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Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends (paperback)

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Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends (paperback)


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Use powerful, easy-to-apply volume analysis techniques to recognize emerging market trends sooner and profit from them.

  • Discover the hidden forces behind market moves by mastering all four R’s of Volume: Responsiveness, Reliability, Risk, and Returns.
  • Use state-of-the-art money management tools to reduce risk and avoid market whipsaws.
  • Understand how recent changes in market regulation are impacting market behavior—and apply that knowledge before other investors can.


  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 352
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-338104-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-338104-7

Technical Analyst's 2013 Book of the Year and Trader Planet's 1st Place STAR Award!

In the continual pursuit for higher profits, investors and traders alike often assume significantly higher risks while chasing the next hot opportunity. Other more sophisticated investors attempt to employ complicated indicators while not fully understanding the information the indicator was designed to reveal. On the other hand, savvy investors employ analysis to gauge the market, positioning themselves to potentially earn higher profits with significantly less risk. Volume analysis attempts to delve deep inside the market trends to help identify shifts within the markets.  Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trendspresents an enlightened perspective on the role of volume, not only in pragmatic terms but also in terms of apprehending the underlying rationale of how and why. Award-winning technical analyst Buff Pelz Dormeier teaches state-of-the-art methods for analyzing the relationship of volume to price movements and the evolution of market trends.

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Table of Contents

Introduction     1

Chapter 1: Two Perspectives of Market Analysis     5

Chapter 2: The History of Technical Analysis     12

Chapter 3: Price Analysis     27

Chapter 4: Volume Analysis     32

Chapter 5: Volume: The Force of the Market     39

Chapter 6: How to Read the Market Like a Book     53

Chapter 7: Volume in Trends     73

Chapter 8: Volume in Patterns     93

Chapter 9: Measuring Volume Information     112

Chapter 10: Pure Volume Indicators     118

Chapter 11: Interday Volume Accumulation Indicators     127

Chapter 12: Intraday Volume Accumulation Oscillators     132

Chapter 13: Price Range Volume Indicators     140

Chapter 14: Price Accumulation Based on Volume Indicators     147

Chapter 15: Tick-Based Volume Indicators     151

Chapter 16: Volume-Weighted Price Indicators     157

Chapter 17: The Volume Price Confirmation Indicator     182

Chapter 18: A Compendium of Breadth Indicators     209

Chapter 19: Buff Up Your Volume: Introducing Capital Weighted Volume     226

Chapter 20: Risky Business     241

Chapter 21 Putting It All Together: Volume-Dictated Strategies     259

Chapter 22: Modern Day Volume Issues     281

Bibliography     306


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