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iPod & iTunes Garage

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iPod & iTunes Garage

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iPod users have one of the coolest gadgets available today -- here's the coolest book for them!!!

° Pushing the iPod to the limit -- readers learn about many 'unknown features' along

with freeware and shareware programs to do much more than just listen to music...

° Rockin' coverage for Macs and PCs (iPod) and 'mini-me' aka iPod Mini -- don't forget

iTunes, dude!

° Rip songs from CDs, hook up other gadgets -- get the bling train, a-rollin'...


  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-148645-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-148645-4

iPod & iTunes Garage rocks you to the boundaries of digital music--in less time!

Learn everything you want to know about iPod and iTunes for both Macs and PCs--plus more! iPod & iTunes Garage, from Prentice Hall PTR's Garage Series, offers a comprehensive look at today's hottest digital gadget on the market, the iPod. From installing and running iTunes software to choosing the perfect accessory for your iPod, this book addresses a range of topics in digital music. Learn how to compress files and burn CDs. Work with your iPod for other functions, such as contacts, notes, and calendars. Delve into the file-sharing controversy with insights from both sides of the issue and explore the problems facing recording artists. Whether you've had an iPod for some time or you are new to digital music, iPod & iTunes Garage has the coverage you need to make the most of this cultural phenomenon!

Specific topics covered include

  • Buying music from the iTunes Music Store
  • Your iTunes music library
  • The iPod mini
  • Managing and sorting playlists
  • iPod games
  • Troubleshooting your iPod
  • The future of digital music and the recording industry
  • Backing up your music files
  • Linux and the iPod
  • Accessories, including headphones, car chargers, and cases
  • Turning your iPod into a total music system
  • Storing and transferring digital photos

While you're on your iPod adventure, head to Kirkville, the author's blog and web site. Visit http://www.mcelhearn.com for articles, news, and opinions on Apple computers, Mac OS X, the iPod, using the command line, books, music, and much more.


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In fact, continue to visit www.mcelhearn.com to ensure you're in step with all late-breaking iPod/iTunes-related updates from Apple.

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Table of Contents

Preface: iPod Madness.


iTunes: The Digital Jack-of-all-Trades.

    Installing iTunes on a Windows Computer

Starting Up iTunes for the First Time.

Listening to Music with iTunes.

Ripping Music.

    Advanced Importing Features

    Converting Music Files to Another Format

Compression Formats--MP3, AAC, Lossless, and the Rest.

    MP3 Files


    Apple Lossless Compression

    Other Compression Formats

    Compressing Music Files

    Choosing Compression Settings in iTunes

    Kirk's Recommendation

Ripping Classical and Jazz CDs.

Tags and Track Info.

    Displaying and Editing Track Info

Album Art for Your Tracks.

Working with Playlists.

    Blank Playlists

    Creating Playlists from a Selection

    Creating Playlists from a Folder

    Smart Playlists

    Deleting Playlists

    Sorting Playlists

    The Party Shuffle Playlist

    The Selection Playlist

BLOG: Playlists.

Smart Playlists and Classical Music.

Buying Music from the iTunes Music Store.

    Setting Up an iTunes Music Store Account

    Browsing for Music

    After You Purchase Music from the iTunes Music Store

    Authorizing Your Computers

    Finding Music with iTunes Music Store Links

    Share Your Favorites with an iMix

All about Your iTunes Music Library.

    iTunes Music Library Settings

    Managing Your iTunes Music Library

    Browsing Your Library

    Browsing Preferences

    Sorting Songs

    Searching for Songs in Your Library

    Deleting Songs

Using the iTunes Equalizer.

    Applying Equalizer Settings to Individual Tracks

Listening to Internet Radio with iTunes.

Listening to Audiobooks with iTunes.

    Importing Audiobooks

BLOG: Jean Shepherd, a Unique Comic Voice.

Spacing Out with the iTunes Visualizer.

    Controlling the Visualizer

Burning CDs and DVDs with iTunes.

    Burning a Disc

    A Smart Playlist to Back Up Your Purchased Music

Printing CD Inserts and Labels.

    Printing CD Labels

Sharing Music on Your Local Network.

    Controlling iTunes over a Network

    Listening to Your iTunes Music from Far, Far Away

Importing Analog Music.

Tools for Doing More with iTunes.

    Menu Bar and Keyboard Tools

    iTunes Controller Applications

    Using AppleScripts with iTunes

Managing Music with Musicmatch Jukebox.

Stream Music to Your Stereo with iTunes.

    Apple's AirTunes

    Music and More with EyeHome

ITunes Preference Reference.

    General Preferences

    Audio Preferences

    Importing Preferences

    Burning Preferences

    Sharing Preferences

    Store Preferences

    Advanced Preferences


About the iPod.

    The Next Generations of iPods

    The Incredible Shrinking iPod

    Welcome to the Fourth Generation

BLOG: Steve Wozniak on the iPod mini.

Setting Up Your iPod on a Mac.

    Installing iPod Software

Setting Up Your iPod on Windows.

    Installing the iPod Software

iPod Settings and Preferences.

    iTunes Settings for the iPod

    iPod Settings

Controlling Your iPod.

Listening to Music on Your iPod.

