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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming

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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32148-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32148-1

This book provides a comprehensive transition from JScript to the .NET Framework/platform including coverage of JScript.NET (language), ASP.NET, and Windows Forms. The book will discuss the language changes to ease the developer into working with the new syntax. and then several chapters on ASP.NET will correlate the differences between the former ASP programming model and the new .NET programming model.



The source code for all the examples developed in the book -- 309 kb - code.zip

Source Code

The source code for all the examples developed in the book -- 309 kb - code.zip

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming: Datatypes, Arrays, and Strings

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapters concludes with a Summary.)


1. Introduction to JScript .NET.

Development of JScript .NET. What Does JScript .NET Have to Offer? Organization of This Book. Coding Conventions.

2. Organization of JScript .NET.

Packages and Namespaces. Classes and Interfaces. Class Members. Assemblies, Executables, and Libraries. Basic JScript .NET Program.

3. Datatypes, Arrays, and Strings.

Strongly Typing in JScript .NET. Basic Datatypes. Declaring and Typing Arrays. Using the String Object.

4. Operators and Commenting.

Comparison and Assignment Operators. Arithmetic Operators and Concatenation. Bitwise and Boolean Operators. Object Operators. Using Comments.

5. Controlling Program Flow.

Conditional Statements. Loop Statements. Enumerations and the for…in Loop. Using Labels with continue and break.

6. Creating Classes.

An Overview of Classes. Class and Member Attributes. Inheritance and Subclassing. Declaring Constructors.

7. Interfaces and Class Members.

An Overview of Interfaces. Implementing Interfaces. Declaring Methods. Properties and Fields. Event Support.

8. Exception Handling.

Wrapping Code with try and catch. Throwing Exceptions.

9. JScript .NET Compiler Features.

Command-Line Compiler Usage. Conditional Compilation. Assembly-Level Attributes.

10. File Access.

File, FileInfo, Directory, DirectoryInfo, and Path. The Stream Class and IO.

11. XML.

The System.Xml Namespace. Creating New XML Content.

12. Regular Expressions

JScript Regex Support. Using .NET Regular Expressions. Basic Pattern Matching. Using Regex for String Replacement.

13. Accessing the Internet.

The System.Net Namespace. Simple Web Requests. Asynchronous Web Requests.

14. Using JScript .NET in ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Page-Level Directives. Server-Side Code Blocks, In-line Code, and Code-Behind. Writing Basic Event Handlers.

15. Windows Forms Programming in JScript .NET.

Setting Up a Basic Form. Buttons, Labels, and Text Controls. Using the Docking and Layout Feature. Implementing Simple Menus. Using the Common Dialog Controls. Wrapping Up in JPad.

Appendix A. JScript .NET Compiler Reference.



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