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Leveraging SmartArt Graphics in the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Using Office 2007's New Business Diagramming Tools (Digital Short Cut)

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Leveraging SmartArt Graphics in the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Using Office 2007's New Business Diagramming Tools (Digital Short Cut)

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  • Copyright 2007
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-6836-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-6836-0

Microsoft provides a fantastic new business diagramming engine in PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007, and Excel 2007 in the form of SmartArt[TM] graphics. The new SmartArt[TM] graphics allow you to create process charts, radial charts, organization charts, and more.

Leverage the themes and styles Microsoft provides in Office 2007 or customize the art to make your own designs. This book covers all the drawing tools in Microsoft Office 2007. Using SmartArt[TM], WordArt or Shapes, you can create eye-catching documents that will get noticed.

  • Dress up your next presentation with colorful business diagrams.
  • Create better documents in Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007.
  • Add glow, bevel, reflection with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Generate professional organization charts.
  • Design your own layouts: Don’t be stuck with what Microsoft shipped in the box.
  • Construct dynamic shapes with text calculated from Excel.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Creating SmartArt Graphics

Chapter 2: Modifying SmartArt Graphics

Chapter 3: Gallery of SmartArt Graphics for Lists

Chapter 4: Gallery of Process Charts

Chapter 5: Gallery of Cycle and Radial Charts

Chapter 6: Gallery of Relationship Charts

Chapter 7: Gallery of Hierarchy, Pyramid, and Matrix Charts

Chapter 8: Creating Organizational Charts

Chapter 9: Adding New SmartArt Graphic Layouts

Chapter 10: WordArt

Chapter 11: Shapes

Sample Content

Table of Contents


Chapter 1         reating SmartArt Graphics

Introducing SmartArt Graphics

            Elements Common Across Most SmartArt Diagrams

Inserting SmartArt Graphics in Excel

Creating SmartArt Graphics in Microsoft Office

PowerPoint 2007

            Adding SmartArt Graphics on a New Slide

            Adding SmartArt Graphics to an Existing Slide

            Converting Existing PowerPoint Text to SmartArt Graphics

Creating SmartArt Graphics in Microsoft Word 2007

Creating SmartArt Graphics in the Body of an Outlook E-Mail Message

Adding and Removing Shapes with the Text Pane

Introducing the Ribbon

            Types of Elements in the Ribbon

            Using the Ribbon to Access Dialog Boxes

            Using the Context Menu to Access Dialog Boxes

Choosing the Right Layout for Your Message

Changing an Existing SmartArt Graphic to a New Style

            Finding a Layout in the Dialog Box

Next Steps

Chapter 2         Modifying SmartArt Graphics

Modifying Using Themes

Modifying Using the Design Ribbon

            Modifying Using SmartArt Styles

            Changing Colors

            Changing Direction

            Resetting to Defaults

Modifying Using the Format Ribbon

            Waiting Until the End to Use the Format Ribbon

            Converting the Entire Diagram to Shapes

            Using the MiniBar to Change Text Formatting

            Editing a Shape

            Changing a Shape

            Shape Styles

            Shape Effects

            WordArt Styles

Adding Pictures to Shapes

            Using Picture Placeholder Shapes

            Applying a Picture as Fill to Any Shape

Using Limited SmartArt Styles

Using the Selection Pane

Modifying the Size of the Overall Diagram

Next Steps

Chapter 3         Gallery of SmartArt Graphics for Lists

Bending and Picture Lists

            Basic Block List

            Bending Picture Accent List

            Picture Caption List

            Horizontal Picture List

Horizontal Lists

            Horizontal Bullet List

            Picture Accent List

            Table List

            Trapezoid List

            Continuous Picture List

            Stacked List

Vertical Lists

            Vertical Box List

            Vertical Bullet List

            Vertical Picture Accent List

            Vertical Picture List

            Vertical Block List

            Vertical Arrow List

Next Steps

Chapter 4         Gallery of Process Charts

Chevron Charts

            Basic Chevron Process

            Closed Chevron Process

            Vertical Chevron List

Using List Process Layouts

            Process List

            Grouped List

            Chevron List

Horizontal Process Styles

            Basic Process

            Accent Process

            Continuous Arrow Process: The Big Arrow

            Alternating Flow: The Dipsy-Doo

            Process Arrows

            Detailed Process

