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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit

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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit


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  • Copyright 2008
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3681-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3681-9

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit

This book is not as much about reading as it is about seeing and doing! That’s why we call it a kit. Full-color pages show you exactly how your slides will look as you follow the makeover steps, and all presentations in various stages of the makeover are on the accompanying CD.

Each of the eight makeovers has been carefully chosen so it’s relevant to anyone who has ever used PowerPoint. And if you just upgraded to PowerPoint 2007, this book gives you a great introduction to the new version of the program, along with ample experience in using all the new features. There’s no better way of getting up to speed with PowerPoint 2007.

          •        Learn the tricks used by the creators of award-winning presentations

          •        Every makeover includes step-by-step instructions that are illustrated in full color

          •        Separate chapters dedicated to the PowerPoint 2007 interface and galleries

          •        Explore everything from choosing appropriate colors to visually representing data

          •        Perfect presentations by incorporating high-impact animation and multimedia elements

             ON THE CD

          •        All sample presentations, plus all the files you need to do the makeovers

          •        Royalty free pictures

          •        Music tracks

          •        Templates and Themes

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

PowerPoint Makeover 7: No Bullets Presentation

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download the chapter

Table of Contents


Part I The Basics

Chapter 1 Exploring PowerPoint 2007

The Interface

    The Ribbon

    The Slide Pane

    The Slide Workspace

    The Status Bar

New and Different Features

    New Features

    Changed or Missing Features

Part II The Makeovers

Chapter 2 Makeover 1: A Corporate Presentation

About This Makeover

Step 1. Apply a Theme

Step 2. Create a Slide Layout

    Add the Layout

    Add Placeholders to the Layout

    Name the Layout

Step 3. Apply the Slide Layout to Existing Slides

Step 4. Add Pictures to the Picture Placeholder

Step 5. Fine-tune Your Text

    Change Line Spacing on the Slide Layout

    Turn Off Autofitting and Reapply Line Spacing to One Slide

Chapter 3 Makeover 2: Medical Speaker Training

About This Makeover

Step 1. Apply a Theme

Step 2. Anchor the Text in the Title Placeholder

Step 3. Putting the Placeholders to Work

    Reset the Slide Layout

    Apply Appropriate Layouts as Necessary

    Add Text to Placeholders

Step 4. Add and Format Tabs for Uniform Alignment

Step 5. Use SmartArt Diagrams

    Add and Format a SmartArt Diagram

    Format the Events Labels and Lines

Step 6. Create a Table

Step 7. Use Quick Styles to Create Great-looking Charts

Chapter 4 Makeover 3: School Project

About This Makeover

Step 1. Apply and Edit Themes

    Apply the Theme to the Entire Presentation

    Change the Border

Step 2. Edit the First Slide

Step 3. Add Some Pictures, Add Some Effects

Step 4. Compress Your Presentation

Chapter 5 Makeover 4: A Group Presentation

About This Makeover

Step 1. Reapply Slide Layouts

Step 2. Choose a New Theme

Step 3. Prune Text and Add New Slides

    Pruning Text

    Adding New Slides

Step 4. Add the Footnotes

Step 5. A Table Overhaul

Step 6. Fix Those Incomplete Slides

Chapter 6 Makeover 5: Halloween Scrapbook

About This Makeover

Step 1. Change the Background

Step 2. Create Theme Fonts

Step 3. Apply Theme Fonts

Step 4. Fine-tune Your Fonts Further

Step 5. Create New Theme Colors

Step 6. Apply Theme Variations

Step 7. Add and Rename Slide Layouts

    Adding Placeholders to the Slide Layout

    Resizing Picture Placeholders

    Final Adjustments to the Picture Slide Layout

Step 8. Refine Your Picture Placeholders

Step 9. Apply Slide Layouts

Step 10. Slide Layout Finishing Touches

Step 11. Create or Import Graphic Elements

Step 12. Add Scary Music

Chapter 7 Makeover 6: Kiosk Presentation

About This Makeover

Step 1. Create and Apply Appropriate Slide Layouts

    Reposition and Fade the Logo

    Create Graphic Text

    Duplicate and Reorder the Layouts

    Apply Slide Layouts

Step 2. Create Buttons and Add Links for Navigation

    Create the Buttons

    Add Navigation Links

    Copy and Format the Buttons for Each Slide

Step 3. Improve the Appearance of Other Elements

    Apply Transparency and Shape Effects

    Format the Calendar Table

Step 4. Apply Trigger Animations

    Add Shapes to Animate

    Apply Animations and Add Trigger Settings

    Apply Exit Animation

    Set Up Kiosk Mode

Step 5. Create the Awards Slide

Chapter 8 Makeover 7: No Bullets Presentation

About This Makeover

Step 1. Apply a Clean Theme

Step 2. Create a Slide from Each Bullet

Step 3. Change the Slide Layout

Step 4. Consolidate the Slides

Step 5. Add More Slides

Step 6. Add Pictures

Step 7. Work with the Titles and Slide Backgrounds

Chapter 9 Makeover 8: Trade Show Loop Presentation

About This Makeover

Step 1. Set Up Theme Colors and Slide Master

Step 2. Prepare the Logo for Animation

    Add Shapes to Frame the Logo

    Crop and Align the Logo and Shapes

Step 3. Animate the Logo

Step 4. Create and Animate a Message Slide

    Add Graphics to a Copy of a Slide

    Add Animation

Step 5. Add Some Oomph to Lists of Customers

    Add Graphics to a Copy of a Slide

    Animate the Objects

    Create a New Slide Based on the Existing Slide

Step 6. Dress Up a Basic Text Slide

    Start with a Copy of an Existing Slide

    Copy and Modify Existing Graphics

    Add Exit Animations

Step 7. Add a Picture of the Product

    Start with a Copy of an Existing Slide

    Add Animation

Step 8. Create an End Slide to Close the Loop

Step 9. Add Music


Chapter 10 The Gallery

Color Coordination

    Choose Themes Wisely

    Consider Color When Using Text Effects

    Consider Changing Theme Colors

    Avoid Clashing Colors That Sacrifice Contrast

Text Contrast

    Examine Theme Text Colors

    Contrasting Colors

    Contrast in Gradients

    Text and Pictures

Shape Styles Gallery

Picture Styles

Don’t Use These Fonts

    Avoid Using Too Many Font Styles in a Presentation

    Use Suitable Fonts

    Use Caution with Dingbats

Color Harmonies



    Split Complementary

    Double Complementary

Appendix On the CD

Makeover Files

Utilities and Supporting Applications


Chapter 11 Everything Else We Wanted to Squeeze In!

PowerPoint 2007 Editions

PowerPoint 2007 Installation Notes

Customizing the Ribbon


    The PowerPoint Makeover Kit Site

    PowerPoint Sites

    PowerPoint Discussion Groups


    Media (Clip Art, Photos,Music, and Video)

    PowerPoint Templates

0789736810    TOC     10/9/2007


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