    Selecting Playlists

    Browsing Your iPod's Music

    Using the Repeat Function

    Using the Equalizer

    Using the On-The-Go Playlist

Listening to Audiobooks on Your iPod.

    Finding Your Audiobooks on Your iPod

    Playing Back Your Audiobooks

Understanding Your iPod's Battery.

    Charging Your Battery

    About That Battery Indicator

Extending Your Battery Life.

Syncing Music to Your iPod.

    Automatically Update All Songs and Playlists

    Automatically Update Selected Playlists Only

    Manually Manage Songs and Playlists

iPod Gripes.

iPod Extras.

    Using Your iPod's Clock and Alarm

    Setting Alarms

    Setting the Sleep Timer

    iPod Games

Working with Contacts, Notes, and Calendars.

    Viewing Contacts

    Viewing Notes

    Viewing Calendars

Using the iPod as a Hard Disk.

    Using Your iPod as a Hard Disk on a Mac

    Using Your iPod as a Hard Disk in Windows

    Copying Files to and from Your iPod

    Using Your iPod for Backups

Interesting Uses for the iPod.

    Audio Tours with the iPod

    The iPod for Stage Performances

    Use Your iPod as a Flashlight

    Use Your iPod as a Paperweight

Troubleshooting Your iPod.

    Keeping Your iPod Up to Date

    Restarting Your iPod

    Restoring Your iPod to Factory Settings

    Putting Your iPod in Disk Mode

    Defragmenting Your iPod

    Checking Your iPod's Hard Disk

    Getting More Info on Your iPod

BLOG: A Brief History of Recorded Music.


Copyright, File Sharing, and Piracy.

    File Sharing: For or Against?

The RIAA's Point of View.

The EFF's Point of View.

The Internet Debacle--An Alternative View, by Janis Ian.

    The Recording Industry's Take

    The Other Side of the Story

    Why Do People Download Music?

    The Next Generation of CDs

    The Real Problems Facing Recording Artists

    So What's the Future Going to Be Like?

Giving Away Books.


Putting Other Stuff on Your iPod.

Syncing Contacts to Your iPod--The Apple Way.

    Syncing Contacts Automatically

    Syncing Contacts Manually

Syncing Contacts to Your iPod on Windows.

Syncing Calendars to Your iPod--The Apple Way.

Syncing Calendars to Your iPod on Windows.

Copying Notes to Your iPod.

Loading e-books on Your iPod.

    Loading e-books on Your iPod from a Mac

    Loading e-books on Your iPod from Windows

BLOG: Henry David Thoreau: An American Original.

Reading e-books on Your iPod.

Create Text Adventures and Quiz Games with iStory.

Anapod Explorer: The All-in-One iPod Manager for Windows.

    Managing Contacts and Notes with Anapod Explorer

Managing Your iPod on Windows with Xplay.

Put More Stuff on Your iPod--Mac Tools.

    iPod It--The All-Purpose Transfer Tool

    Pod2Go--Transfer Stuff from the Web to Your iPod

Download News from Google Using GoogleGet.

Copying Music from Your iPod to Your Computer.

Accessing Your Music Files from a Mac.

Third-Party Software to Access Your Music Files on a Mac.

    Copy Music and Notes with iPod2Mac

    Copy Your iPod's Music to Your Mac or to Another iPod

    Copy, Back Up, and Sync Your Music

Accessing Your Music Files from Windows.

Third-Party Software to Access Your Music Files on a PC.

Back Up Your Files to Your iPod.

Free Windows Backup Software.

    Changing Your Backup Type

Scheduling Backups in Windows XP.

Back Up Your iTunes Music Library on Windows.

Backing Up Files on a Mac.

    Backing Up Files with Apple's Backup

    Scheduling Backups

Back Up Your iTunes Music Library on a Mac.

Other Backup Software for the Mac.

    Intego Personal Backup

    Dantz Retrospect

    La Cie Silverkeeper

    Other Backup Programs

Linux and the iPod.

    gtkpod--A GUI for the iPod under Linux

    myPod--A Java GUI for the iPod

    GNUPod--A Complete System to Control Your iPod

    Why Not Just Use Wine?

    Put a Penguin in Your iPod


Get More Stuff for Your iPod.

Essential Accessories.

    The iPod Dock

    The iPod Remote

    iPod Cases


iPod Cases.

    Soft Cases and Sleeves

    Plastic Cases

    Leather Cases

    Other Cases

Headphones for Your iPod.


    In-Ear Headphones

    Ear Monitors

    Over-Ear Headphones and Light Headphones

    Full-Size Headphones

    Noise-Canceling Headphones

    Wireless Headphones

Headphone Accessories.

    The HeadRoom AirHead and BitHead

    Boost Your iPod

    Share Your Music

Getting More Power to Your iPod.

    The Belkin Backup Battery Pack

    Car Chargers

Listening to Your iPod on a Stereo.

    Connecting Your iPod to a Stereo with Wires

    Listening to the iPod in a Cassette Deck

    FM Transmitters

Turning Your iPod into a Total Music System.

    Using Standalone Speakers

    The Rolls Royce of Mini-Speakers

    Mini-Speakers for Portable Listening

Recording Voice Memos on the iPod.

Storing Digital Photos on the iPod.

    Transferring Photos to Your Computer

Last Word--A Talk with Professor iPod.



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