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MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife

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MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3191-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3191-3

Macs today come "fully loaded," but unlike your typical fully loaded automobile, Macs do not come with detailed instruction manuals. Instead, the user is often left to fend for him or herself as they try to sort through all that powerful and mysterious software. On the surface, these programs are relatively easy-to-use, but it is what lies beneath the surface that makes them most useful. MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife is your way to take control of this unfortunate situation. Through the use of visual aids and projects, you will be guided through each application's basic features before moving on to the hidden features and time-saving shortcuts. You'll also explore the Utilities folder as you learn which applications can help you, which ones you should leave alone and which one is the portal to a host of old-school games that you may otherwise have never known existed. MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife will help you and your Mac live the good life.

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The MacAddict Guide to iPhoto

Table of Contents


I. The iApps That Start with “i”.

1 . iTunes.

      Bringing Music into iTunes.

    Play First.

    Adding Music to the Library.

    Internet Radio.

      Organizing Your Music.

    Building Playlists.

    Smart Playlists.

    Party Shuffle.

    Exporting Playlists.

    Music Ratings.


    Searching and Browsing.

    Changing Track Information.

    A Peek into the Music Folder.

      Burning CDs.

    Choose Content.

    Get Ready to Burn.

    Printing CD Case Labels.

      iTunes to the Max.

    Pump Up Playback with Sound Effects.

    Optimizing Encoded Sound Quality.

    The Visual Side of iTunes.

    AppleScript and iTunes.

    Sharing Music.

    Share Your Playlists with the World.

2. GarageBand.

      Get to Know GarageBand.

    System Requirements.

    The Quick Tour: We’re With the Band.

    Keyboard Shortcuts.

      Introduction to Tracks.

    Start a Project.


    Software Instruments.

    Real Instruments.

      Fun with Tracks and the Timeline.

    Pick a Better Software Instrument.

    Effecting Real Instruments.

    Groovin’ in the Timeline.

    Inside the Track Editor.


    Mixing Controls.

    Volume Curves.

    Timing and Velocity Tweaks.


    Song Volume and the Master Track.

    A Lean, Mean Mix.

      Sharing Songs and Parts of Songs.

    101 Uses for an Exported Song.

    Importing Music: It’s a Drag.

      Turbocharge GarageBand.



3. iPhoto.

      Meet iPhoto.

      Importing Photos.

    About Image Formats.

    Importing from a Digital Camera.

    Import from a Card Reader.

    Import from Your Hard Drive or a CD.

    Photo Triage.

      Managing Photo Information.

    Names, Dates, and Comments.

    Changing Multiple Photos at Once.


    Photo Info.

    View Your Handiwork.

      Organizing Photos.


    Smart Albums.

    Date-Based Albums.

    Film Rolls.

    Customized Views.

    Arranging Photos.

       Editing Photos.

    Customize the Editing Environment.

    Using Editing Tools.

      Sharing and Displaying Photos.

    Printing Your Photos.

    Ordering Prints.


    Emailing Photos.

    Web Pages and Slides with .Mac.

    Burning CDs and DVDs.

    Exporting Photos.

    Network Photo Sharing.

4. iMovie.

      Getting Ready to Build a Masterpiece.


    Connecting Your Camera.

    Some Notes About Importing Footage.

      Working with Clips.

    Trimming a Clip.



    Direct Trimming.

    Moving Clips to the Timeline.

      Adding Transitions, Effects, and Titles.


    Video Effects.

    Pile on the Plug-Ins.


      Sound and Music.

    Import from iTunes.

    Import from a CD.

    Import Sound Effects.

    Narrating Your Movie.

    Editing Audio Clips.

      Working with Still Images.

    Importing Photos.

    The Ken Burns Effect.

    Creating Stills from Your Movie.

      Sharing and Exporting Movies.

    Compressed Movies: Web, Email, and Direct to QuickTime.

    Export to Tape or iDVD.

5. iDVD.

      Preparing to Work in iDVD.

      Create and Save a Project.

    Start in iMovie.

    Or Start in iDVD.

      Working with Themes.

    Editing Text.

    Adding Movies or Photos.


    Working with Motion.


    Using Submenus.

    The Map.

      Customizing Themes.

    Editing Menu Backgrounds.

    Adding or Editing Audio.

