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iPod and iTunes Starter Kit

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iPod and iTunes Starter Kit


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: Special (all other)
  • Pages: 432
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3278-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3278-1

The iPod and iTunes are the hottest technologies in the world of digital music today. Whether you're a Mac or Windows user, the iPod and iTunes Starter Kit provides all the information that you need to get the most out these amazing digital music tools, including the Apple iTunes Music Store. From the basics of listening to audio CDs to advanced customization of music on an iPod, this book will enable you to master digital music by using these tools. Included in the kit is a CD with FREE downloads (an $80 value) of various software products for your iPod and your iTunes such as Lyripod 1.0, GNUpod, Music Publisher, RadioLover 1.2, RockStar 1.0 and much more.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapters

Getting to Know Your iPod

Using an iPod

Table of Contents


PART I - THE iPod.

1 - Touring the iPod.

The Apple iPod: A Lot of Hype or Really Hip?

So What Is an iPod Anyway?

All iPod Models Aren’t Equal, But They Are All Cool

The iPod

Small Is Beautiful: The iPod Mini

iPod: The Previous Generation

The One That Started It All: The Original iPod

What You Can Do with an iPod

2 - Getting Started with an iPod.

Exploring the iPod’s Box

Charging the iPod’s Battery

Installing the iPod’s Software (Including iTunes)

Installing the iPod’s Software on a Windows PC

Installing the iPod’s Software on a Macintosh

Connecting and Configuring an iPod on Your Computer

Connecting an iPod to a Windows Computer

Connecting an iPod to a Macintosh Computer

Configuring an iPod on Your Computer

Connecting an iPod to a Computer with a Dock

3 - Using an iPod.

Getting Ready to Play

Controlling an iPod

Turning an iPod On

Choosing an iPod’s Language

Making Selections on an iPod

Using the iPod’s Click Wheel

Changing Volume

Looking at the iPod’s Menus and Screens

The Main Menu

The Music Menu and Screens

The Extras Menu and Screens

The Settings Menu and Screens

The Shuffle Songs Command

The Backlight Command

The Now Playing Menu

Using the iPod’s Backlight

Turning the Backlight On

Configuring the Backlight

Putting an iPod on Hold

Turning an iPod Off

4 - Listening to Music on an iPod.

Selecting Music to Which You Want to Listen

Selecting Music with Playlists

Browsing Your iPod’s Music

Controlling Your Music

Playing the Basic Way

Playing the iPod Way

Creating and Using an iPod On-The-Go Playlist

Creating the On-The-Go Playlist

Viewing and Playing the On-The-Go Playlist

Saving an On-The-Go Playlist

Clearing the On-The-Go Playlist

Monitoring an iPod’s Battery

Adding and Using Apple’s iPod Remote

5 - Building an iPod’s Music Library.

Creating an iTunes Music Library

Building an iTunes Music Library

Creating iTunes Playlists

Assessing the Size of Your iTunes Library and How Much Disk Space Your iPod Has

Determining the Size of Your iTunes Library

Determining How Much Storage Space You Have on an iPod

Understanding and Configuring iPod Synchronization Options

Understanding Your Synchronization Options

Understanding How iTunes Updates Playlists on the iPod

Configuring iTunes to Automatically Update All Songs and Playlists

Configuring iTunes to Automatically Update Selected Playlists

Configuring iTunes So You Manually Manage Songs and Playlists

Updating Specific Songs and Playlists Automatically

Manually Updating an iPod

Playing an iPod’s Music on a Different Computer

6 - Configuring an iPod to Suit Your Preferences.

Configuring Music Playback

Shuffling Music with Shuffle Settings

Shuffling Music with the Shuffle Songs Command

Repeating Music

Using Sound Check

Using the iPod’s Equalizer

Setting Up Your Main Menu Preferences

Setting the Screen’s Contrast

Setting the Sleep Timer

Configuring the Clicker

Working with the iPod’s Language

Returning an iPod to That Factory-Fresh Feeling

7 - Toys for Your iPod.


