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Java Deployment with JNLP and WebStart

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Java Deployment with JNLP and WebStart


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32182-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32182-5

Java Deployment takes a very practical approach to the topic of deploying Java applications. First, the book presents the major deployment concerns a Java developer faces and addresses the most common deployment scenarios. Next, the book addresses deployment issues the developer faces while coding a project. Finally, the book presents the JNLP technology and shows how to use JNLP in application deployment.



Source code from the book - 900 kb -- code.zip

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Online Sample Chapters

Deploying Java Software: Existing Solutions

J2ME MIDP Deployment Services

Table of Contents



1. Deploying Java.

The Java Runtime Environment. Old Solutions. A Perspective Change. A General Definition of Software Deployment.

2. An Abstract Model For Deployment.

An Introduction to the Model. The Actors In the Model. Discussing the Model. Summary.

3. Existing Solutions.

Introduction. JNLP Implementations. Commercial Solutions.


4. Designing for Deployment.

Introduction. A Deployment Method. Common Scenarios. Client Configurations and Software Configuration Management. Summary.

5. Deployment Options for Non-J2SE Clients.

Overview. J2ME Deployment. Java Card Applet Deployment. J2EE Deployment. Summary.

6. Deploying Existing Software.

Overview. An Example.

7. Building Your Own Deployment Solution.

Designing Ad-Hoc Deployment Solutions. Examples. Summary.


8. A JNLP Quick Launch.

An Introduction For Developers. What Is JNLP? How JNLP Works. Some Examples. Java Web Start. Summary.

9. The JNLP Protocol.

When Adopting JNLP Technology Makes Sense. The Stages. The JNLP File Structure. Describing Applications and Applets. Describing Extensions And Installers. Summary.

10. Defining the Client Environment.

Application Basics. Resources. Security. Summary.

11. Runtime Client Services.

Introduction. File Management. Resource Management. Persistence. Controlling Installations. Other Services. An Example Application. Summary.

12. Server-Side Deployment Support.

Overview. Deploying Resources to the Server. Behind the Scenes of a JNLP Server. Summary.

13. A Complete Example.

Design. Implementation. Summary.


Appendix A. A Little Handbook for Java Deployment.

Deployment Design in a Nutshell. A Roadmap to the Source Code in This Book. Using UML for Deployment Documentation. Legal Notes.

Appendix B. JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol) Specification.

Client. Server.

Appendix C. Other Deployment Technologies.

OSD. DTMF Initiatives. Other Deployment Technologies.

Appendix D. A JNLP Utility Library.

Introduction. Implementation. An Example of Use.


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