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My iPod Touch

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My iPod Touch

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-9412-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-9412-3

Covers OS 3.0

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPod touch photos so that you can see exactly what to do.

Help when you run into iPod touch problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPod touch.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPod touch working just the way you want.

Learn how to:

•   Make the most of Apple’s newest iPod touch 3.0 software

•   Connect your iPod touch to Wi-Fi networks and the Internet

•   Move content onto your iPod touch

•   Synchronize your iPod touch with a computer, MobileMe, or Exchange

•   Listen to music, podcasts, and other audio

•   Watch movies, TV shows, music videos, and video podcasts

•   Surf the Web and email

•   Create, manage, display, and edit contacts and calendar entries

•   Store, view, and share your photos

•   Find, install, use, and maintain iPod touch applications

•   Customize, maintain, and troubleshoot your iPod touch

BONUS MATERIAL: Find additional tasks and other helpful information on this book’s website at www.informit.com/title/9780789742391

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Getting Started with Your iPod touch     3

Touring Your iPod touch     4

     Getting to Know the iPod touch’s External Features     4

     Knowing Why It’s Called a Multi-Touch Interface     5

Preparing iTunes     19

     Downloading and Installing iTunes on a Windows PC     20

     Updating iTunes     21

     Obtaining and Signing In to an iTunes Store      22

Preparing MobileMe     24

      Obtaining a MobileMe Account     24

     Configuring MobileMe on a Windows PC     25

     Configuring MobileMe on a Mac     28

     Managing MobileMe Syncs     29

Using This Book     30

Chapter 2    Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and iPods/iPhones     35

Connecting an iPod touch to the Internet     36

     Connecting to an Open Network     36

     Connecting to a Commercial Network     42

     Connecting to a Closed Network     43

     Changing Networks     45

     Forgetting Networks     46

Connecting to Other Devices Using Bluetooth     48

Connecting to Other iPod touches and iPhones     50

     Using an Application with Peer-to-Peer Networking by Default     51

     Configuring an Application to Use Peer-to-Peer Networking     52

Chapter 3    Moving Audio, Video, and Photos onto Your iPod touch     55

Using iTunes to Add Audio and Video Content to the iPod touch     56

     Importing Audio CDs to the iTunes Library     56

     Purchasing Audio and Video from the iTunes Store     59

     Renting Movies from the iTunes Store     62

     Subscribing to Podcasts in the iTunes Store     64

     Building Music Playlists     66

     Building Smart Playlists     68

     Moving Audio and Video from the iTunes Library onto an iPod touch     71

Using iTunes to Add Photos to Your iPod touch     77

     Moving Photos from a Windows PC onto iPod touch     77

     Moving Photos from a Mac to iPod touch     79

Using the iTunes iPod touch Application to Add Content to an iPod touch     81

Chapter 4    Configuring and Synchronizing Information on an iPod touch     87

Syncing Information with iTunes     88

     Using iTunes to Sync Information on Macs     88

     Using iTunes to Sync Information on Windows PCs     94

Syncing Information with MobileMe     99

Syncing Information with Exchange     104

Chapter 5    Listening to Music, Podcasts, and Other Audio     107

Finding and Listening to Music     107

     Using the Cover Flow Browser to Find and Play Music     108

     Using Playlists to Find Music     111

     Using Artists to Find Music     113

     Using the More Menu to Find Music     117

     Searching for Music     118

     Using Genius to Find Music     119

     Finding Music by Shuffling     123

     Playing Music     124

Controlling Audio Content with the iPod Control Bar     127

     Configure the iPod Control Bar     127

     Use the iPod Control Bar     128

Finding and Listening to Podcasts     129

Customizing Your iPod touch for Music     131

     Configuring iPod touch’s Music Toolbar     132

     Configuring iPod touch’s Music Settings     133

Bonus Web Task: Using the Songs Tool to Find Music

Bonus Web Task: Using Albums to Find Music

Bonus Web Task: Building and Editing an On-The-Go Playlist

Chapter 6    Watching Movies, TV Shows, and Other Video     139

Finding and Watching Video     139

     Finding Video     140

     Watching Rented Movies     144

     Watching Video Podcasts     146

     Deleting Video     147

Configuring iPod touch’s Video Settings     148

Chapter 7    Surfing the Web     151

Configuring Safari Settings     152

Browsing the Web on an iPod touch     158

     Moving to Websites via Bookmarks     158

     Moving to Websites by Typing a URL     160

     Viewing Websites     163

     Searching the Web     165

     Returning to Previous Websites     166

     Saving and Organizing Bookmarks     169

     Creating a Bookmark on the Home Screen     176

     Emailing a Link to a Webpage     178

     Completing Web Forms    179

     Signing In Automatically     181

     Opening and Managing Multiple Webpages at the Same Time     182

Chapter 8    Managing Contacts     187

Configuring How Contacts Are Displayed on an iPod touch     187

Creating New Contacts While Using an iPod touch     189

     Creating a Contact from an Email     190

     Creating a Contact from a Map     192

     Creating Contacts on an iPod touch Manually     193

Using Contacts on an iPod touch     201

     Using the Contacts Application     201

     Using Contacts Information in Other Applications     202

Changing or Deleting Contacts     204

     Changing, Adding, or Removing Information for an Existing Contact Manually     204

