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JavaScript Goodies, 2nd Edition

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JavaScript Goodies, 2nd Edition


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 504
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2612-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2612-4

JavaScript Goodies, Second Edition is based on the most popular JavaScript tutorials at HTMLGoodies.com. It starts with the basics, including JavaScript syntax and common errors readers may encounter. It then continues with detailed lessons covering

  • Enabling mouse events
  • Using variables
  • Working with math operators
  • Writing loops

    Later chapters explain complex add-ons, including clocks and counters, passwords, and animation. The book finishes with a series of useful appendices readers can refer to for a quick reference of basic JavaScript features and commands.

  • Sample Content

    Online Sample Chapter

    Manipulating Data and the Hierarchy of JavaScript

    Table of Contents

    Why Now?

    An Introduction by Joe Burns.

    My Coauthor. How You Will Learn. The Format of the Lessons. Examples and Assignments. Let's Get Started with JavaScript.

    1. The Basics.

    What Is JavaScript? Lesson 1: Writing Text to a Web Page. Lesson 2: Error Messages. Lesson 3: Object Properties. Lesson 4: Chapter Wrap-Up and Review.

    2. Popping Up Text with Mouse Events.

    Lesson 5: JavaScript's onMouseOver Event Handler. Lesson 6: More Event Handlers. Lesson 7: onUnload and onMouseOut, the After- Effect Commands. Lesson 8: HTML 4.0, the Flag, and Some New Event Handlers. Lesson 9: Let's Go! Lesson 10: The Second End-of-Chapter Review. Using Escape Characters.

    3. Manipulating Data and the Hierarchy of JavaScript.

    Lesson 11: Prompts and Variables. Lesson 12: Dates and Times. Lesson 13: Hierarchy of Objects. Lesson 14: Creating a Function. Lesson 15: An Introduction to Arrays. Lesson 16: The Third End-of-Chapter Review- A Flag Script.

    4. Flipping Images and Opening Windows with Mouse Events.

    Lesson 17: An Image Flip Using onMouseOver and Preloading Images. Lesson 18: An Image Flip with a Function. Lesson 19: Opening New Windows. Lesson 20: Opening a Window with a Function. Lesson 21: The confirm() Method, with an Introduction to if and else. Lesson 22: The Fourth End-of-Chapter Review- Some Jumping Jacks.

    5. Forms: A Great Way to Interact with Your Users.

    Lesson 23: What Is Written in the Text Box? Lesson 24: Passing Information to the Function. Lesson 25: Calling Functions with Forms. Lesson 26: Form Fields and the Value Property. Lesson 27: Pull-Down Menu of Links. Lesson 28: A Guestbook with All the Bells and Whistles. Lesson 29: The Fifth End-of-Chapter Review—Posting Link Descriptions While Users Pass Over.

    6. Mathematics, Random Things, and Loops.

    Lesson 30: Math Operators. Lesson 31: Mathematics and Forms. Lesson 32: Creating Random Numbers with a Date. Lesson 33: Creating Random Numbers Through Mathematics. Lesson 34: Producing Random Statements and Images. Lesson 35: Introduction to for Loops. Lesson 36: Introduction to while Loops. Lesson 37: End-of-Chapter Review—A Browser- Detect Script.

    7. Clocks, Counts, and Scroll Text.

    Lesson 38: A Running Clock. Lesson 39: A Fancy Digital Clock. Lesson 40: An Image-Driven Clock. Lesson 41: Countdown to Date. Lesson 42: Scrolling Text. Lesson 43: End-of-Chapter Review-Counting to an Event.

    8. Arrays.

    Lesson 44: Two Different Array Formats. Lesson 45: Combining User Input with Arrays. Lesson 46: Random Quotes. Lesson 47: A Guessing Game Using Arrays. Lesson 48: A Password Script. Lesson 49: End-of-Chapter Review—A Quiz.

    9. Putting It All Together.

    Lesson 50: JavaScript Animation. Lesson 51: Jumping Focus Between Form Elements. Lesson 52: Limiting Check Box Choices. Lesson 53: Positioning a New Window. Lesson 54: Self-Typing Typewriter. Lesson 55: Scrolling Credits.