Apple Headphones





Portable Speakers

inMotion Portable iPod Speakers

Ezison Personal Speakers for iPod

Sony SRS-T55 Folding Travel Speaker

iPod Carry Speaker Tote Bag Groove Bag Triplet and Tote

iPal Portable Speaker with Tuner

iPod in Your Car

Sony CPA-9C Car Cassette Adapter

The Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter

Griffin iTrip

Monster iCarPlay Wireless

Auto Chargers

iPod Automobile Mounting Kits

Voice Recorders

Belkin Voice Recorder for iPod

Griffin Technology iTalk

Belkin Universal Microphone Adapter

Media Readers

Belkin iPod Media Reader

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

iPod Stands





iPod Cases

Sheldon iPod Case

Speck iPod Skins

Speck iStyle

Belkin Leather Flip Case

MARWARE Sportsuit Convertible Case

MARWARE SportSuit Safari

MARWARE 3G SportSuit Convertible

PodSleevz/Mini Sleevz

Gucci iPod Case

TimBuk2 iPod Case

Anetagenova iPod Case


Burton Shield iPod Jacket

CD-ROM Contents



Commercial Software

8 - Using an iPod with a Home Stereo or Car Stereo.

On the Go! iPod in Your Car

On the Go! FM Wireless Transmitter

On the Go! Direct Connection

The Cassette Adapter

The Adapter Cable Method

iPod in Your Home

9 - Using the iPod’s Calendar, Contact Manager, and Other Non-Music Tools.

Keeping Track of Time with the iPod Clock

Configuring the Time on an iPod

Displaying the Time on an iPod

Setting and Controlling an Alarm

Planning Your Days with the iPod Calendar

Setting Up Your iPod Calendar

Viewing Your iPod Calendar

Using an iPod to Keep an Address Book

Configuring Your iPod Contacts

Viewing Your Contacts

Using the iPod to Store and Display Text

Creating Notes for an iPod

Moving Notes to an iPod

Reading Notes on an iPod

10 - Maintaining an iPod and Solving Problems.

Maintaining Your iPod’s Power

Monitoring and Maximizing Battery Life

Charging an iPod’s Battery

Getting More Life Out of an iPod’s Battery

Solving Battery Problems

Updating or Restoring an iPod’s Software

Identifying and Solving iPod Problems

Solving iPod Problems

Getting Help with iPod Problems

Hacking the iPod

Replacing Your iPod Battery

PART II - iTunes.

11 - Touring iTunes.

What You Can Do with iTunes

Audio File Formats You Might Encounter When You Use iTunes

CD Audio





Apple Lossless

The iTunes Music Library

Where Does All That Music Come From?

Playlists: Customize Your Music Experience

The Other Members of the Band: The iPod and the iTunes Music Store

12 - Getting Started with iTunes.

Installing iTunes on a Windows PC

Downloading and Installing iTunes on a Windows PC

Launching and Performing the Initial Configuration of
iTunes on a Windows PC

Installing and Configuring iTunes on a Macintosh

Getting to Know iTunes

Seeing Through the iTunes Window

Controlling Your Music

13 - Listening to Audio CDs and Internet Audio with iTunes.

Listening to an Audio CD

Viewing Information While Listening to Tunes

Controlling the Tunes

Choosing the Songs You Hear

Choosing the Order in Which Songs Play

Getting Random

Repeating Tracks

Controlling iTunes from the Desktop

Listening to Internet Radio

Playing Your iTunes Radio

Refreshing Your Radio

Configuring iTunes for a Slow Internet Connection

Playing Around with Internet Audio

Customizing the iTunes Window

Setting General iTunes Preferences

Changing the Size of the iTunes Window

Setting iTunes Audio Preferences

14 - Building, Browsing, Searching, and Playing Your iTunes Music Library.

Gathering Your Music from All the Right Places

Determining Where and How the Music Library Music Is Stored

Working with the iTunes Music Folder

Configuring the Location of the Music Folder

Setting Other Organization Preferences

Understanding Encoding and Other Important Format Options

Choosing a Format Option

Picking Quality Levels

Configuring iTunes to Import Music

Adding Music from Audio CDs to Your iTunes Music Library

Adding Audio CDs to Your Library

Building Your iTunes Music Library in a Hurry

Importing Audio Files into Your Library

Browsing and Searching Your Music Library

Browsing in the Library

Searching Your Music Library

Playing Music in Your Music Library

Removing Tunes from the Music Library

15 - Labeling, Categorizing, and Configuring Your Music.

Understanding Song Tags and Knowing Why You Should Care About Them

Viewing Song Information

Viewing Tags in the Browser

Viewing Tags in the Content Pane

Viewing Tags in the Info Window

Labeling Your Music

Labeling a Song in the Info Window

Labeling Multiple Songs at the Same Time

Labeling a Song in the Content Pane

Configuring a Song’s Options

Configuring Song Options in the Info Window

Ratings Songs in the Content Pane

Adding and Viewing Album Artwork

Viewing Album Artwork

Adding Artwork for Songs

Customizing the Content Pane

16 - Creating, Configuring, and Using Playlists.