            Continuous Block Process

            Picture Accent Process

            Basic Timeline

Bending Process Charts

            Basic Bending Process

            Circular Bending Process

            Repeating Bending Process

            Vertical Bending Process

Vertical Processes

            Vertical Process

            Segmented Process

            Staggered Process

Next Steps

Chapter 5         Gallery of Cycle and Radial Charts

Cycle Charts

            Text Cycle

            Basic Cycle

            Continuous Cycle

            Cycle Matrix

            Block Cycle

            Nondirectional Cycle

            Multidirectional Cycle

            Segmented Cycle

            Basic Pie Chart

Radial Charts

            Basic Radial Chart

            Radial List Chart

            Radial Venn Chart

            Converging Radial Chart

            Diverging Radial Chart

            Radial Cycle

Next Steps

Chapter 6         Gallery of Relationship Charts

Arrow Charts

            Diverging Arrows Charts

            Upward Arrow Charts

            Counterbalance Arrows Charts

            Opposing Arrows Charts

            Converging Arrows Charts

            Arrow Ribbon Charts

Equation, Funnel, Gear, and Balance Charts

            Equation Charts

            Vertical Equation Charts

            Funnel Charts

            Gear Charts

            Balance Charts

Target or Venn Charts

            Basic Target Charts

            Nested Target Charts

            Target List Charts

            Basic Venn Charts

            Stacked Venn Charts

            Linear Venn Charts

Next Steps

Chapter 7         Gallery of Hierarchy, Pyramid, and Matrix Charts

Hierarchy Charts

            Hierarchy Diagrams

            Horizontal Hierarchy Charts

            Hierarchy List Charts

            Table Hierarchy Charts

            Horizontal Labeled Hierarchy Charts

            Labeled Hierarchy Charts

Pyramid Charts

            Basic Pyramid

            Pyramid List Diagram

            Inverted Pyramid Diagram

            Segmented Pyramid Diagram

Matrix Charts

            Basic Matrix

            Grid Matrix

            Titled Matrix

Next Steps

Chapter 8         Creating Organization Charts

            Creating an Organization Chart

Changing the Branch Layout

            Using a Vertical Hanging Style for Middle Levels

Adding an Assistant

Showing Dotted Line Reporting Relationships

Next Steps

Chapter 9         Adding New SmartArt Graphics Layouts

Customizing Your First SmartArt Graphics Layout

            Step 1: Finding a Similar Built-In Layout

            Step 2: Creating an Office Document with the Built-In Layout

            Step 3: Unzipping the Office Document

            Step 4: Editing the Definition in Notepad

            Step 5: Wrapping Layout1.xml in a .Glox File

            Step 6: Copying the File to the Templates Folder

            Step 7: Restarting Office and Using the Layout

Additional Easy Changes to the .Glo Specification

            Changing the Height of the Shape

            Changing the Rotation of the Shape

Removing the Image Placeholders from a Layout

Using Only Custom Layouts

List of Shapes Available in SmartArt Graphics Definitions

Next Steps

Chapter 10       WordArt

Using WordArt for Interesting Titles and Headlines

Adding WordArt to a Document

Controlling WordArt Options

            Using the 30 WordArt Preset Text Effects

            Using Text Transformations in WordArt

            Controlling the Adjustment Handle in WordArt

            Adding Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Bevel, and 3-D Rotation to WordArt

            Controlling Bevel

            Adjusting 3-D Rotation

            Adding Pictures to WordArt

Converting Chart Titles to WordArt

Using Text Boxes to Flow Long Text Passages in Excel

Next Steps

Chapter 11       Shapes

Overview of Shapes

Inserting a Shape: The Basics

            Forcing Ovals to Circles and Rectangles to Squares

            Forcing Shapes to Fit Cells in Excel Using the Alt Key

            Drawing a Shape from the Center Using Ctrl

            Making New Shapes by Flipping

            Rotating Shapes

            Making New Shapes Using the Adjustment Handle

            Resizing Shapes

            Copying Shapes

            Moving Shapes

            Aligning Shapes

            Case Study: Aligning Nine Shapes

Creating Custom Shapes

Accessing Hidden Shapes

Formatting Shapes

            Defining the Format for Additional Shapes

Adding Words to a Shape

            Formatting Text in Shapes

            Formatting Text as WordArt

Displaying the Results of a Formula in a Shape

Connecting Shapes with Connectors

            Using Red Handles for Connectors

            Changing Arrows on a Line

Selecting Multiple Shapes in Excel

Grouping Multiple Shapes

Tables of Available Shapes

Adding Formulas to SmartArt Diagrams

Next Steps



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