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My Microsoft Windows 7 PC

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My Microsoft Windows 7 PC


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  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4895-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4895-9

The clear, friendly, visual guide to using and personalizing Windows 7 - 100% focused on what you really want to do with Windows 7!

  • Full-color, step-by-step tasks teach you how to do what you want, find what you need, run media like a breeze, connect with anyone, and make your whole computing experience smooth and seamless
  • Packed with screen captures that show you exactly what to do
  • Walks through connecting devices and networks, securely sharing content, and troubleshooting problems

This easy, visual tutorial doesn't just introduce new users to Windows 7: it shows how to use Windows 7's coolest new features to personalize your experience around the way you live and work. You learn how to get connected to people, places, and other devices, run Windows 7 efficiently, find what you need to run media like a breeze simplify the way you manage your life and commitments create a computing experience that's smoother, more seamless, and more fun. The book walks step-by-step through each key task you need to master, from getting comfortable with the Windows 7 desktop through connectivity, security, mobility, personalization, upgrades, troubleshooting, and much more. This book's step-by-step instructions link to callouts of Windows screen captures that show exactly what to do. Tips and Notes help you discover shortcuts and techniques you'll never find on your own, and Help features guide you past common Windows 7 problems. This book is designed for anyone just starting out with Windows 7 at home or at work, no matter how much experience you have with previous versions - or how little.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Getting and Staying Connected with Windows 7: Phones, Devices, and Tablets

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3 and Index)

Table of Contents

Introduction     1

Highlights of Windows     7 2

Versions of Windows 7     3

What You’ll Find in This Book     4

Let’s Begin     6

Chapter 1  Getting Started with Windows 7     9

Starting and Stopping Windows 7     10

    Starting Windows 7     11

Using the Start Menu     13

    Finding What You Need on the Start Menu     13

Learning the Taskbar     17

    Learning Taskbar Tools     17

Navigation Basics: Using the Mouse and Keyboard     22

    Using the Mouse     22

Working with Windows     26

    Starting a Program     26

    Opening a Document     29

    Switching to a Different Window     30

    Arranging Windows     31

Getting the Help You Need     35

Chapter 2  Preparing Your Windows 7 PC     41

Transferring Files     42

    Using Windows Easy Transfer     42

Setting Up Programs     45

Setting Up Your Printer     48

Getting Ready to Use Hardware     51

    Updating Drivers     53

Setting Up Internet Connections     56

Managing Your PC Power     59

Preparing for Recovery     62

Chapter 3  Getting and Staying Connected: Phones, Devices, and Tablets     67

Connecting Devices to Windows 7     68

Syncing Your Phone     69

Syncing Your MP3 Player     75

Moving Files from a Flash Drive     79

Setting Up Your Drawing Tablet     82

    Getting Started with Your Drawing Tablet     82

Chapter 4  Securing Your Windows 7 PC     89

Working with the Action Center     90

    Working with an Action Center Alert     92

Setting Up User Accounts     97

Setting a Password     102

Using Windows Defender     105

Turning on Your Windows Firewall     109

Changing User Account Control Settings     111

Chapter 5  Find What You’re Looking for--Fast!    115

Performing a Simple Search     116

    Using the Search Box     117

    Using the Search Folder     119

Extending a Search     120

    Understanding Search Filters     121

    Expanding Your Search     122

    Searching Online     123

Customizing and Saving a Search     126

    Creating a Custom Search     126

    Saving Your Search     129

Chapter 6  Exploring, Downloading, and Running Programs     133

Finding and Starting a Program     134

Working with Program Windows     138

    Exploring a Program Window     139

    Copying Content Between Programs     141

Closing a Program     143

Downloading and Installing Programs     144

    Getting Ready to Download a Program     145

    Purchasing, Downloading, and Installing a Program     147

Repairing and Uninstalling Programs     149

Repairing Installations     149

    Uninstalling Programs     150

Working with Gadgets     153

    Display Running Gadgets     154

Chapter 7  Organizing Files and Folders     161

Working with Windows 7 Libraries     162

    Getting Started with Windows 7 File Libraries     162

    Taking a Look at Windows Explorer     164

    Using the Navigation Pane     166

    Adding Folders to Libraries     167

    Creating a Library     168

    Arranging Library Display     171

Managing Folders     173

    Finding the Folder You Want     173

    Removing Folders     180

Finding, Organizing, and Sharing Your Files     181

    Finding Files     181

    Previewing Files     182

    Displaying and Updating File Information     183

    Tagging Files     184

    Compressing and Uncompressing Your Files     189

Chapter 8  Doing the Web Thing (Plus Email and Calendars, Too)    193

Getting Online with Internet Explorer     194

    Starting Internet Explorer     194

    A Look Around the Internet Explorer Window     195

    Displaying Browser Toolbars     197

    Using the Notification Bar     198

    Selecting Your Home Page     199

Browsing and Searching the Web     200

    Navigating the Web     202

    Searching for Information     204

    Adding a Search Provider     206

Working with Tabs     210

    Opening a New Tab     210

    Changing the Tab Display     211

    Displaying Colorful Tabs     212

    Pinning a Site to the Taskbar     213

Working with IE9 Tools     215

    Changing Site Display     217

Adding and Managing Favorites     218

    Viewing Your RSS Feeds     223

    Adding Web Slices     226

Securing Your Browsing Experience     227

    Blocking ActiveX Controls     228

Sending a Link by Email with Windows Live Mail     235

    Sending Mail     236

Chapter 9  Ready, Set, Media!     241

Watching TV and Movies on Your PC     242

    Looking Around the Windows Media Center Window     243

    Watching Internet TV on Your PC     245

    Watching Live TV on Your PC     249

    Recording a Series or a Show     251

    Setting Recording Options     252

    Sharing Media on Your Phone     256

Enjoying Media with Windows Media Player     258

    Exploring the Windows Media Player Window     259

    Playing Tunes in Windows Media Player     260

    Creating a Playlist     265

    Streaming Your Media     268

    Viewing the Media Guide     271

Chapter 10  Cataloging and Fine-Tuning Your Photos     275

Adding Pictures to Your PC     276

    Connecting Your Camera and Downloading Pictures     276

    Adding and Viewing Pictures from Your Phone     278

    Viewing Photos on Windows Phone 7     278

Viewing Photos in the Pictures Library     281

    Looking Around the Pictures Library     281

    Viewing Pictures in the Picture Library     282

    Using the Windows Photo Viewer     284

Managing Your Pictures     287

    Rotating Pictures     288

    Tagging Pictures     292

Sharing Your Pictures     296

Printing Pictures     299

    Printing Your Photos     299

Chapter 11  Personalizing Windows 7     303

Changing Your Desktop     303

    Choosing a New Background     304

    Choosing a Desktop Theme     306

Adjusting the Look of Windows 7     310

    Choosing a Color Scheme     310

    Changing the Font Size     314

Adjusting the Mouse     320

    Changing Mouse Pointers     320

Changing System Sounds     325

Chapter 12  Networking—at Home and on the Road     329

Setting Up a Home Network     330

    Gathering Your Equipment     330

Getting Started with a HomeGroup     335

    Creating and Setting Up a HomeGroup     336

Using Your HomeGroup     340

Chapter 13  Windows 7 Care, Feeding, and Troubleshooting     345

Updating Windows 7     346

Backing Up and Restoring Your Files     349

    Backing Up Your Files     349

Using System Tools     354

    Disk Cleanup     354

    Disk Defragmenter     356

Compatibility with Windows 7     357

    Using the Windows Compatibility Center     358

Index     363


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