 Browsing and Searching for Pinteresting Items     26

Browsing Pinterest     .28

Browsing Pinterest’s Home Page     28

Browsing Pinterest by Category     30

Searching Pinterest     30

Conducting a Search by Topic     31

Conducting a Search for a Pinterest User     32

Viewing a Pin     33

Clicking a Pin     34

Reporting a Pin     36

4 Following (and Unfollowing) Others on Pinterest     38

Understanding Following     40

Finding and Following Friends     41

Finding Facebook Friends to Follow     41

Searching for Friends to Follow     43

Searching for People Who Make Interesting Posts     44

Inviting Friends to Follow via Email     45

How to Follow—or Unfollow—a Friend     46

Following a Friend     46

Following the Contents of a Pinboard     47

Unfollowing a Friend     48

Unfollowing a Pinboard     49

5 Creating and Managing Pinboards     50

Understanding Pinboards     52

Viewing Pinboards     53

Viewing Friends’ Pinboards     53

Viewing Your Pinboards     54

Creating New Pinboards     54

Creating a Pinboard     55

Editing and Deleting Pinboards     56

Rearranging Pinboards     56

Renaming a Pinboard     57

Editing a Board’s Description and Category     58

Deleting a Pinboard     59

Deleting Pins on a Pinboard     60

Selecting a Cover for a Pinboard     61

6 Pinning to Pinterest     62

Understanding Pins     64

Pinning from the Pinterest Site     64

Creating a Pin     65

Pinning from Your Web Browser     66

Adding a Pin It Button to Internet Explorer     66

Adding a Pin It Button to Google Chrome     68

Pinning with the Pin It Button     69

Uploading a Pin from Your Computer     70

Uploading an Image to Pin     71

7 Pinning and Playing Videos     72

Understanding Video Pins     74

Pinning a Video     74

How to Pin a YouTube Video     74

Viewing Pinned Videos     75

Searching for Videos on Pinterest     76

Browsing for Videos on Pinterest     77

Viewing a Pinned Video     78

8 Finding Interesting Things to Pin     80

What—and Why—Do People Pin on Pinterest?     82

Pinning Visually Interesting Items     85

Pinning Text,Visually     86

Pinning Inspirational Items     87

Pinning Humorous Items     88

Pinning Lifestyle Items     89

Pinning Things You Want to Do—and Places You Want to Go     89

Pinning Gift Ideas     90

9 Liking, Repinning, and Commenting     92

Liking Pins You Like     94

Liking a Pin     94

Viewing the Pins You Like     95

Repinning a Favorite Pin     96

Pinning an Item from Its Thumbnail     96

Pinning an Item from the Pin Page     97

Commenting on a Pin     98

Leaving a Comment in Thumbnail View     98

Leaving a Comment on the Pin Page     99

Using Hashtags and Mentions     99

Adding a Hashtag to a Pin     100

Viewing Similar Pins via Hashtag     101

Recommending a Pin to Another User     101

10 Viewing and Editing Your Pinterest Activity     102

Viewing Your Pinterest Activity     104

Viewing Your Boards     104

Viewing Your Pins     105

Viewing Your Likes     106

Editing and Deleting Pins     107

Editing Information About a Pin     107

Deleting a Pin     108

11 Sharing Pins to Facebook and Twitter     110

Sharing Pins via Facebook     112

Linking Your Pinterest and Facebook Accounts     112

Adding Pinterest to Your Facebook Timeline     114

Liking a Pin on Facebook     115

Sharing Pins via Twitter     116

Linking Your Pinterest and Twitter Accounts     116

Tweeting a New Pin to Twitter     117

Tweeting an Existing Pin     118

Sharing Pins with Non-Pinterest Users via Email     118

Sharing a Pin via Email     119

12 Learning Pinterest Etiquette    120

The Right Ways to Pin     122

It’s Okay to Repin     122

Always Pin from the Original Source     122

Always Pin from a Blog Post’s Permalink     124

Always Write a Good Description     125

Always Use #Hashtags     126

Always Be Nice     126

Pinning Your Own Stuff     126

Pin Your Personal Pictures     127

Pin Stuff You Create     128

Pin Items You’re Selling     128

Don’t Just Pin Your Own Stuff     130

What Not to Pin     130

Don’t Pin from a Google Image Search     130

Don’t Change the Link Address     131

Don’t Copy and Paste a Pin’s Description     132

Don’t Pin Things That Are Private     133

Don’t Pin Inappropriate Images     133

13 Using Pinterest on Your iPhone    136

Signing Into Your Pinterest Account     137

Logging In     138

Logging Out     139

Viewing Pins     139

Browsing Pins from People You Follow     140

Browsing Pins by Category     141

Liking, Repinning, and Commenting on a Pin     141

Liking a Pin     142

Repinning a Pin     142

Commenting on a Pin     143

Saving a Pinned Image to Your Camera Roll     143

Sharing a Pin     144

Sharing via Facebook     144

Sharing via Twitter     145

Sharing via Email     146

Viewing Your Pins and Activity     146

Viewing Your Boards and Pins     147

Viewing Your Recent Activity     148

Pinning from Your iPhone     148

Installing the Pin It Bookmarklet     149

Pinning from a Web Page     152