Understanding Playlists

The Standard-But-Very-Useful Playlist

The Extra-Special Smart Playlist

Building and Listening to Standard Playlists

Creating a Standard Playlist

Adding Songs to a Playlist

Removing Songs from a Playlist

Setting the Order in Which a Playlist’s Songs Play

Listening to a Standard Playlist

Deleting a Standard Playlist

Becoming a Musical Genius with Smart Playlists

Understanding Why Smart Playlists Are Called Smart

Creating a Smart Playlist

Listening to a Smart Playlist

Changing a Smart Playlist

Using Some Very Special Playlists

Doing the Party Shuffle

Working with Purchased Music

17 - Equalizing Your Music.

Touring the iTunes Equalizer

Configuring the Equalizer Manually

Working with Presets

Selecting a Default Preset

Creating Your Own Presets

Configuring the Preset Menu

Setting the Equalizer for Specific Songs

Setting the Equalizer in the Info Window

Using the Equalizer from the Content Pane

18 - Burning Your Own CDs or DVDs.

Understanding the Types of Discs You Can Burn

Getting Your Computer Ready to Burn

Burning Discs

Preparing Content to Burn

Preparing for a Burn Session

Burning a Disc

Labeling Your Discs

19 - Sharing iTunes Music over a Network.

Understanding How iTunes Music Sharing Works

Sharing Your iTunes Music with Others

Connecting an iTunes Computer to a Network

Setting Up Your Computer to Share Music

Knowing Who Is Using Your Music

Listening to Music Being Shared with You

Accessing iTunes Music Being Shared with You

Listening to Shared iTunes Music

Sharing Your Music Anywhere with AirTunes and an AirPort Express

Obtaining and Installing an AirPort Express

Connecting the AirPort Express to an Audio Device

Setting Up a New AirTunes Network

Configuring iTunes to Broadcast to a Network

Listening to the Shared Tunes

20 - Maintaining iTunes and Solving Problems.

Keeping iTunes Up to Date

Keeping iTunes Up to Date on Any Computer Automatically

Keeping iTunes Up to Date on a Windows PC Manually

Keeping iTunes Up to Date on a Macintosh

Backing Up Your iTunes Music Library

Solving iTunes Problems

Solving the Missing Song File Problem

Getting Help with iTunes Problems


21 - Touring the iTunes Music Store.

Why the iTunes Music Store Rocks

How the iTunes Music Store Works

Getting an Account

Accessing the Store

Browsing or Searching for Music

Previewing Music

Buying and Downloading Music

What Happens to Music You Buy

What Can You Do with Music You Buy from the iTunes Music Store?

22 - Configuring iTunes for the Music Store.

Understanding Your Shopping Options

1-Click Shopping

Shopping Cart Shopping

Configuring Your iTunes Music Store Account

Obtaining an iTunes Music Store Account

Logging In to Your iTunes Music Store Account

Logging Out of Your iTunes Music Store Account

Changing and Viewing Your iTunes Music Store Account

Setting Up a Music Allowance

Choosing Your Shopping Preferences

23 - Shopping in the iTunes Music Store.

Going into the iTunes Music Store

Browsing for Tunes

Browsing the iTunes Music Store Home Page

Browsing by Genre

Searching for Specific Tunes

Performing a Basic Search

Performing a Power Search

Previewing Tunes

Buying Tunes

Buying Tunes with the 1-Click Method

Buying Tunes with the Shopping Cart Method

Linking Your Music Library with the iTunes Music Store

iMixing It Up

Working with iMixes

Publishing Your Own iMix

24 - Working with Purchased Music.

Understanding What Happens When You Buy Music from the iTunes Music Store

Using the Purchased Music Playlist

Understanding Authorization

Authorizing a Computer

Deauthorizing a Computer

Moving Purchased Music to Other Computers

Understanding the Ways You Can Move Your Tunes

Moving Purchased Music Files over a Network

Viewing the Music You Have Purchased

Backing Up Purchased Music

25 - Solving iTunes Music Store Problems.

Recovering Music That Wasn’t Downloaded Successfully

Solving the “Not Authorized to Play” Problem

Correcting Problems with Your iTunes Music Store Account

Getting Help with iTunes Music Store Problems

Reporting Music You Can’t Find in the Store



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