    Editing Buttons.

    Saving Favorite Themes.

      Archiving and Burning DVDs.

    Archiving a Project.


    Burn a Disc.

6. iChat AV.

      Getting an iChat Account.

    Chat the .Mac Way.

    AIM Free for All.

      Basic Accounting.

    Using Multiple Accounts.

      Find Some Buddies.

    Buddy Groups.

      Customize the iChat Experience.

    Custom Text.

    Chat Status.

    Get Some Buddy Icons.

    Buddy Actions and Alerts.

      Text Chat.

    Editing, Spell-Checking, and Emoticons.

    Group Chats.

    Sending Images and Files.

      Audio and Video Chat.

    Speak Your Mind.

    See and Be Seen with iSight or a DV Camera.

    Video Setup.

      Rendezvous with Destiny.

7. iCal.

      Getting Started with iCal.

    Understanding Calendars.

    Importing Information.

    Custom Viewing.

      Calendars and Events.

    Editing Events.

    Copying and Removing Events.

    Customizing the Event View.

      To-Do Lists.

      Printing and Exporting Calendars.


    Exporting Calendars and Events.

      Searching in iCal.

      Sharing Calendars.

    Subscribing to Shared Calendars.

    Publishing Your Calendar.

      Synchronizing Your Calendars.

8. iSync.

      Syncing Options.

    iSync Preferences.

    Sync Two or More Macs.

    Sync Your Mac to an iPod.

    Sync Your Mac to a Palm PDA.

    Sync Your Mac to a Cell Phone.

    Sync Your Mac to a Pocket PC Device.

      Setting Up for Syncing.



    Palm Devices.

    Cell Phones.

II. The iApps That Don’t Start with “i”.

9. Address Book.

      Enter and Import Addresses.

    Adding New Contacts.

    Importing Contacts.

      Working with Groups.

      Using Address Book.

    Finding Contacts.

    Address Book and Email.

    More Connections.


    Printing Address Information.

10. Mail.

      Setting Up Mail.

    New Mail Accounts.

    Adding Accounts.

      Sending and Receiving Mail.

    Addressing Mail.

    Email Stylin’.



    Reading Mail.

    Replying to Messages.

    Working with Attachments.

      Managing Mail.


    Special Mailboxes.

    Making Your Own Mailboxes.

    Setting Up Rules.

    Dealing with Spam.

11. Safari.

      Setup and Browsing.

    The Safari Window.

    Setting Browser Window Preferences.

    Just Browsing.


     Organizing Bookmarks.

    Imported and Synchronized Bookmarks.



      Cookies, Security, and Other Black Arts.

12. Sherlock.

      Meet Sherlock.

      Searching with Sherlock.





    Phone Book.






      Customizing Sherlock.

    Customizing the Toolbar and Menus.

    Adding More Channels.

13. Font Book.

      Fonts in OS X.

      Font Book Overview.


    Previewing Fonts.

    Installing Fonts.

    Resolving Conflicts.

      Using Fonts.

     Character Palette.

14. Preview.

      Preview and PDF.

    Document Viewing.

    Navigating Multipage Documents.

    Copying Content from a PDF.


    PDF Preferences.

      Preview and Image Files.

    Converting and Exporting Images.

    PostScript Files.

      Associating with Preview.

15. Unix and the Terminal.

      Unix Under the Hood.

    The Unix Shell.

    Time Out for Syntax.

    Understanding Commands and Their Parts.

    Some More Basic Commands.

    Man Pages

    Unix and Aqua Together.

    sudo Control.

      The Power of Unix.

    Text Editors.

    Internet Tools.

    Apache Web Server.

      Working with the Terminal.


    Terminal and the Keyboard.

16. The Little Guys.



    DVD Player.

    Image Capture.

    Internet Connect.

    QuickTime Player.



Appendix A: The iApps You Don’t Know You Have.

    Activity Monitor.

    AirPort Admin Utility.

    AirPort Setup Assistant.

    Audio MIDI Setup.

    Bluetooth File Exchange/Serial Utility/Setup Assistant.

    ColorSync Utility.


    DigitalColor Meter.

    Directory Access.

    Disk Utility.


    Keychain Access.

    NetInfo Manager.

    Network Utility.

    ODBC Administrator.

    Printer Setup Utility.

    System Profiler.



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