Pinning with the iPhone Camera     153

Pinning an Existing Photo from Your iPhone     155

14 Adding Pin It Buttons to Your Website or Blog     158

Adding a Pin It Button to a Blog or Web Page     160

Adding a Follow Button to Your Website or Blog     162

Embedding a Pin on Your Blog or Web Page     163

Keeping People from Pinning Your Website Content     165

15 Promoting Yourself on Pinterest     166

Using Pinterest for Self-Promotion     168

Pump Up Your Pinterest Profile     168

Include Links to Your Website, Blog, and Social Network Profiles     169

Pin Steadily     170

Pin from Many Sources     170

Think of Your Followers     170

Let Your Pins Reflect Your Personality     171

Look for “Pinnable” Images     171

Pin Videos     172

Pin on the Go     172

Pin Personal Pictures     173

Pin from Your Blog or Website     174

Describe Your Pins     174

Create Different Boards for Different Activities     175

Devise Interesting Names for Your Boards     175

Promoting Your Pinterest Presence     176

Participate in the Pinterest Community     176

Repin     177

Use Hashtags and Keywords     177

Integrate Pinterest into Your Other Social Media     178

Integrate Pinterest into Your Blog or Website     178

Make Your Activity Visible to Search Engines     179

16 Finding Gifts on Pinterest    180

Browsing for Gifts     182

Pinning Gift Items     184

17 Using Pinterest for Sharing and Collaboration     186

Managing Collaborative Pinboards     188

Creating a Collaborative Board     188

Making an Existing Board Collaborative     189

Adding Collaborators to a Board     190

Deleting Collaborators from a Board     191

Taking a Collaborative Board Private     192

Sharing Group Information on Pinterest     193

Sharing Research     193

Sharing Business Information     194

Sharing Classroom Information     195

Collaborating with Pinterest     197

Collaborating on Business Projects     197

Collaborating on School Projects     198

18 Using Pinterest for Scrapbooking     200

Creating Your Own Picture Scrapbooks on Pinterest     202

Following Other Scrapbookers for Inspiration     204

19 Using Pinterest for Photographers    208

Is Pinterest Good or Bad for Photographers?     210

Why Some Photographers Are Wary of Pinterest     210

Are These Concerns Justified?     212

Potential Benefits to Photographers     216

Should You Pin Your Photographs?     217

Sharing Your Photographs on Pinterest     218

Pinning Your Photos     218

Organizing Your Pinboards     220

How Wedding Photographers Can Take Advantage of Pinterest     221

Following Other Photographers for Inspiration     222

20 Using Pinterest for Bloggers     224

Why Pinterest Is Important for Your Blog     226

Connecting Your Blog to Pinterest     226

Use Consistent Profiles     226

Add a Pinterest Follow Button to Your Blog     227

Add Pin It Buttons to Individual Blog Posts     227

Link to Your Blog from Your Pinterest Profile     228

Sharing Blog Posts and Pictures on Pinterest     228

Pinning Images from Your Blog     228

Using a Pinterest Board as a Blog Roll     229

Using Pins in Your Blog Posts     230

How to Get Your Blog Posts Pinned—and Repinned     231

Creating Pinnable Posts     231

Making It Easy to Pin     231

Discovering What Others Have Pinned from Your Blog     231

21 Using Pinterest to Market Your Business     232

Should You Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business?     234

How Businesses Are Using Pinterest Today     235

What Can You Use Pinterest For?     235

What Types of Businesses Do Well on Pinterest?     236

Getting Your Business Started on Pinterest     239

Establish a Pinterest Account for Your Company or Brand     240

Write a Promotional Profile     240

Use Your Company Logo or Product Photo for Your Profile Picture     240

Link Back to Your Company Website and Other Social Network Accounts     241

Add a Pinterest Follow Button to Your Website     241

Create Interesting and Appropriate Pinboards     241

Start Pinning!     242

Tips for More Effective Marketing with Pinterest     243

Post More Than Just Product Photos     243

Create User-Focused Boards     243

Create an About Us Board     245

Connect Socially     245

Set Up Collaborative Pinboards     245

Encourage Customer Pins     246

Keep Adding New Boards     246

Become a Source of Industry News and Info     247

Use Keywords and Hashtags     247

Remember the Images     247

Pin Videos as Well as Pictures     247

Let Your Staff Pin     248

Add Prices to Your Pins     248

Measuring Your Success     249

22 Managing Your Pinterest Account     252

Editing Your Profile Information     254

Adding or Changing Your Profile Picture     255

Changing Your Account Password     256

Turning Off Pinterest’s Email Notifications     257

Hiding Your Pinterest Profile from Google and Other Search Engines     259

Deleting Your Pinterest Account     260

Index     261


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