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Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions: A Hands-on Guide to Animating in CSS3 with Transforms, Transitions, Keyframes, and JavaScript

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Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions: A Hands-on Guide to Animating in CSS3 with Transforms, Transitions, Keyframes, and JavaScript

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-306446-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-306446-9

Get Started Fast with Professional-Quality CSS3 Animation!

For web designers and developers building rich web and mobile applications, standards-based CSS3 is the future! Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions is the only tutorial focused entirely on creating quality animations and transitions with CSS3. Leading web developer and trainer Alexis Goldstein¿ covers everything web professionals need to know through solid examples that help you build your¿ skills one step at a time.

Goldstein’s project-based approach guides you through using transforms, transitions, keyframe¿ animations, JavaScript, and even advanced techniques such as parallax scrolling. You’ll discover how to make the most of pure HTML5/CSS3, how to go even further with JavaScript and jQuery animation triggers, and how to add life, movement, and effects to any site or app. Along the way, you’ll find expert knowledge, best practices, and “jumpstart” code for building everything from rich animations to¿ advanced interactive infographics!

If you’re ready to move on from Adobe® Flash® Technology,¿and create dynamic, motion-rich experiences for today’s¿ browsers and mobile devices, Learning CSS3 Animations and¿ Transitions is your fastest route to success!

Coverage includes

  • Employing free tools to make the most of CSS3’s capabilities
  • Supporting vendor-specific prefixes and checking for HTML5 support
  • Leveraging the full power of CSS3 transforms
  • Combining transforms with transitions to animate changes over time
  • Using keyframe animations to gain fine-grained control over every moment of your animation
  • Building 3D-like effects without 3D manipulation
  • Using 3D transform properties to control depth
  • Creating powerful effects that combine 2D/3D transforms, transitions, and keyframe animations
  • Bringing text to life with animation techniques and jQuery
  • Creating full-fledged cartoon-style animations
  • Visualizing data through animated and interactive infographics

