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Leo Laporte's 2006 Gadget Guide

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Leo Laporte's 2006 Gadget Guide

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3395-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3395-5

Gadget geeks and technology buffs, this is the book for you! Leo Laporte's 2006 Gadget Guide is the definitive guide to all of your gadget-buying questions for 2005-06. Leo Laporte, host of TechTVs "Call for Help" and Que Publishing's resident gadget guru, boils down the reams and reams of product specs, slices through the marketing hype, and delivers his best of breed picks for everything from digital cameras to MP3 players. Organized in a sereis of categories, such as "Gadgets for the Ultimate Home Theater," Leo will provide you with the best picks for gadgets and equipment on any kind of budget. This is the ultimate guide for anyone interested in gadgets, gidgets, whos-its and whats-its. Don't go shopping again without it!

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How to Become the Ultimate Road Warrior

How to Become the Ultimate Road Warrior

Table of Contents

1. The Ultimate Computer Geek.

    How to Become the Ultimate Computer Geek.

    Computer Displays.


    Keyboards .

    External Hard Disk Drives.

    Speaker Systems.

    Webcams and Spycams.

    USB Gizmos.

    More Cool Computer Gadgets.

2. The Ultimate Gamer.

    How to Become the Ultimate Gamer.

    Video Game Systems.

    Gaming PCs.

    PC Game Controllers.

    PC Game Controllers.

    More Cool Game Gadgets.

3. The Ultimate Road Warrior.

    How to Become the Ultimate Road Warrior.

    Notebook PCs.


    PDA Accessories.


    Cell Phones.


    Keychain Storage Devices.

    More Cool Road Warrior Gadgets.

4. The Ultimate High-Tech Car Owner.

    How to Become the Ultimate High-Tech Car Owner.

    In-Dash Audio Systems.

    Satellite Radio Receivers.

    DVD Entertainment Systems.

    GPS Navigation Systems.

    More Cool Car Gadgets.

5. The Ultimate High-Tech Adventurer.

    How to Become the Ultimate High-Tech Adventurer.

    Portable GPS Devices.

    Running Gadgets.

    Camping Gadgets.

    Hunting Gadgets.

    Fishing Gadgets.

    Boating Gadgets.

    Scuba Gadgets.

    More Cool Adventurer Gadgets.

6. The Ultimate Digital Photographer.

    How to Become the Ultimate Digital Photographer.

    Digital SLR Cameras.

    Prosumer Digital Cameras.

    Specialty Digital Cameras.

    Digital Photo Vaults.

    Lighting and Flash Kits.

    More Cool Digital Photography Gadgets.

7. The Ultimate Digital Movie Maker.

    How to Become the Ultimate Digital Movie Maker.

    Pro-Level Camcorders.

    Consumer-Level Camcorders.


    . More Cool Digital Video Gadgets.

8. The Ultimate Portable Music Fan.

    How to Become the Ultimate Portable Music Fan.

    Hard Drive Audio Players.

    MicroDrive Audio Players.

    Flash Audio Players.

    Specialty Audio Players.

    Portable Video Players.

    Headphones and Earphones.

    iPod Accessories.

    More Cool Portable Audio Gadgets.

9. The Ultimate Home Theater Enthusiast.

    How to Become the Ultimate Home Theater Enthusiast.

    Big-Screen Televisions.

    Audio/Video Receivers.


    DVD Players.

    Video Recorders.

    Media Center PCs.

    Digital Media Servers.

    Digital Media Hubs and Extenders.

    Universal Remote Controls.

    More Cool Home Theater Gadgets.

10. The Ultimate Gadget Geek.

    How to Become the Ultimate Gadget Geek.

    Wearable Gadgets.

    Desktop Radios.

    Home Gadgets.

    More Cool Gadgets.



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