     Adding Information to an Existing Contact While Using iPod touch     206

     Deleting Contacts Manually     207

Chapter 9    Emailing     209

Configuring Email Accounts on an iPod touch     210

     Configuring Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or AOL Email Accounts on an iPod touch Manually     211

     Configuring Exchange Email Accounts on an iPod touch Manually     213

     Configuring Other Email Accounts on an iPod touch Manually     217

     Performing Advanced Configuration of Email Accounts on an iPod touch     219

Configuring General Email Settings     225

     Configuring How Email Is Retrieved     225

     Configuring Global Email Settings     228

Managing Email Accounts     233

     Changing Email Account Configurations     233

     Deleting Email Accounts     234

Working with Email     235

     Receiving and Reading Email     235

     Sending Email      241

     Replying to Email     246

     Forwarding Email     248

     Managing Email     250

Bonus Web Task: Configuring Other Email Accounts on an iPod touch Manually

Chapter 10    Managing Calendars and Time     261

Configuring an iPod touch’s Calendar, Date, and Time Settings     261

Working with Calendars     270

     Viewing Calendars     271

     Adding Events to a Calendar Manually     275

     Adding Events to the Calendar by Accepting Invitations     284

     Working with Event Alarms     287

Using an iPod touch as a Clock      287

     Telling Time with an iPod touch     287

     Using the Clock Application     288

Bonus Web Task: Using an iPod touch as a Stopwatch

Bonus Web Task: Using an iPod touch as a Timer

Chapter 11    Storing, Viewing, and Sharing Photos     299

Moving Photos onto your iPod touch     299

Setting Slideshow Preferences     300

Viewing Photos on Your iPod touch     302

     Viewing Photos Individually     303

     Viewing Slideshows     306

     Deleting Photos from Your iPod touch     308

Working with Photos on Your iPod touch     310

     Using a Photo as Wallpaper     310

     Emailing Photos     312

     Assigning a Photo to a Contact     313

     Sending Photos to MobileMe     315

Moving Photos from Your iPod touch to a Computer     317

     Moving Photos from your iPod touch to a Windows PC     317

     Moving Photos from Your iPod touch to a Mac     19

Chapter 12    Using Maps and Other Preinstalled Applications     321

Watching Stocks     322

     Configuring the Stocks Application     322

     Tracking Stocks     325

Finding Your Way with Maps     328

     Finding a Location by Searching     329

     Using Bookmarks, Recents, or Contacts to Find a Location     331

     Working with Maps     332

     Getting Directions     335

Watching the Weather     337

     Choosing Weather Locations     337

     Viewing Weather Information     339

Bonus Web Task: Watching YouTube Videos

Chapter 13    Installing and Maintaining iPod touch Applications     343

Using iTunes to Find and Install iPod touch Applications     344

     Downloading Applications from the iTunes Store     344

     Moving Applications from Your iTunes Library onto iPod touch     347

Using the App Store to Find and Install iPod touch Applications     348

Using iPod touch Applications You Install     354

Maintaining iPod touch Applications      355

Removing Applications from an iPod touch     359

Chapter 14    Customizing an iPod touch     363

Customizing Your Home Screens     364

Accessing iPod touch Settings     367

Configuring General Sound Settings     367

Setting Screen Brightness     369

Setting Wallpaper     370

Configuring Other General Settings     372

     Getting Information about an iPod touch     372

     Configuring Location Services     373

     Securing Your iPod touch     373

     Configuring Home Button and Search Options     382

     Configuring the Keyboard     383

     Setting International Options     384

     Resetting an iPod touch     386

Chapter 15    Maintaining an iPod touch and Solving Problems      389

Maintaining an iPod touch     389

     Maintaining iTunes     390

     Maintaining an iPod touch’s Software     392

     Maintaining an iPod touch’s Power     393

     Cleaning an iPod touch’s Screen     397

Solving iPod touch Problems     398

     Restarting an iPod touch     398

     Restarting the Computer and iTunes     399

     Resetting an iPod touch     399

     Restoring an iPod touch     401

     Reinstalling iTunes     404


Getting Help with an iPod touch Problems     405

Index     406


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