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Information Anxiety 2

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Information Anxiety 2

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  • Copyright 2000
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2410-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2410-6

A follow up to the first edition, Information Anxiety 2 teaches critical lessons for functioning in today's Information Age. In this new book, Wurman examines how the Internet, desktop computing, and advances in digital technology have not simply enhanced access to information, but in fact have changed the way we live and work. In examining the sources of information anxiety, Wurman takes an in-depth look at how technological advances can hinder understanding and influence how business is conducted.


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The Business of Understanding

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Table of Contents


1. Information Anxiety in the Internet Age.

The Age Of Also. Bit Literacy. The Rise Of The Prosumer. Alterations On The Information Landscape. Plugged In Or Plugged Up? Warp-Speed Rules. The Internet Is The Great Equalizer. The Non-Information Explosion. Forms Of Information Anxiety. The Greatest Teaching Is Permission-Giving. Clarification, Not Simplification. The Ted Conference. Order Doesn't Equal Understanding. Access Is The Antidote To Anxiety.

2. The Business of Understanding.

Ode To Ignorance. An Overview Of Understanding. Aesthetic Seductions. Just The Facts, Please. Personal Table Of Contents. Guide To The Internet. Latch: The Five Ultimate Hat Racks. Vantage Points. Classifying Lassie: The Dog Story. The Space Between Things. The Smart Yellow Pages<194> And Beyond. Mexican Yellow Pages Project. In The Beginning Is The End.

3. Land Mines in the Understanding Field.

Polka Dots On An Edsel. Traps, Diseases, And Malaises. Look Out For These Instructors. Instruction-Takers Guaranteed To Get It Wrong. Management Style Versus Work Style. These Combinations Work Well Together. These Combinations Spell Trouble. Drawing The Line. What You Take For Granted You Cannot Improve.

4. An Age of Connections: Integrated Messages.

Making Your Own Connections First. Remembering What It's Like Not To Know. Creating Interest. Interest Requirements. Savvy Companies Drive Connection Opportunities. Channel Conflict. Design In The Digital Age. Quality Check For Your Information Connection. Connecting Your Messages.

5. The Structure of Conversation.

Mapping Conversation. Conversation As A Transaction. Conversation With An Inanimate Object. Let's Make A Deal-Bartering As Conversation. Newspapers As A Conversation. Everything Takes Place Someplace. The Evolution Of The Classified Ad. Complexity Doesn't Necessarily Mean Confusion. How To Make Information Less Threatening. The Architecture Of Instructions.

6. Talk is Deep.

The Lost Art Of Conversation. The Art Of Listening. What The Tech Industry Can Learn From Oprah. Putting Velcro On Facts. Word Of Mouth. The Art Of Promotion. Designing For Word Of Mouth. Attracting Attention In This Sea Of Information. Dangers Of Customization. Filters Of Your Choosing. The First Conversation. An Understanding Model.

7. There is Always a Question.

Teaching With Questions. The First Question: What Do You Do? Top-Secret Mission Statements. What Is Your Company Story? My Story: Moments When My Life Changed. Finding The Right Questions. The Story Of Understanding Usa. Making America Understandable To Americans. The Right To Copy. Answering Questions Equals Usability. 20th Century Civilian War Casualties By Country. Population Distribution. Becoming President. Federal Income/Federal Expenses. The Ubiquitous Question. Finding Out What You Want To Know.

8. Finding Things.

Maps As Metaphors. Concept Map Of Searching The Internet. Types Of Information: The Five Rings. Flying Through Information. See & Go Manifesto. Tools For Searching The Internet. Starting With Search Engines. Beyond Search Engines. Making A Global Information Locator Service By Eliot Christian. My Dream.

9. Beyond Personalities.

Condemned To Mahogany Row. Nearer To God Are We. Group Vs. Individual Goals-Them Against Me. Missing The Obvious. Promotion: A Deadly Reward. The Competitive Dredge. Information Is Not The Final Product. Instructions Are Not The Goal. What Do Managers Manage? Attitude Overhaul.

10. Empowerment: The Word of the New Century.

The Agreement. To Obey Or Not To Obey? Sphere Of Vision. What Good Is Empowerment? Just Say “Yes”.

11. Instructions: The Driver of Conversation.

The Power Of Instructions. Instructions Are Everywhere. Better Instructions Mean Better Communications. All Gaul Is Divided Into Three Parts. Building Blocks Of Actionable Instructions. Objective: What's The Destination? Purpose: For What Reason? Core: What's The Procedure To Follow? Surrogate Fingers. Time: What's The Duration? Expectation: What Can I Anticipate Along The Way? Failure: How Do I Recognize An Error? The Road To Everywhere. Relative And Absolute Instructions. The Treasure Hunt Approach.

12. Talking on the Job: Seeing Instructions in the Context of Work.

Perception Gap. Seeing Labor As People. Instructions Will Become Even More Important. Fear And Loathing In The Office. Let Them Make Mistakes. Which Way To The Executive Suite? High-Tech Skills Required. Duties Once Removed. Glocalization: Tailoring Products To Markets.

13. Education is to Learning as Tour Groups are to Adventure.

Gin-Rummy Memory. Sacred Bull Fighting. Seeing, Hearing, Expressing. Fear Of Learning. Defensive Expenditures. Learning About Learning. Learning Fantasies. Parallel Learning. Terror And Confidence. Information Ownership.

14. Learning is Remembering What You're Interested in.

Interest Connections. Discriminating Between Interests And Obligations. Access<194> Guides. Getting Permission To Learn. The Importance Of Being Interested.

15. You Only Learn Things Relative to Something You Understand.

Motivating Models. Theme And Variations. Learning Means Making Connections. How Big Is An Acre? The Numbers Game. Say I Do, Or Die. Making Sense Of Numbers. Slicing The Pie: The Nature Of Recreation. Comparing Components. The Joy Of Discovery.

16. Hailing, Failing, and Still Sailing.

An Ode To Error. Proper Management Of Failure Breeds Success. You Won't Believe What Went Wrong. The Breaking Point. Museum Of Failure Is Overnight Success. Some Of My Failures.

17. Designing Your Life.

Doing What You Want To Do Each Day. Terminal Fame. Beyond Money. Tops Books. Deciding What To Do With Your Life. Our Lives And Our Times. What I Do Isn't Work. Design In The Driver's Seat. Empowering Consumers. Indulgence Versus Guilt.


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