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Manage Your Money and Investments with Microsoft Excel

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Manage Your Money and Investments with Microsoft Excel


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3428-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3428-0

Sure you want to save money. We all do. But saving money is sometimes easier said than done. Did you know that there is a program probably already installed on your computer that can help you manage your money better? It's Microsoft Excel, part of the Microsoft Office suite. Manage Your Money and Investments with Excel can help you take control of your finances with Excel. Learn how to:

  • Perform basic financial calculations.
  • Track and analyze investments.
  • Compare mutual fund options.
  • Manage mortgages, loans, and escrow accounts.
  • Balance checking accounts and manage credit card debt.
  • Track your net worth.
Discover new ways to make money-saving decisions and manage your finances with Manage Your Money and Investments with Excel.



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Managing Your Money in Microsoft Excel: Basic Financial Calculations

Working with Basic Financial Calculations

Table of Contents


    Why Excel?

    Who This Book Is For

    More Information and Updates


1. Taking Control of Your Finances.

    Facing the Problem

    Setting Goals

    What Excel Can Do for You

      Why Excel and Not Quicken or Money?

      Excel Versions

    Using the Worksheet Templates

      Template Conventions

    About Percentages

2. Using Excel to Work with Money.

    Excel Basics

      Getting Around

      Selecting Cells

      Entering and Editing Data

      Formatting the Worksheet

    Formulas in Excel

      Excel Functions

    Excel and Money

      Cash Flow

      Formatting Money and Percentage Values

    Charting Your Course

3. Working with Basic Financial Calculations.

    Calculating Loan Payments

    Calculating Principal Payments

    Working with Future Value

    Using the Present Value Function

    Calculating Interest Rate

4. Tracking Your Net Worth.

    What Is Net Worth?

      Assets to Include

      Liabilities to Include

    The Net Worth Calculator

    Interpreting Your Net Worth

    Keeping Track over Time


5. Managing Your Money with a Budget.

    What Is a Budget?

    Budget Fundamentals

    The Home Budget Calculator

      The Overview



      Entering Transactions

      Getting Started with Your Budget

    Living with a Budget

      Analyze Your Spending

      Live Within Your Means

    Balancing Your Budget

      Watch Impulse Buying

      Look for Sales

      Learn to Cook

6. Being Smart with Your Checking Accounts.

    How Checking Accounts Work

      Types of Checking Accounts

      Other Checking Account Fees

      Understanding Debit Cards

      Be Smart with ATM Cards

      Cheap Checks

      Other Account Services

    How to Get a Free Checking Account

    The Checkbook Register Application

      How the Checkbook Register Workbook Works

      Getting Started with the Register

      Entering Transactions

      Sorting Transactions

      Editing Transactions

      Keeping Headings in View

      Reconciling Your Register

7. Getting the Most From Your Credit Cards.

    How Credit Cards Work

      Credit Card Interest Rates

      Credit Card Fees

      Credit Card Advantages

      What About Debit Cards?

      Hooray for the Grace Period

      Reward Cards

    Using Your Credit Cards Wisely

      Never Charge Anything You Cannot Pay Off

      Use the Grace Period

      Get a Rewards Card

      Be Careful to Make Payments on Time

      Mind Your Credit Limit

    How Much Will It Really Cost?

      The Real Cost Calculator

    Why Carrying a Balance Is to Be Avoided

    Paying Off Your Balance

    The Payoff Calculator

    Using a Credit Card for Cash Advances

      Understanding Cash Advances

      The Cash Advance Cost Calculator


8. Understanding Mortgages-And Getting the One That's Best for You.

    The Many Benefits of Home Ownership

    Types of Mortgages

      Traditional Fixed Rate Mortgages

      Adjustable Rate Mortgages

      Balloon Mortgages

      Hybrid Mortgages

    Your Mortgage Payment

    Other Mortgage Costs

      Origination Fee


      Private Mortgage Insurance

    The Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

    Understanding Mortgage Amortization

    How Much Can I Borrow?

      The Maximum Mortgage Calculator

    The Mortgage Detail Calculator

9. Considering Home Equity Loans.

    What Is a Home Equity Loan?

    How They Work

    How Much Can I Borrow?

    Home Equity Loan Cautions

    Home Equity Calculations

10. Refinancing Your Mortgage.

    Why Refinance?

    Costs of Refinancing

    Making a Decision

    The Mortgage Refinance Breakeven Calculator

      How to Use the Calculator

11. Understanding Escrow Accounts.

    Escrow Is for Taxes and Insurance

    Canceling Your Escrow Account

    The Escrow Cancellation Calculator

12. Renting Versus Buying Your Home-Making the Right Choice.

    Why Buy a Home?

    Financial Factors of Home Ownership

      The Down Payment

      Closing Costs

      Ownership Costs

    The Rent Versus Buy Calculator

13. Your New Car- Lease or Buy?

    Do You Really Need a New Car?

    Understanding Auto Leases

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Leasing

    Types of Leases

    Lease Conditions

    Lease Payment Calculator

    The Lease or Buy Calculator


14. Learning the Fundamentals of Investing.

    Investment Vehicles



      Mutual Funds

      Exchange Traded Funds

      Treasury Bills

      Savings Accounts

      Certificates of Deposit

      Money Market Accounts

    Risk Versus Return

    Your Investment Timeframe

    Choosing a Brokerage Account

    Dividend Reinvestment Plans

15. Tracking Your Investments.

    Why Track Investments?

    The Investment Portfolio Workbook

      The Holdings Worksheet

      The Query Worksheet

      Using the Investment Portfolio Template

16. Comparing Mutual Funds.

    Choosing Mutual Funds

    The Mutual Fund Comparator

17. Planning for College or Retirement.

    Long-term Planning

      Accounting for Inflation

      The Inflation Effects Calculator

      Predicting Your Needs

      Not Over-Saving

    Saving for College

      The College Cost Calculator

      The College Savings Calculator

    Saving for Retirement

      What About Social Security?

      How Much Retirement Income Will You Need?

      How Much Do You Need to Save?


      The Retirement Planner Workbook


A. Workbook Reference.

    Chapter 4: Net Worth Calculator

    Chapter 5: Budget Workbook

      The Budget Menu

      The Transactions Worksheet

      The Transaction Entry Form

      Entering Paychecks

      The Overview Worksheet

    Chapter 6: Checkbook Register Workbook

      The Register Menu

      Entering Transactions

      Sorting the Transactions

      Calculating the Totals

    Chapter 7: Real Cost Calculator

    Chapter 7: Payoff Calculator

    Chapter 7: Cash Advance Cost Calculator

    Chapter 8: Mortgage Payment Calculator

    Chapter 8: Mortgage Points Comparator

    Chapter 8: Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator

    Chapter 8: Maximum Mortgage Calculator

    Chapter 8: Mortgage Detail Calculator

    Chapter 9: Home Equity Line of Credit Calculator

    Chapter 10: Mortgage Refinance Breakeven Calculator

    Chapter 11: Escrow Cancellation Calculator

    Chapter 12: Rent Versus Buy Calculator

      The Input Worksheet

      The Output Worksheet

      The Chart Worksheet

    Chapter 13: Lease Payment Calculator

    Chapter 13: Lease or Buy Calculator

    Chapter 15: Investment Portfolio Workbook

    Chapter 16: Mutual Fund Comparator

    Chapter 17: Inflation Effects Calculator

    Chapter 17: College Cost Calculator

    Chapter 17: College Savings Calculator

    Chapter 17: Retirement Planner Workbook

B. Glossary of Financial Terms.



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