    Script Tip 1. Rainbow Text.

    What Are Those Colors? Putting Color to the Text. Assigning Color.

    Script Tip 2. Full Text Date Script.

    Taking Elements from the Arrays. Adding Those Two Letters.

    Script Tip 3. Random Banner Ad Script.

    The Arrays. The Random Number. Calling for the Array Index. Writing It to the Page.

    Script Tip 4. Frames Script.

    The First Frame Function. The Buttons. Showing the Code.

    Script Tip 5. Search Multiple Search Engines.

    NAMEs. The Check Boxes. Replacing the Space with a Plus Sign. Doing the Search.

    Script Tip 6. Image Proportion Script.

    Grabbing and Displaying the Dimensions. New Width. Let Me See It.

    Script Tip 7. A Calculator.

    The Display. The Backspace Button. The Clear Button. The Other Buttons. The Next Two Lines. The Last Row of Buttons. Positive to Negative.

    Script Tip 8. Placing a Cookie.

    Setting the Cookie. What About Nobody? Displaying Cookie Contents. Displaying It. Two Different Welcomes. Placing the Variable.

    Script Tip 9. A 16.7 Million-Color Script.

    What Are All Those Back Slashes for? Building the Table. The mix() Function. Making It Work in Netscape. Losing the MSIE-Only Commands. Flipping the Table and Function. Changing the Page Background. One More Slight Change.

    Script Tip 10. A Digital Clock with Image Display.

    Loading All the Images. Displaying the Images. Minutes and Seconds.

    Appendix A. JavaScript Basic Concepts.

    Literals. Boolean Literals. Comments. Document Object Model. Event Handlers. Literal Integers. Methods. Objects. Operators. Properties. String. Variable.

    Appendix B. JavaScript Command Reference.

    action Property. alert Method. alinkColor Property. appCodeName Property. appName Property. appVersion Property. array Method. back Method. bgColor Property. big Method. blink Method. bold Method. close Method. confirm Method. Date Object. defaultStatus Property of window. document Object. document Property. eval Method. fgColor Property. fixed Method. fontcolor Method. fontsize Method. for loop. forward Method. frame Property. function Object. getDate Method. getDay Method. getFullYear Method. getHours Method. getMinutes Method. getMonth Method. getSeconds Method. getTimezoneOffset Method. getYear Method. go Method. history Object. host Property. hostname Property. href Property of location. if/else. indexOf Method. italics Method. lastModified Property. length Property. linkColor Property. location Object. location Property. Math Object. navigator Object. onBlur Event Handler. onChange Event Handler. onClick Event Handler. onDblClick Event Handler. onFocus Event Handler. onKeyDown Event Handler. onKeyUp Event Handler. onLoad Event Handler. onMouseDown Event Handler. onMouseMove Event Handler. onMouseOut Event Handler. onMouseOver Event Handler. onMouseUp Event Handler. onSelect Event Handler. onSubmit Event Handler. onUnload Event Handler. open Method. parent Property of frame and window. pathname Property. port Property. prompt Method. protocol Property. referrer Property. self Property. selectedIndex Property. setDate Method. setHours Method. setMinutes Method. setMonth Method. setSeconds Method. setTime Method. setTimeout Method. setYear Method. small Method. status Property. strike Method. sub Method. substring Method. sup Method. title Property. toLowerCase Method. toUpperCase Method. userAgent Property. value Property. var Variable. vlinkColor Property. while Loop. window Object. write Method. writeln Method.

    Appendix C. JavaScript Reserved Variable Words.

    Appendix D. Scripts Available on htmlgoodies.com.

    Alert Scripts. Button, Links, and E-mail Scripts. The Three Cs: Clocks, Calendars, and Calculator Scripts. Color Scripts. Game Scripts. HTML and Developer Scripts. Image Scripts. Scrolling Scripts. Text-Based Scripts. Miscellaneous Scripts.



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