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My Motorola Xoom

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My Motorola Xoom

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2012
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-279314-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-279314-8

My Motorola Xoom™

Complete Walkthroughs

with callouts to Xoom photos that
show you exactly what to do

Tips and Advice

when you run into Xoom problems
or limitations

Dozens of App Recommendations

to help you get the most from
your Xoom

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping
your Xoom working just the way you want. Learn how to:

            •           Connect your Xoom to a WiFi network

            •           Check email accounts and browse the web

            •           Read eBooks and listen to music

            •           Take photos and shoot video with the built-in cameras

            •           Play some fun and addictive games

            •           Never get lost with built-in GPS navigation and maps

            •           Stay in touch with webchat and Instant Messaging

            •           Turn your Xoom into a great personal assistant

            •           Put dozens of Google’s free services to work

            •           Use accessories to extend your Xoom’s capabilities

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Getting Started     3

  Xoom Shell     3

  Power/Lock Button     4

  Volume Controls     5

  Ports     5

  Cameras     6

Xoom’s User Interface Buttons     6

  Google Search Bar     7

  Voice Actions Button     8

  Apps Icon     8

  Home Screen Customization Button     9

  Back/Home/Recent Apps Button Collection     9

  Current Time     10

  Notification Alerts     11

Xoom Home Screens     11

Xoom Gestures     12

  Tapping     12

  Dragging     12

  Swiping     12

  Pinching     13

  Twisting     13

Xoom Settings     14

  Wireless & Networks     14

  Sound     15

  Screen     15

  Location & Security     15

  Applications     15

  Accounts & Sync     15

  Privacy     16

  Storage     16

  Language & Input     16

  Accessibility     16

  Date & Time      16

  About Tablet     16

Configuring Your Xoom     19

Adding an App to a Home Screen     20

Moving an App to a New Location     21

Removing an App from a Home Screen     22

Changing Your Home Screen Wallpaper     23

Adding a Widget to a Home Screen     26

Jumping to a Home Screen Without Swiping     27

Setting the Date and Time     28

Using Lock Screen for Security     30

Changing Screen Timeout     32

Performing a Google Search     34

Experimenting with Additional Settings     36

Get Connected     39

Turning on Wi-Fi Service     40

Joining a Wi-Fi Network     41

Joining a Hidden Wi-Fi Network     42

Activating Airplane Mode     44

Turning on Bluetooth Service     45

Configuring Bluetooth Service     46

Creating a Hotspot (Tethering)     48

Joining a VPN     49

Synchronizing Data     51

Connecting to a Windows Laptop or Computer     53

Browsing the Web     57

Visiting a Web Page     58

Setting Your Homepage     60

Creating a Bookmark     62

Viewing Your Bookmarks     64

Visiting a Website in a New Tab     66

Sharing a Website     67

Using Favorites Homepage     68

Selecting a Default Search Engine     69

Using AutoFill Information     71

Using Email     75

Creating a Gmail Account     76

Accessing the Gmail App     79

Sending a Message with Gmail     81

Adding a Gmail Signature     82

Other Gmail Options     83

Using the Full-Featured Browser Version of Gmail     85

Configuring the Email App     86

Photos and Video     89

Taking a Digital Photo     89

Adjusting Camera Settings     93

Shooting a Digital Video     96

Adjusting Video Settings     98

Using Gallery to View Photos and Video     100

Sharing a Digital Photo or Video via Gmail     101

Posting a Digital Photo or Video with Flickr     102

Posting a Digital Video to YouTube     105

The Android Market     109

Exploring the Android Market     110

Examining an App’s Information Page     111

Downloading a Free App     113

Downloading a Fee-Based App     115

Updating an App     118

Uninstalling an App     119

Checking App Storage Use     121

Resetting an App     123

Downloading Non-Android Market Apps     125

GPS and Navigation     129

Using Navigation     130

Seeing Where You Are     131

Speaking Your Destination     133

Typing Your Destination     137

Checking Traffic Conditions     139

Finding Food, Gas, and an ATM     141

Avoiding Tollbooths and Highways     143

Reading an eBook     145

Installing Kindle     145

Registering with Amazon.com     148

Downloading a Free eBook     150

Purchasing an eBook     153

Reading an eBook     154

Adding Bookmarks and Notes     159

Google Books     161

10  Music, Music, Music     165

Importing Your Music     165

Purchasing Music     168

Listening to Your Music     172

Installing Pandora     175

Using Pandora     179

11  Webcam, Text, and Phone Chats     181

Using Google Talk     181

Using the Webcam for Video Chat     184

Instant Message with a Friend     187

Making a Phone Call with Skype     190

12  Google Galore     199

Using iGoogle as Your Homepage     200

Creating a Free Website     203

Finding the Lowest Price     206

Creating a Family Calendar     209

Email Alerts for Topics of Interest     212

Using Google Reader     214

13  Games, Games, Games     219

Don’t Get Angry     219

Slicing Some Fruit     223

Old School Arcade     226

How’s Your Balance?     230

14  Be Productive     235

Files on the Go     236

Personal To Do List     240

Keeping the Family Organized     243

Password/Account Management     249

15  From the Big Screen to the Small Screen     257

Introducing…MoboPlayer     257

Loading Movies     262

Using YouTube     265

16  Apps, Apps, and More Apps     271

Vendetta     272

Mint.com     274

AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner     278

Google Sky Map     281

ESPN ScoreCenter     283

Seek Droid     285

16  Accessories Make Life Easier     289

Case Protection     289

Charging Stations     291

External Keyboard     292

Car Charger     293

USB Port     293

Index     295


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