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Working with CSS3 Animations     1
Intro to CSS3 Animations     1
Summary of CSS3 Animation Tools     2
  HTML5 Boilerplate     2
  Tools for Generating Vendor Prefixes     2
  -prefix-free     4
  Tools for Reviewing Browser Support     5
The Modernizr Library     5
  Leveraging the Modernizr Library     6
  CSS Fallbacks via Modernizr     7
  The Default Message for Unsupported Browsers     7
  Repeated CSS Property Definitions     11
Hardware Acceleration     11
  Viewing Hardware-Accelerated Layers in Chrome     12
  Viewing Hardware-Accelerated Layers in Safari     12
A Final Word on Working with CSS3 Animations     13
2. Building a Foundation with Transforms     15
Introducing Transforms     15
  Browser Support for transform     16
  The transform Syntax     16
Transform Functions     17
  The Effect of Transform Functions on Surrounding Elements     17
  rotate     18
  scale     22
  skew     23
t  ranslate     25
  Adding a Fallback Message for Older Browsers     26
  matrix     28
Building a Bicycle in CSS3     29
  Laying Out the Basic Skeleton     29
  Creating Bicycle Wheels with border-radius     31
  Drawing the Spokes     32
  Drawing the Frame     36
  Finishing the Bike with a Seat and Handlebars     39
  Adding a Fallback Message for Older Browsers     44
Summary     45
Challenge     46
3. Animating Elements with Transitions     47
Introduction to Transitions     47
  Browser Support for transition     47
  Creating a Simple Transition     48
  The transition Shorthand Property     49
Triggering a Transition Animation with Hover Events     49
  Transitioning Changes to the Background Color     49
  Transitioning Changes to transform Values on Hover     51
Triggering a Transition Animation with Click Events     51
  Triggering the background-color Transition in a Mobile Environment     52
  Triggering the translateX Transition in a Mobile Environment     53
Transition Properties     54
  transition-property     54
  transition-duration     55
  transition-timing-function     56
  transition-delay     56
Spinning the Bike Wheels     57
Animating the Bike to Move Across the Screen     59
  Spinning the Wheels as the Bike Moves     60
  Triggering the Animation     60
Summary     61
Challenge     61
4. Keyframe Animations     63
Introduction to Keyframe Animations     63
  Browser Support for Keyframe Animations     63
  Creating a Basic Keyframe     64
  The Components of a Keyframe     65
  Setting animation Properties     66
  Using Percentages in Keyframe Selectors     67
Controlling a Keyframe Animation with Properties     70
  animation-fill-mode     70
  animation-iteration-count     72
  animation-direction     73
  animation-delay     74
  animation-play-state     74
  The animation Shorthand Property     75
Animating a Recoiling Spring     76
  Creating the Keyframes for the Spring’s Compress and Recoil     77
  Controlling the Animation’s Playback     79
  Adding Additional Compress and Recoil Keyframes     79
Animating a Floating Balloon     81
  Applying Multiple Keyframe Animations to a Single Element     82
  Adding a Fallback Message for Older Browsers     84
Summary     86
Challenge     86
5. Creating 3D Effects with Parallax Scrolling     89
Introduction to Parallax Scrolling     89
A Three-Layer Parallax Scrolling Animation     89
  Creating the Background     90
  Animating the Midground Sprite     93
  Animating a Foreground Sprite     95
Animating Several Scenes with Parallax Scrolling     96
The Animation’s Layout and Basic Styles     97
  The Animation’s Core HTML     97
  Base Styles for the Page     98
Scene 1: Creating a Skateboarding Robot     100
  The Background for Scene 1     100
  Styling Scene 1’s Sprites     101
  Moving Scene 1’s Elements Across the Screen     102
  Triggering the Transitions via JavaScript     103
Scene 2: Moving Between Landscapes     106
  Scene 2’s HTML and CSS     107
  Scene 2’s JavaScript     107
Scene 3: Making the Robot Walk     108
  Scene 3’s HTML and CSS     108
  Scene 3’s JavaScript     110
Summary     111
Challenge     112
6. Adding Depth with 3D Transforms     113
Introduction to 3D Transforms     113
  3D Transform Properties     113
  Defining Transforms on All Three Axes     115
  Browser Support for 3D Transforms      116
Drawing a 3D Cube     116
  Creating a Containing Element for the Scene     117
  Rendering Nested Elements in 3D Space     118
  Rotating the Faces of the Cube     119
  Changing Depth with translateZ     121
  Changing the Camera Angle with perspective-origin     125
Creating a House of Cards     126
  Styling the Containing Element for the House of Cards     127
  Positioning and Styling the Cards      127
  Transforming the Cards     129
  Adjusting the Ordering of the Stacked Cards     130
  Adding a Pattern to the Card Backs     132
Summary     134
Challenge     134
7. Animating 2D and 3D Transforms     135
Basic 3D Transform Animations with Transitions     135
  Adding HTML5 Sliders to Control Rotation     136
  Rotating a 3D Object as the Slider Changes     137
  Adding Basic Styles     139
Optimizing Performance     140
  Using Transitions Instead of Keyframe Animations to Improve Performance     140
  Leveraging Hardware Acceleration with translate3d and translateZ     141
Blowing in the Wind: Animating Dandelion Seeds     141
  The Base HTML     142
  Animating the Stem Blowing in a Gust of Wind     144
  Placing and Animating the Seeds     145
  Adding More Seeds     149
  Animating Groups of Seeds     153
Summary     156
Challenge     156
8. Using Transitions and Transforms to Animate Text     157
Introduction to the Typewriter Example     157
The Animation’s Layout and Basic Styles     158
  The Animation’s Core HTML     159
  Using a Custom Font with @font-face     160
  Styling the Typewriter Roller and Paper Elements     161
Scene 1: Making the Quote Rise Up the Screen     162
  Using Keyframe Animations to Move the Quote Upward     163
  Chaining Together Multiple Keyframe Animations     164
  Using JavaScript to Trigger the Animation     165
  Revealing the Letters One at a Time with JavaScript and Keyframe Animations     165
  Determining the Post-Typing Timing     169
Scene 2: Making Text Fall     171
  Animating Falling Words     171
  Triggering Scene 2’s Animation     173
Scene 3: Scrolling Text     173
Scene 4: Growing Text     175
Scene 5: Continuing the Animation     177
  Moving the Second Part of the Quote Upward     178
  Repeating the Turn of the Roller     178
  Setting Up the Timing for the Rest of the Animation     179
Summary     180
Challenge     180
9. Building Flash-Style Animations with Keyframe Animations     181
Introduction to the Meow Street Fat Cat Animation     181
  The Animation’s Layout and Basic Styles     182
  The Basic HTML Elements for the Animation     183
  The Basic Elements and Styling for Morgan the Cat     184
  Setting Up Morgan’s Newspaper     186
  Staggering the Scenes of the Animation with JavaScript     187
Scene 1: Moving the Newspaper     188
Scene 2: Reading the Newspaper     189
  Combining Animations on Two Separate Elements     189
  The Effect of Transforms on the Stacking Context and Containing Block     190
Scene 3: Moving to and Reading Page 2     191
Scene 4: Moving the Animation Outside     193
  Zooming Out to a Larger Scene     193
  Shrinking Morgan Down as You Zoom Out     194
Scene 5: Adding Murphy, the Toughest Cat Cop on the Beat     196
  HTML and Styling for Murphy the Police Cat     196
  Using transform-origin to Align Pieces of Murphy     196
Scene 6: Knocking on Morgan’s Door     197
Scene 7: Animating a Spinning Newspaper     200
  Hiding the Previous Scenes     200
  Styling the Final Scene’s Newspaper     201
  Spinning the Newspaper and Scaling It Up     202
  Avoiding Pixelation by Scaling the Newspaper Down Initially     203
Support for Opera 12     203
  Defining Two Selectors for Each 3D Scene     203
  Applying Further Fallbacks for Opera 12     204
Summary     206
Challenge     206
10. Creating Animated Infographics     207
What Are Infographics?     207
  Image-Based Infographics     207
  CSS3-Driven Infographics     208
Visualizing Data for Mixed Drinks     209
  The Base HTML for the Infographic     210
  Creating the Base Page Styles     210
  Base HTML for the First Drink Graphic     212
  Default Drink Styles     213
  Styling the Initial Ingredient     215
  Animating the Ingredients Being Poured In     217
  Styling the Remaining Ingredient     218
  Fading in the Ingredients Labels     218
  Adding a Second Drink     219
  Adding the Remaining Drinks     222
  Citing Data Sources     222
  Supporting Older Browsers with Modernizr     223
Summary     224
Challenge     224
11. Building Interactive Infographics     225
Creating an Element to Hold the Drink Recipes     225
  Styling the Drink Recipes     226
  Hiding the Ingredients by Default     227
Unveiling the Recipe Page     228
  Sliding in the Recipe Page     228
  Making the Recipe Visible When the User Clicks a Drink     229
  Determining the Recipe for the Selected Drink     230
  Hiding an Old Recipe When a New Drink Is Clicked     232
  Adjusting the recipes Element Placement for the Second Row of Drinks     232
  Fading in the Recipe Text     233
Highlighting the Selected Ingredient     234
  Animating Changes to the Selected Ingredient     234
  Triggering the Ingredient Highlight via jQuery     235
  Ensuring Compatibility in Older Browsers     236
  Changing the Cursor     237
Summary     238
Challenge     238
Index     239


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